Ravens, Flacco’s agent haven’t met since Scouting Combine

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On Friday, we reported that the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco have made no progress toward a new contract.

To illustrate that point, we’re told that there hasn’t even been a meeting regarding Flacco’s contract since an initial get-together during the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.  Instead, there have been only a few discussions.

Flacco, a first-round pick in 2008, has one year left on his rookie deal.  His agent, Joe Linta, has suggested that Flacco wants to be paid among the top five quarterbacks.  Flacco recently has said he considers himself to be the best quarterback in the game.

Despite not generated high-end passing numbers, Flacco has led the Ravens to playoff victories in four straight seasons, and five postseason victories — including four on the road.

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  1. They really need to take care of this. He’s a gritty, tough, proven winner and obviously the best quarterback in the history of the franchise. Signing him and Ray Rice to long term deals solidifies the core of the offense for years to come and also frees up cap space for the Ravens to make a few more moves. I think it’ll get done soon. In Ozzie we trust.

  2. The Ravens only have $1.7 Million available, and have to sign Ray Rice, after giving Lardarius Webb $50 Million for 6 years… plus, 34 year old Ed Reed wants more than the $7.2 Mil he’s signed for in ’12. Sounds like Joe is trying to tap a dry well… and we know that the 2nd best QB, after Flacco – Tom Brady – ONLY makes $20 Million per year.

    Good luck with that, Ozzie…

  3. Poor Flacco…wins/losses and playoff app. are “team” stats”, your numbers just do not put you there bud. I think it’s obvious that Ravens don’t trust him to run offense…like draft partner Matt Ryan. Read, audible, hurry-up, simply pull off a 2 min. drive and win in “clutch-pressure”.
    There are positives – We’ll let you continue to point those out.

  4. Everybody keep saying the same S#!t, he said he was the best quarterback in his eyes but these clowns keep commenting like he said otherwise and so what if he did name any other team that been to the playoffs the last 4 years “nobody but the Ravens” and who quarterbacks the ravens Oh ok so in other words get off Joe Flacco N*ts and get a life

  5. It’s all relative perception.

    Compared to other QBs he’s mediocre, but given Baltimore’s history of terrible luck with QBs they feel they’ve struck a silver mine.

    Yeah he isn’t the reason they’ve gone to the playoffs the last four years, but unlike his predecessors he didn’t get in the way either.

    He’s an uber risk-averse QB in a conservative run-first AFC North offense. Ozzie got what he paid for. And if the future doesn’t look too good for QB prospects, they’ll have to keep paying Flacco a little more.

  6. Flacco is not Top 5, but he is Top 10.

    He is also young…both in his play and grand statements of self-worth.

    With all that in mind, he should get a contract worthy of a Top 10 Quarterback with incentives that could make it a Top 5 contract.

    For Example:
    65% Completions
    30 TDs
    4,000 Yards
    Super Bowl Appearance/Win

    All are plateaus Flacco hasn’t reached in a single season, yet. His base salary & bonus per year should be on par with Top 10 money because he has EARNED that. Then, let him EARN Top 5 money through incentives.

    I don’t know what is so difficult about this.

  7. Flacco is garbage…always has been, the whole raven’s franchise is garbage…ball so hard? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life…team full of morons

  8. Flacco is seldom the reason for the Ravens success and is often times the direct cause of their failure. His numbers are not reflective of a top tier QB.

    The Ravens leading receiver was a running back for crying out loud! Without Ray Rice the Ravens win maybe 5 games last season.

  9. flacco is a winner and has one of the the best long arms in the game the guy wins point blank period. for being drafted in the first round and leading an NFL offense to the playoffs each of your first four years in the league including 2 afc championship games what more can a team ask for than to have a CHANCE to even GET to the superbowl people are too used to the flash that some offenses have the ravens have never been flashy and this is why I love them ravens football is never pretty but most of the time they find a way to win and that’s what this game is all about when the time is right I hope we can finally lock up our stars and keep getting shots at SB’s

  10. Flacco always comes off as in idiot to me. He has an incredible arm but his football intelligence is lacking–he can’t play mind games with an opposing defense like Brady/Manning/Brees. He’s also benefited from having an elite defense that surrenders so few points. The Ravens should definitely make him play out his contract. You wanna be paid like a top 5 QB? Then play like one!

  11. Wait, where does Billy Cundiff fall on the priority list…I say Flacoo, the Cundiff, then Lee Evans, then Ray Rice…then Ed Reed’s decaying corpse

  12. In this case, I think it’s best for both parties for Flacco to complete his rookie deal without an extension. He needs to prove his value and the Ravens need him to prove it before they can justify paying him. The Ravens have a history of allowing their players to “test the market”. They even allowed Ray Lewis to do this a few years back even though they never had any intention of not paying him what he’s worth. It’s a question of mutual respect.

