Chiefs’ commitment to Cassel questioned

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At the moment, Matt Cassel appears ready to step into the 2012 season as the clear starter in Kansas City. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the Chiefs’ brain trust is totally committed to Cassel going forward.

The Kansas City Star reports that the Chiefs haven’t seemed sold on Cassel this offseason and are giving off mixed signals about where he stands with the team.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel says he wants to see more consistency from Cassel.

“That consistency . . . I think that’s the biggest thing with Matt,” Crennel said. “I think he’s excited about this year, about having Brian Daboll as our offensive coordinator, because he knows Brian and he knows the system Brian brings, and I’ve talked to Matt several times in the offseason and . . . he’s ready to go to work. He can’t wait for April 16th [the start of the Chiefs’ offseason program] to get here so he can start getting into the playbook.”

However, the Kansas City Star suggests that a week after April 16th gets here, Cassel will have new competition for the job, in the form of Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, whom the Chiefs worked out last week.

It seems unlikely at this point that Tannehill will still be there at No. 11, where the Chiefs pick. But if Tannehill takes an unexpected fall out of the Top 10, the Chiefs could be the team to catch him.

If that happens, there will be no doubt that the Chiefs plan to move on from Cassel. Right now, whether or not they believe in Cassel as their long-term quarterback is up in the air.

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  1. Cassell isn’t elite but KC has other glaring needs, especially at DL, FS, and OLB opposite Hali. I’d focus on upgrading those positions. they can survive another year or even 2 with cassell as the signal caller

  2. In the extremely unlikely event that Tannehill drops to 11, the Chiefs taking him wouldn’t surprise me. However, there will be fan mutiny in Miami if he gets past the Dolphins at 8.

    If the Chiefs are going to draft a franchise quarterback, someone like Kirk Cousins makes a lot more sense. He’d probably be there in the second round at 44, he played in a pro style offense in college, and he’s a great leader who earns the respect of everyone around him.

  3. Free safety isn’t one of the Chiefs’ glaring needs. Even with Eric Berry injured, Kendrick Lewis had a pretty good second season. Once they get Berry back, they could be one of the better safety tandems in football.

  4. Please don’t take tannehill at 11 if he falls. DeCastro is our best bet.

    I’d take Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson, and Austin Davis over tannehill any day of the week.

    Or just build up the team even more and then sell the farm for Barkley next year

  5. QB Class of ’12 is depressing. I thought it couldnt get any worse than 2010 (look it up and be disgusted too).

  6. Anyone who thinks that Adam Teicher has anything resembling an inside track is seriously deluded.
    He and every other KC media person have been whining, complaining, attacking the team and just flat throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks ever since Scott Pioli hit town. None of them have a clue because Pioli won’t let them in.

    Just another preposterous rumor in the name of “I gotta submit some kind of story so how about this one…”.

  7. What about Brady Quinn? Shouldn’t he have a shot too? He worked with Romeo and Daboll in Cleveland

  8. Chiefs’ receivers drop too many passes.

    Defense is inconsistent and sometimes not even clocked in.

    Offensive line sucks at pass protection.

    Running game gets a B-.

    Special teams can lose any game in a heartbeat.

    Cassel . . . he’s OK.

  9. Cassel to Tannehill would be a lateral move at best. It sucks, but the Chiefs would probably be better off just dealing with Cassel for another year and send him packing after the season. Why they even signed Cassel in the first place is the frustrating thing.

  10. I cant believe the national media is talking about the chiefs. and thats why the chiefs miss out on big name free agents. cuz they dont get the attention the jets and cheating ass giants get. “Giants are bigger cheaters than Patriots, any day”. Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!

  11. “But if Tannehill takes an unexpected fall out of the Top 10…”

    Unexpected but not undeserved.

    Teams have been so desperate for QBs the last couple of years that even unproven projects with “upside” are being taken in the top 10 without even needing to put on a sanatized dog-and-pony show during their school’s pro day.

    In the next 10 years, expect QBs who have never played a down to hire Wall Street marketing firms and get picked in the first round.

  12. Why not have a QB competition and let Cassell, Quinn go at it? At least run some tests when spring camp opens? Quinn has a couple things going, in particular, while he has been in the league a few years his limited play has kept him “young” and healthy; he will be able to play longer and he knows 2 AFC systems; he’s smart, talented, and adaptable.

  13. yelix says:
    Free safety isn’t one of the Chiefs’ glaring needs. Even with Eric Berry injured

    Berry is a strong safety dude, stick to what you know.

