Jenkins’ advisor claims player fired CAA

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A report recently emerged from Orlando that mega-firm CAA fired former Florida and North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins.  Now, Jenkins’ self-styled mentor claims that Jenkins fired CAA.

“Janoris is getting bashed because he moved on,” Sandy Cornelio tells Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.  “Because of his background, yes.  But that doesn’t mean anything here. They didn’t want to fire Janoris. They didn’t fire Janoris. We told them we were moving on.”

Cornelio has conveyed similar sentiments to PFT via an intermediary, and Cornelio has indicated a desire to tell PFT Jenkins’ side of the story.  It’s apparently part of a broader effort by Cornelio to speak to multiple members of the media.

“The only reason we decided to move on is because [CAA is] too big,” Cornelio said.  “We weren’t getting personal attention, so we decided to move on.  That was it.  And we told them.  We called them professionally and said, ‘Hey we’re moving on. We came to the conclusion that we honestly believe a smaller agency that pays us more attention will be better for us.’  [Ben Dogra] told us that he understood and he would help in any way he could.  At the end of the day, we came to the conclusion that the kid drafts himself by his performance.”

Cornelio is right, to a degree.  Still, Red flags can cause a player to slide, and parting ways with an agent three weeks before the draft always is a red flag, no matter who initiated the breakup.

15 responses to “Jenkins’ advisor claims player fired CAA

  1. Considering that rookie salaries are slotted based on where a player is drafted, Jenkins should just hire a lawyer for $250 to review his contract and get rid of these hangers-on.

  2. Of course you would defend the agent, that’s where your ‘rumors’ originate.

  3. 5th rnd?? do u watch football or just like to make snappy comments on blogs?? jenkins will be a first rd pick no later than 18

  4. He MIGHT slip to second solely because of the off-field issues and then whoever picks him up at that point will be getting a steal.

    Dude is possibly the best CB in the draft in regards of talent.

  5. DAMN, if this is true that says alot, you have to do some stupid shnit for a agent to fire the player, remember that the agent’s sole income is off the player himself!!!!!

  6. It makes perfect sense for him to land in New England. Ex Florida player-check, fills a need-check, best player on the board-check.

    Not to mention he’ll be continuing the rich tradition of defensive back draft busts that New England has become so famous for.

  7. Some guy I’ve never heard of says Jenkins did the firing. Well, that’s good enough for me if I’m an NFL GM. “Janoris, we know you’ve made a lot of stupid decisions in the past, but we’re confident after we give you millions of dollars you will suddenly be responsible.”

  8. My guess is Sandy is going to make more money off of Janoris NFL career than Janoris.

    NFL players path to the bankruptcy court.
    1. First Uncle Sam takes half
    2. Baby mamma’s annuity “I mean child support”
    3. Players mother and relatives get million dollars house
    4. Monthly allowance for Players mother and relatives
    5. Agents, advisers and lawyers
    6. Juwelers, auto dealers, strippers, clothes and toys
    7. Real estate 2 different million dollar homes. One in his hometown and one in his teams city.
    8. Additional new baby mammas
    9. Get poor qick investment, I’m mean, get rich qiuck investment advisers who guarantee he never will work another day in his life after career
    10. NEW lawyers representing Janoris against all of the above. lol

  9. With a mentor named Sandy Cornelio it can’t be good news. Or is it The Great Cornholio from Beavis and Butt-head?

  10. It’s hilarious how people think their Coach will straighten him out. This guy is a F-Up BEFORE he gets the fat paycheck. Anybody who thinks he’ll see the light after he’s rich is a fool. Give me one example of somebody that has screwed up as much as this punk and suddenly turned it around.

  11. “The only reason we decided to move on is because [CAA is] too big,” Cornelio said. “We weren’t getting personal attention, so we decided to move on. That was it.”

    Honestly, that explanation makes the most sense. Why would a mega-firm like CAA be giving a lot of attention to a needy CB who is probably sliding into the 2nd round?

  12. He will go early in the second round. Red flags make a difference, but not that much. He is a proven winner on the field and thats all that matters on game day.

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