Ban or not, it will be hard for Gregg Williams to coach again in the NFL

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Retired quarterback Kurt Warner, a target of a Gregg Williams bounty in what turned out to be Warner’s final game, thinks the NFL should turn the other cheek.  Peter King and Don Banks of (King on PFT Live and Banks in an online column) have suggested that Williams could be the league’s next redemption case on a path recently walked by Mike Vick and Ben Roethlisberger.

It all sounds good and righteous and aspirational and appropriate.  But it’s not all that pragmatic.

As Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch explains it, a post-suspension Gregg Williams will have a hard time getting anyone who wears a helmet to respect him.

“If you’re a Rams player, and Williams comes back to work, how could you ever sit in a meeting room and take this man seriously?  He’s a cartoon character now,” Miklasz writes.

“Even if Williams changes, and eliminates the rhetoric, I don’t see how Williams can lead effectively.  After Goodell defangs Williams, his coaching personality could be stripped down to the point where Williams is too bland, too cautious, too worried about sending the wrong message.”

Miklasz is right.  And there’s another layer to this.  In order to get reinstated after 2012, Williams must cooperate with “further proceedings,” a broad term that presumably includes testifying against members of the 2009-11 Saints defense at the eventual appeal hearings regarding their suspensions.

If players already will be leery about listening to a man whom they regard as a cowardly buffoon for urging the infliction of injury despite never being in harm’s way and whose methods will be far more muted in the future, they’ll be even less likely to respond to a man whose loyalty to his players has been undermined dramatically by his testimony against the men who did his bidding in New Orleans.

Thus, with or without a lifetime ban by the league office or an unspoken blackballing by the NFL’s 32 teams, it will be difficult for Williams to ever get NFL players to accept him as a coach in the future.

79 responses to “Ban or not, it will be hard for Gregg Williams to coach again in the NFL

  1. Vick/Roethlisberger did their naughties off the field. Williams used his players to attempt to cripple other players (also known as “people who helped put food on Williams’ table”) and lessen the quality of the product. How the 3 can be compared is beyond reason

  2. Hmmmmmm……..where can a cheater & unwholesome fellow like GW retain a football coaching career where past indiscretions and unethical behavior are not just ignored but looked fondly upon? How about a college somewhere in Massachusetts? 😉

  3. I don’t think any head coach will want to take on the trouble that comes along with this nut case. I mean, he’s not even that good of a coordinator. The Saints defense was the reason why they didn’t get to the Super Bowl this year. 30th against the pass I think. Also, what coach is going to want that kind of publicity/torment about hiring him? I know I wouldn’t

  4. He’d be the perfect replacement for Andy Reid in Philly. He could even provide the fans with D size batteries on game day!

  5. I don’t know who would touch this guy. I would give him a second chance, just to see if any team would take him. He would need to have an “intervention” on public television. Friends, and family in a room saying how his coaching affected players lives. One of his kids telling a story about the time when they were kids, and dad paid to have mom’s cooking hand broke because she burned the chicken. Yeah, even if he gets a second chance, I wouldn’t want his name attached to my franchise. I personally think he is a criminal, but believe in second chances. Lord knows the NFL is a place of second, third, chances…. Look at big Ben, rapes women, is still playing. Ray Lewis- homicide, and is glorified weekly. Players getting arrested on drug charges, drunk driving, Swimming drunk in ponds, drunken manslaughter, domestic violence….. Wow as I write this, sounds like the NFL is more forgiving than any employer. If I got in trouble like this, I would probably be unemployed for life, unable to get hired making 10 bucks an hour…. Smh

  6. Benson, Loomis and Payton get off easy while Williams gets thrown under the bus. The Gang of Four should all get treated the same… for the Taints* fans, who cares, their posts are evidence of their intelligence, just as the emails and video are of the Gang of Four.

  7. And we are supposed to believe that Payton, the other coaches, and management knew nothing about any of it? Williams is a turd but so are the rest. Ban them all!

  8. Who (Besides Kurt Warner) would hire him?

    Right now Gregg Williams is as radioactive as Chernobyl. Even with the best case scenario, no organization is going near this guy for at least 5 or 6 years.

  9. What he really needs to do is simply realize the predicament he is in and fall on his sword and decline to further assist the NFL in ‘prosecuting’ his former players for doing what he was making them do as their coach. If he’s going to banned for life anyway, there is no incentive to testify further. Knowing he will be doing so against his former players and knowing no player would ever be able to have trust with him as a coach in the future should make him see that he needs to just resign and do something else. Doing no further harm. If he actually testifies against his players, he’s done anyway.

