Report: Lions unlikely to take Janoris Jenkins in first round

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North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins would fill a pretty big need on the Lions defense if they took him with the 23rd overall pick in the draft.

And that creates a problem for the Lions. The biggest reason Jenkins could be available at that point in the draft is because he was arrested twice on marijuana-related charges in three months while playing for the University of Florida. That led to his dismissal from the school and, added to some other character issues, has led to Jenkins getting knocked down boards below where the draft’s most talented cover corner usually winds up.

The Lions are dealing with a bunch of headaches right now thanks to three members of their 2011 draft class getting arrested on charges related to marijuana and that’s making them gunshy about rolling the dice on character for a second year in a row. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that a team source told him there’s a slim chance that the Lions will draft Jenkins in the first round because of the red flags in his past.

That’s what we call a 180 degree turn in thinking when it comes to character issues in the draft and it is one that seems unlikely to be a smokescreen to make sure Jenkins falls to them. There aren’t likely to be too many teams looking to trade up above the Lions to take a risk on Jenkins whether or not they think Detroit is going to select him.

Whichever way the Lions go with Jenkins will be a risk. They just have to choose if they prefer risking losing out on a talented player for a safer one or if they like things the other way around. They went with talent last time and the results appear to be pushing them toward safety.

19 responses to “Report: Lions unlikely to take Janoris Jenkins in first round

  1. Congrats to the Lions for not giving this guy a “second chance”.

    Jenkins makes extremely poor life decisions, and as so many other “character” guys in the NFL had made poor life decisions and wound up suspended and hurting their team, or out of the NFL based on legal issues.

    I am sure the kid can play, but he is a 4/8/16 game suspension waiting to happen.

    Using ILLEGAL drugs is not a “culture” thing, it is a CHOICE.

    If your friend said “Hey bro I got a doobie, let’s burn it”, a smart person would say “I am on the verge of a huge career in the NFL and I will take blow it by using that stuff, please take it away and don’t speak to me until you have giving up drugs”.

    Poor decision makes will “follow the crowd”, thats likely what this guy did.

    Props to the Lions!

  2. I disagree with Cosell. The best cover corner in the upcoming draft is Mo Claiborne and it isn’t even close. That’s why he’ll be at the most the 6th overall pick. He won’t make it past the rams at 6 if he even makes it that far.

    If you want to know how good Claiborne is,look no farther than this years BCS title game. Nick Saban went after Heisman finalist Tyran Mathieu in coverage. He wanted no part of Claiborne.

  3. Actually, Millen was the one who would have changed his entire draft strategy, based on the events of the last couple weeks…..NOT Martin Mayhew. You stick to the plan, and he knows this. Chances are just as good for Fairley and Leshoure to shape up and become good players, as the chances are for them to turn into Charles Rodgerss. The Lions front office has a blueprint, and they’re not deviating from the plan. If Jenkins is far and away the best player on the board, YOU BET theyre taking him.

  4. My guess is Sandy Cornelio is going to make more money off of Janoris NFL career than Janoris.

    NFL players path to the bankruptcy court.
    1. First Uncle Sam takes half
    2. Baby mamma’s annuity “I mean child support”
    3. Players mother and relatives get million dollars house
    4. Monthly allowance for Players mother and relatives
    5. Agents, advisers and lawyers
    6. J ewelers, auto dealers, strippers, clothes and toys
    7. Real estate 2 different million dollar homes. One in his hometown and one in his teams city.
    8. Additional new baby mammas
    9. Get poor quick investment, I’m mean, get rich quick investment advisers who guarantee he never will work another day in his life after career
    10. NEW lawyers representing Janoris against all of the above. lol

  5. Pick the best player and deal properly with Team discipline… whomever that player may be

    Any other choice would just be admitting weakness on the coaching staff and front office, period.

    C’Mon boys, step up.

    Let’s go LIONS!!!

  6. He’d fit right in. Similar recreational activities and hobbies. Great locker room presence. Why not?

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I think pot laws need to be changed but it really ticks me off that one positive drug test gets the average person fired from their job while in the NFL, one positive test gets you virtually zero repercussions. I realize pro athletes are less replaceable to their employers but what is insinuated by this is incredibly insulting to me: by bending the rules for the hard to replace personnel, the nfl is pretty much saying that money is more important than justice. This type of hypocrisy is common in today’s increasingly more conservative business and social environments and you have to wonder how hard pro (and collegiate) sports will bend justice to protect its riches. On this Easter Sunday I can’t help but remember Jesus’ rant in the Temple or his statement that it’s easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.

  8. Trust me an nfl player making tens of millions of dollars and helping a team win a Super Bowl carries a lot more value than some schlub accountant making 50k and can be easily replaced. Plus ur not right either, steelers dropped santonio after he got caught with weed. Big Ben was suspended when he was never even charged with a crime.. They don’t always get off the hook

  9. dryzzt23 says:Apr 8, 2012 8:32 AM

    Congrats to the Lions for not giving this guy a “second chance”.

    Hmmmm. I didn’t realize the draft had already occurred. Who did the Lions choose ?

  10. It doesn’t matter if you disagree with the laws, we all have to follow them. Jenkins isn’t worth a 7th round pick, because he’ll be suspended.

  11. Thank you for writing objectively about my team Josh. It doesn’t happen much around here.
    I’ve truly enjoyed reading your posts recently. Please keep up the good work.

  12. There’s a good chance J. Jenkins will not kick his weed habit ( I hope he does). If anyone is familiar with the town Jenkins is from in Florida will understand that 90% of the people in that town are habitual weed smokers. There are other NFL and College players from his town that have had issues with marijuana. It’s a good chance Janoris will always be surrounded by friends and family that smoke weed on a regular bases. A lot of players from this town have freakish athletic ability but the down-side is that a lot of them have issues with marijuana. I’m surprised the NFL scouts and College recruiters haven’t picked up on this or maybe they are just blinded by their freakish athletic ability..

  13. @searcy69

    Stereotype much? I looked it up.

    NFL players from Pahokee FLA
    Most notable is Hall of Fame inductee New Orleans Saints LB Rickey Jackson. Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin, former Jacksonville Jaguar RB Fred Taylor, and former Philadelphia Eagles RB Andre Waters. Few would call this a list of players with bad character.

    You might be talking about Belle Glade and the only player I saw from there connected to marijuana was Santonio Holmes.

  14. The Lions are becoming legitimate contenders in the league. This upcoming draft is important to them and even though Jenkins is considered the best cover CB in the draft I don’t see Mayhew taking him with all the red flags. If he did , then he’s picking for need above everything else , and I don’t think that is his primary focus.

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