Janoris Jenkins described as the best cover corner in the draft

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We noted this morning that cornerback Janoris Jenkins comes to the 2012 NFL draft with plenty of character questions. It’s also important to note that Jenkins comes to the draft with one of the best résumés of on-field achievement for any prospect in this year’s class.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films says that based solely on tape, Jenkins is best pure man cover corner in draft.

Jenkins finished his college career at North Alabama in 2011 after getting kicked off the team at Florida, where he had been a three-year starter. When Jenkins announced in early 2011 that he was going to stay at Florida instead of entering the NFL draft, many observers were surprised: Jenkins was viewed as an elite prospect last year, maybe even the best cornerback in the draft, ahead of Patrick Peterson, who went fifth overall to the Cardinals.

Jenkins’ subsequent problems (Florida booted him after two drug-related arrests in three months) don’t change the tape he produced at Florida. Particularly impressive were his games against Georgia’s A.J. Green, who managed just four catches for 42 yards against Florida, and against Alabama’s Julio Jones, who had four catches for 19 yards against Florida. Green went fourth overall in last year’s draft and Jones went sixth, so a cornerback who shut them down is obviously going to appeal to NFL scouts.

That’s what makes Jenkins so fascinating. Some coaches may be concerned that he’ll become a Pacman Jones-sized headache, but if he can keep his nose clean he’s going to be the steal of the draft, a Top 5 talent who will be available somewhere in the 20s or 30s.

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  1. This kid hasn’t made millions yet and he is getting arrested for drug use, and has 4 children from three women. Anybody think he’ll suddenly make wise choices when he has enough money to do whatever he wants? He’s only a good cover corner if he’s not suspended from the league. He won’t last three years in the NFL.

  2. He’ll sign a rookie contract for more money than you and I will make in a lifetime. And it will all be gone by the time he is 30. Future headline; “former NFL player sued for non payment of child support, declares bankruptcy”.

  3. I know he’s got a lot of baggage off the field, but so have a lot of players in the NFL that have turned out good. Here’s to hoping that he makes the turn. Okieviacal, I think Detroit would be wise to pick him up, as he will def shore up that D, will be nasty! I hope my Bucs are taking a look at him amd Mo Claiborne, got a chance to see them both in college, great players.

  4. Too much trouble to gamble on I would pass him up to the 3rd round I mean drugs,4 children from 3 different woman,and 2 DUI’s.Too much even my team needs help at CB and there the vikings I don’t want him I want Dre Kirkpatrick if he falls to the 2nd round and look for a WR in the 3rd and then work with OL line for the rest of the picks.1st round will be Kalil lets go Kalil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. I could care less about Marijuana arrests. Hes a college kid. Its the 4 kids from 3 women (again as a college kid) that makes me leery.

  6. The team that takes him should be confident that their locker room can reign him in. Because of their draft history, and the glaring hole in their secondary, this guy has New England Patriots written all over him…

    Go! Pack! Go!

  7. If the eagles trade Asante(which I don’t think will happen) this guy won’t make it past 15. Don’t count on it though, I think they keep Asante and draft a DT in rd 1

  8. Appearently you guys haven’t seen this kid play.
    He’s pure talent a Top 15 pick no doubt.
    For his off field actions…. Everybody in the NFL have off field problems.

  9. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel talked to a scout about Jenkins who said this: “He got kicked out of Florida, which is pretty hard to do. That’s your first red flag. He got thrown out of a game at North Alabama. That’s your second red flag. He’s hanging around with the wrong kind of people. That should be all the flags you need.”

  10. Patriots locker room will straighten him out….plus BB has strong ties to Florida where Spikes and Hernandez were his team mates. Top, top quality player….and the Patriots need as much help as possible in the secondary.

  11. It makes perfect sense for him to land in New England. Ex Florida player-check, fills a need-check, best player on the board-check.

    Not to mention he’ll be continuing the rich tradition of defensive back draft busts that New England has become so famous for.

  12. NFL players path to the bankruptcy court.
    1. First Uncle Sam takes half
    2. Baby mamma’s annuity “I mean child support”
    3. Players mother and relatives get million dollars house
    4. Monthly allowance for Players mother and relatives
    5. Agents, advisers and lawyers

  13. NFL players path to the bankruptcy court. (cont)
    6. Juwelers, auto dealers, strippers, clothes and toys
    7. Real estate 2 different million dollar homes. One in his hometown and one in his teams city.
    8. Additional new baby mammas
    9. Get poor qick investment, I’m mean, get rich qiuck investment advisers who guarantee he never will work another day in his life after career
    10. NEW lawyers representing Janoris against all of the above. lol

  14. Pats can’t cover a sneeze so he should help there.
    Locker couldn’t reel in Fat Albert, i expect this kid to be impossible after he locates the atm machine.

  15. I can only hope that he gets with the right organization, coaches, locker room and personal mentors that will give him good honest guidence. He has the opportunity to do good for himself, his children, family and people. It would be an excellent chance to intercept passes and haters’ expectations. It won’t be easy at first, but just like training, it can produce good results that make it all worth it!

  16. He would look great in Silver and Black- perfect Raider. Checkered past but a shutdown corner, to be sure. Al would be smiling. If he slips to the third rd (he won’t even get close) Big Reg will not hesitate.

  17. if he is available at the 3rd pick in the second round the vikes will take him. they have been good in recent years with players with off the field issues(jard allen, percy harvin). we could also take ashlon jeffery. either one i wouldnt complain. even harrison smith is a possibility.

  18. At least he’ll never be late for workouts because his mensa meeting ran too long!

  19. There was never question about how good the guy is……hes one of the best corner prospects we’ve seen in a while. The problem is the fact he cant stay out of trouble. So it shouldnt be a shock that hes considered the best cover corner in the draft.

  20. Jenlins will never make it to the 2nd round. Although he has a LOT of baggage, the kid has talent. There’s always a risk/reward relationship in life and I think this kid goes before the 1st round is over. I’d like to see him go to the Detroit Lions but not at #23. That 2nd/3rd round talk is wishful thinking. It will take some strongly influential veteran teammates to keep Jenkins on track but it can be done.

  21. If a talent like Jimmy Smith could fall as far as he did last year due to red flags, I expect to see Jenkins fall well into the second round.

    Jenkins has way more red flags and also doesn’t have Smith’s size or cover ability to help him out. Jenkins is 5’10 (maybe) and 185 soaking wet. Smith is 6’2 and 210. Smith also only allowed something like 20 completions in his last 2 seasons in college.

  22. He’ll fit right in with my vikes… Chris cook and him can hit the clubs together

  23. The happiest three people should his baby mommas. They’re about to make some bank on child support.

  24. irstpitchslam says:
    Apr 7, 2012 6:20 PM
    At least he’ll never be late for workouts because his mensa meeting ran too long!


    This is soooooooo wrong,but oh so funny.

    Thanks man!!!!

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