  14. Tannehill better not even be on their draft board. Trade down, DeCastro, Keuchly, Brockers, even Richardson are all better picks than Tannehill. We already have a project QB on the team in the form of Stanzi. First round draft picks are supposed to step on the field and make an immediate impact.

  15. FS is not a need. Kendrick Lewis is a stud. Taneyhill is overrated. Hope Chiefs pass on him if he falls. Plenty of good QBs in next year’s draft.

  16. @riverhorsey

    I know Berry plays SS. I meant that Kendrick Lewis’ season at FS was impressive, considering the lack of Berry playing SS with him.

  17. They could get him a real oline, that might help.

    Build up the team and go for a real QB next year. Let Cassel take the heat while you do it. No reason to put a rookie through the grinder and set him up for failure.

    Cassel is good enough to get them to the playoffs if they surround him with a lot of talent, that’s why he was able to get 11 wins in New England. I just don’t see the answer at QB in this draft.

  18. @riverhorsey

    Maybe YOU are the one who should stick to what you know……….and judging by your comments, isn’t much.

  19. Soulman45 says:
    Apr 8, 2012 8:27 PM
    Frist to say
    Did the Pats make out on the trade that sent him to KC.
    A half year or a year does not make a great QB.

    Since the trade, yeah, the Pats made out so good, they have an equal amount of Super Bowls….ZERO.

    The Pats getting punked by the Ravens, Jets, then Giants in the SB.

  20. Soulman45 says: Apr 8, 2012 8:27 PM

    Frist to say
    Did the Pats make out on the trade that sent him to KC.
    A half year or a year does not make a great QB.
    Even worse than getting ripped off in this trade is the Chiefs refusing to admit it and move on.

    When Brady Quinn looks good in comparison, you know you have a problem.

  21. Cassell was consistently good for the Chiefs–when Charlie Weis was their coordinator. Cassell had 20 more TDs than interceptions that year. But Haley ran Weis away, then Haley got himself canned…there’s been no consistency with the Chiefs plus they’ve been hammered by injuries like losing Charles for most all of last season. No idea if Cassell can return to the levels Weis had him playing at, but no doubt he’d be helped if the team wasn’t changing coaches every year.

  22. Just another proof of a QB that played for a great team and moved on to only fail.This list is huge and Flynn might be next on it.I understand that if he stayed in NE he would always be a back up because Brady isnt going anywhere.But they (NE) would have paid him nice just to sit on the sidelines holding that clipboard.

  23. There is no chance that Tannehill is there at #11, which is just as well. Even if he were, he is no upgrade from Cassel. I think that Pioli is not yet ready to throw in the towel on his QB just yet. This is a smokescreen by the Chiefs. I am really thinking that they are going to trade down. If not, DeCastro is the pick. As for a QB, they signed Quinn and have Stanzi, and we haven’t seen either one play yet. They are not going to carry four QBs.

  24. I agree, you can talk about the Chiefs drafting Tannehill at #11, but i don’t see it. We’ve had a great free agent class of signings. With the addition of Quinn on a one year contract, that lets you know we want to see what he’s going to do before we offer him a contract, and you keep forgetting about the kid Stanzi. Were on the verge of being one of the top notch teams in the league, we wont be in this position again in the draft for a long time! we have to get value out of it now and Mr. Piolo and Coach Crennel know this. we need to beef up our “D” front line and we need that monster OLB, along with another “O” line man. this draft for us is going to be about the “D”. Also remember theirs value in this draft in the later rounds. look for Kirk Cousins, if we do draft a QB. Tannehill is a risk at #11 and a reach, Mr. Piolo has made solid moves this off season and Tannehill makes no since for us, and a waste at the #11 pick, it’s not going to happen.

  25. The Chiefs need linemen in or 3-4 scheme that can get push up the field and put pressure on the QB, and Jackson and Dorsey just aren’t it. now we did see some good play from our rookies back ups late in the season. This draft is about making a top notch “D” and making our front lines on both sides of the ball solid. #11 is to high to risk and gamble on Tannehill, he’s unproven, has what, a year and a half under his belt, and an ex-receiver! come on man! Kirk Cousins should be their in the third hopefully, this is the draft that is going to get us over the hump! we can’t go out on a limb, like we did with Cassel, naw, Were going “D” and if he’s their in the second or third we take kirk Cousins. saying that, why is everyone writing off Quinn and Stanzi, just remember those names!

  26. No matter who the Chiefs draft…this much is CERTAIN…..they will complete their 20th straight year without a playoff win.


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