  10. GW is a fraud… all he did was ride Jeff Fisher success in Tennessee, then went to Buffalo and flopped, taking one of the NFL’s top Defense the year before and turning into swiss cheese in one offseason… then rides Drew Brees and his offense to a SB win, while mounting bounties across the NFL… They need to ban this clown now. Case closed.

  11. Hmmmmmm……..where can a cheater & unwholesome fellow like GW retain a football coaching career where past indiscretions and unethical behavior are not just ignored but looked fondly upon? How about a college somewhere in Massachusetts?

    Don’t kid yourselves. It only takes one dumb owner to set the market. Besides all of these coaches are intertwined in an unspoken fraternity. Williams behavior is par for the course in Cincinnati and Philly.

  12. Ben was never charged let alone convicted of rape. I don’t care how many times you claim it, it does not make it true.

  13. Williams will land on his feet – he has a great future as a warden, where he can coach his own team of prison guards. Unless he ends up on the convict’s team. Then he’ll really understand bounty hunting!

  14. He’s done. If he worried more about actually playing good defense instead of taking players out of games, he would still be in the game. He’s like the pitcher who doesn’t bat, throwing at guys head. He’s done and he should be.

  15. Ok so after the media talking heads finish I am sure Greg will issue his side of the story. Not saying that it will be ok but STOP with all the speculation and give the man his due process. If I didn’t know better I’d think he was a person of color. You all know what I mean.

  16. This is just the NFL picking on the poor AINTS. According to the inbred Who Dat nation, this goes on in every locker room. I think the one I love the best is when they start posting how many penalties the AINTS have got over the last 3 yrs. I wonder if the more they post, the more they actually believe they are not cheaters and deserve their TAINTED title?

  17. Since the Saint’s fans seem to not see any fault in what happen. Part of both punishments would be them having to hire him for a couple of years and him having to coach their.

  18. Watch any NFL top100 players edition regarding older players from 40s, 50s, 60s. Watch Deacon Jones interviews. If they ban Mr. Williams then they will have to burn all the NFL films with similar language because they will be used in defamation lawsuit. Hyperbole is not criminal. If they wanted him banned it should have been announced as Mr. Williams retires. But now with all this personal destruction he will not be able to work at McDonalds, let alone get another coaching job. Be prepared for lawsuits to come out of this.
    It’s a little more complicated because NFL devalued the Saints which use public funds for Superdome. The NFL does NOT control taxpayers whom seem to have a claim now and are harmed by a capricious and arbitrary penalty that indicts an entire city.

  19. Happens in every locker room. It’s guys getting amped. The guy who released the audio is a bitch. Between the whistles, brutal hard hits that may turn somewhen sideways or test their concussion are going to happen anyway. I know it. You know it. Not really a big deal

  20. This will blow over, just like the Vick situation did, and Williams didn’t even come close to killing a living being. He could be just as effective a coach without saying the things he used to say because many players will still be attracted to his aggressive philosophy, spoken or unspoken. And in today’s flag football version of the NFL, aggressive defensive coaches will be in higher demand than ever.

  21. I’m tired of hearing how severe their punishment is. The audio should be grounds for criminal Charges. I want them all in prison. The NFL doesn’t need these criminals. If they think they do, then the league just doesn’t have grounds to punish anyone in the future for tainting their image. There will be no image to protect.

  22. To thejuddstir who the hell cares about your opinion surely not the Saints fans, I guess if this happened to your team you would jump ship, I didn’t like Gregg Williams as a couch, even more now, but I still love my Saints. And I’m not a band wagon fan, I’ve been a fan since the very first game.

  23. There are other opportunities for Williams to pursue besides coaching on an elite level in the NFL. This is a coach who was one of the highest paid defensive coaches in the NFL. I have to believe that his understanding of NFL defenses goes beyond the level of encouraging a player to take out Crabtree’s ACL.

    If in fact Greg Williams has as complete understanding of NFL offenses as his reputation suggests then he should have value to a team as an analyst who breaks down film.

    I don’t believe he should ever be put in a position of leadership but that should be left up to individual franchises.

  24. I love it, y’all can’t get enough of the Saints! Just watch, when the season starts, Saints football will be a “must see” for the entire country, they will be riveted. The media will be watching play, every snap, it’s gonna be like the Superbowl whenever the Saints are playing. Gregg Williams may have been defanged, but not the powerhouse Saints. We’re coming to get ya, NFL!