    Joe could be a “top tier” QB. He’s certainly had more success in his first 4 seasons than almost any other QB ever. “Greatness”, however, will probably require a ring which he will have to earn. I look forward to him proving his greatness.

    Go Ravens!

  13. Flacco is above average–at best. He’s lucky if he’s considered to be in the top 10. He benefits from a great D and Ray Rice. While the Ravens definitely do need him, his pay should reflect his personal play, not necessarily that of the Ravens as a whole.

  14. He lead them to playoff wins because of the ravens’ defense. If the defense was average, they would never make the playoffs and he’d be on his way out. he’s the new McNabb.

  15. Flacco had quite a bit of support in his tug-of-war with management because they were trying to make him into a gunsligner quaterback…something he isn’t. he’s a solid quarterback who can keep defenses honest with a good running game to back him up…but flacco isn’t a throw it all over the feild quarterback…that’s never been his game. When he been put into that position he’s faltered..most times badly. Fans like myself knew this..and backed him in his contract quest…until now.

    He’s now destroyed any support he had and also his leverage. When he doesn’t perform to the new standards he’s set not only will he not get top 5 tier money he most likely won’t be a raven or most likely anything more than a backup next season. Flacco you had things in your favor by keeping quiet..now that you’ve stuck your foot in your mouth you aren’t going to be able to live up to the standards you’ve set and the Ravens management knows it.

  16. So if your QB is asked how do you rank and he says “I don’t know prob 12th best” how would you take it? If your offensive leader doesn’t believe he’s the best at it then how would he get the guys around him to trust him? Some of you “fans” crack me up. Pay the man. Pretty or ugly the kid knows how to win and he is definitely not to blame for missing out on the super bowl. He outplayed Brady but except for a play here a play there they are in. See you all when it counts

  17. If he were the best quarterback in the game…

    He wouldn’t be playing road playoff games.

    He wouldn’t be overshadowed by his defense.

    He wouldn’t be overshadowed by his backfield mate.

    The passing game wouldn’t be considered the teams weak area.

  18. “Flacco is garbage…always has been, the whole raven’s franchise is garbage…ball so hard? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life…team full of morons.”

    “Poor Baltimore. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride. A crack addled, chain smoking, tatted, skanky bridesmaid at that.”

    My Take: So how are things in Cleveland and Pittsburgh these days?

  19. As a bengals fan i wonder why they did Webbs contract already. RAY RICE is obviously the most important player on the Ravens(IN MY MIND). They need to take care of him first before Flacco. His services would be wanted by other teams before Flacco.
    Click thumbs up if you hate the steelers as much as i do.

  20. According to Aaron Wilson:

    “The Ravens have had two face-to-face meetings with Joe Linta, the agent for quarterback Joe Flacco, since their initial meeting at the NFL scouting combine.”

  21. @steelcityrapist

    They are in no hurry to get Rices contract done because RBs have a short shelf life in the NFL and the franchise tag numbers for RBs for the next two years are reasonable numbers to pay Ray Rice. Unless Rice is going to agree to a contract that pays him around what the franchise tag numbers are and comes with a friendlier cap hit the team has no reason to give him a new contract.

  22. I’m not sure why people get so worked up about Joe Flacco and what he says or care so much about his contract. I’m hard pressed to come up with 5 QBs that had a better overall season then Flacco last year, its impossible to name 10.

  23. 10 QBs I’d DEFINITELY rather have than Flacco:
    Brady, Manning, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Stafford, Cutler, Rivers, Ryan, Newton, Dalton, Schaub.

    Woops I named 13.

    Didn’t include Palmer, Fitzpatrick, Sanchez, Hasselbeck, or Bradford. But you could argue any of those 5 over Flacco as well.

  24. griffy410: you would prefer to start Jay Cutler, Mark Sanchez, Matt Hasselbeck, Sam Bradford, and Andy Dalton over Joe Flacco? Ask me how I know you’re not a GM.

    vincentbojackson: “Flacco is seldom the reason for the Ravens success and is often times the direct cause of their failure.” Well, please cite me an example. Name a game in the last few years that he personally threw away. Then I’ll show you the game-winning TD that was dropped in New England in the AFC Championship game, I’ll show you an amazing drive to end the second Steelers game (also on the road) where he took them 92 yards in about 1:20, despite about 5 bad drops…and I’ll remind you he’s got more playoff wins to start a career than any QB ever, and is the only QB to have won a playoff game in each of his first four years.

  25. mistersmith: I’d acknowledge your argument that Flacco is better than the likes of Cutler, Sanchez, Hasselbeck, etc. You listed all the guys I said MIGHT be better than him. Even if you scratch Cutler and Dalton I still rattled off 11 players that are better than him. My point is that he’s not a top 10 and not even close to a top five. I’m not hating on him, he’s productive. But a top 10 he is not. Romo? Vick? Better than Flacco? Maybe he’s not even top 15

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