  25. “He’s a cartoon character now.”

    With his HUGE man-boobs he always was……..

    Now he is just DONE!

  26. “have suggested that Williams could be the league’s next redemption case on a path recently walked by Mike Vick and Ben Roethlisberger”


    Redemption – Come back and throw the football pretty well, and we’ll forget everything else you’ve ever done!

  27. Williams is toast!! Burnt beyond recognition.

    He’s a dinosaur that teaches old rules defense in the ever changing new NFL that is adamant about injury prevention and rules that protect their players.

    The NFL has to make an example of him to put the fear of King Roger into the rest of the league. This bounty system scandal that Williams ran may or may not have caused many injuries. But hearing the words that he used to challenge his team to take out opposing players makes this a slam dunk.

    And I seriously doubt that the suspensions for Sean Payton and others accused have any chance of being won by their appeal.

    Gregg needs to relax during the process that will take place to ban him from coaching permanently and accept his fate gracefully.

    I’ll assume that he’s saved for his retirement so its “Adios Gregg. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass”

  28. jacobslatter says:
    Apr 7, 2012 11:06 PM
    Hmmmmmm……..where can a cheater & unwholesome fellow like GW retain a football coaching career where past indiscretions and unethical behavior are not just ignored but looked fondly upon? How about a college somewhere in Massachusetts?


    Hmmm… How about an NFL team somewhere in Massachusetts?

  29. Oh, and to add to the mix, any team hiring him will be under greater scrutiny since the league will want to make sure Williams is following the rules like a good boy. Just what every team wants, the commissioner watching them like a hawk.

  30. Gregg Williams will have a hard time getting another job in the NFL because he really isn’t that great of a coach.

    His defense was a turnover machine in 2009, mostly because of Sharper and that is one of the main reasons the Saints went to and won the Super Bowl. Without all of those turnovers in the NFC Championship Game, no way the Saints beat the Vikings. Just loved that last INT from the all time NFL leader.

    Who cares about the evidence after all. The Saints, as a team, where nowhere near the top of the league when it came to illegal hits that were fined. Look it up. The “bounty” thing was wrong and Gregg Williams is an idiot. The Saints have been punished, nobody got hurt.

  31. As if taking on the public scrutiny that hiring Williams would attract, even years from now, wasn’t enough, imagine how close of an eye the NFL would have on that team when it comes to things like personal fouls or hits on receivers and quarterbacks. Even better, what if a Williams-coached team would want to sign a free agent with a checkered past (on the field) like say, Ndamukung Suh. Nobody would be able to sneeze without a league inquiry, but it would still be deserved.

  32. If he has dirt that could bury other NFL coaches he worked with in the past, such as Jeff Fisher, he could leverage it to get their support.

  33. “Vick/Roethlisberger did their naughties off the field. Williams used his players to attempt to cripple other players (also known as “people who helped put food on Williams’ table”) and lessen the quality of the product. How the 3 can be compared is beyond reason”

    Vick tortured helpless animals and Roethlisberger forced himself on two women. Even worse than that, Greg Williams taught his players to hit hard! What a monster!

  34. And goodell somehow is the knight in shining armor….. Not a very good looking knight….

  35. Other than the Saints uniform… You PFT guys keep posting pics of Gregg Williams in the Redskins uniform looking all crazy… So, why don’t you ever post him in any of his other team uniforms, like the Jaguars, Bills, or Titans? Are you guys hoping the Redskins get in trouble for this or something? Just seems a bit odd to me… Kind’ve feel like you should either show him in the Saints outfit or show him in all his team outfits – one or the other

  36. saints injured nobody so anything such terrible that the press draws didn’t occur

  37. After the Spygate scandal, Belichick was redeemed: he never won another Superbowl as proof.

  38. He already got a 2nd chance when the NFL warned him about this a couple of years ago.

    If he stopped back then, nothing happens and no one is the wiser.

    He blew his 2nd chance.

  39. Goodell needs to make up his mind if he’s serious or not. If he lets Williams back in the league after hearing that tape then he’s not serious about concussions and he’s going to set the league in bad stead for the flood of lawsuits that are already in play. That tape is REALLY bad and it shows that Williams knew that what he was doing was wrong and harmful.

  40. This doen’t come close to why Vic and Roethlisberger had troubles in the NFL. They both had off field issues but Williams was directed toward play on the field. More and more that comes out shows Williams continued to do his actions even when tokd to stop. He directed his harm toward not a team but individul players which could have hurt them enough to end careers. He should feel the same and end his career.

  41. To Jason 1980. Are you kidding? We can’t get enough of your Saints. The only team anyone cares about is their own. Your team is getting attention for being a bunch a d-bag criminals. You revel in it because your too stupid to know any better!

  42. NFL players will see a Super Bowl ring on GW’s hand and forget it is on a cartoon character. I’m not sure why writers who have never played the game think they understand the mind set of an NFL player because they do interviews or read a twitter page. Scandals come and go…diamonds are forever. If he can help them win, or get them a contract, they will accept GW with open arms.

    The most obvious comparison to the GW speech is a manager ordering a beanball at a batter. This has been going on for decades. A manager is never asked to get in a batters box. And he will immediately lose a club house if he shies away from ordering someone to throw a 90 mph fastball at someone’s noggin. If MLB assumes a hit was on a manager will be suspended for maybe a week.

  43. Hey y’all read what Mike Foolio wrote just six months ago:

    “If you know something’s wrong with an opponent, you’re going to try to target in on that.  We’re going to try to definitely get as many hats on that team as possible.”

    Hall isn’t saying anything that football players don’t already think.  Especially at the quarterback position, any opportunity to knock the starter out of the game should be embraced.

    End quote. What a coward!

  44. Jim Miller on Sirius radio said yesterday on air that he believes Greg Williams has too many connections not to get a job if ever re-instated. He is well respected and after couple of years this will blow over. Definitely a position coach but he doubted it would be a coordinator positon.

  45. If the media or the NFL is going to ensure that Williams never works for another team, then Williams should stop cooperating with Goodell immediately.

  46. Goodell’s role in enabling the Gregg Williams of the NFL to know which body parts to target deserves a higher degree of scrutiny

    By working so hard to make sure gambling interests have an even playing field, Goodell himself has put players at risk, putting player health at a lower priority than an accurate Las Vegas Line

  47. @joesixpack…

    I’m not much of a Goodell fan, but you can’t blame him for injury reports. They’ve been around for decades and if anything they’ve become more ambiguous under Goodell’s watch.

  48. j0esixpack says:
    Apr 8, 2012 9:45 AM
    Goodell’s role in enabling the Gregg Williams of the NFL to know which body parts to target deserves a higher degree of scrutiny


    Why do so many people on this site have to make idiotic comments. Do some research. The injury report started under Bert Bell.

  49. I guess Jeff Fisher gets a free pass in all this? Don’t tell me he wasn’t aware of Gregg Williams methods when he hired him in St. Louis after working with him in Tennessee all those years. And Fisher’s also on the Competition Committee…disturbing. Fisher’s quite the Houdini, first the unfathomable perception of him as an elite coach despite his mediocre record, and now he dodges all the Bountygate shrapnel.

  50. Warner didn’t “turn the other cheek” – which implies he doesn’t care & would like to ignore it. He simply said he should get a shot at redemption. You love spinning things into conpletely different versions then what you are. A constant negative, self-righteous, holier-than-thou tone. Because of this I love it when Harrison gives you a hard time

  51. The Vikings and their fans would take him in a heartbeat if they thought he would help them win.

    Just look at how fast they embraced Favre after all those years of hating on him.

  52. Let’s see.

    Vick stopped because he got caught.

    Rothlesberger has never accepted responsibility for forcing himself on two women.

    Yep, great redemption stories here.

  53. trubroncfan07 says:
    Apr 8, 2012 12:16 PM
    The NFL will become a no contact league within 10 years or less. Goodell is ruining the league.


    So what is your proposal other than to criticze? Do you have to deal with such things as Congress, owners who make huge investments in players and want them healthy as can be, and lawsuits over concussions? Do you want coaches telling their players to go for opponents’ ACLs? Do you want your coaches telling players to try and induce concussions?

    Look, there are some things that are inconsistent, e.g. a player getting a flag for a late hit when the blocker blocks him into the QB. But the notion of headhunting to hurt someone and take them out of the game is an unsportsmanlike notion. Imagine what would be said today if the Saints knocked Peyton Manning out of the Super Bowl. The victory would have been tainted.

  54. He can always coach for the vikings where the pay is low and they do not care about past history.

    He is one quality coach they could actually afford.

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