Rick Spielman open to dealing third pick with Vikings on the clock

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With the first two picks in the NFL Draft pretty much set in stone, attention has turned to what the Vikings will do with the third pick in the draft.

Attention has focused on USC tackle Matt Kalil, although the Vikings could also use LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne or Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. With those kinds of options, as well as the presence of the coveted Alabama running back Trent Richardson and Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the Vikings could look to trade down to pick up more picks while still getting a player they like. In an interview with Pro Football Weekly, general manager Rick Spielman expressed openness with that course of action.

“There are times we have been in (the war room) and we’ve done deals on the clock,” Spielman said, “It’s an unknown, but you’re prepared for both ways. We’ll be ready and we’ll have a good idea of what we think the value of that third pick is.”

The Vikings could take a page from the Rams’ playbook and make a deal before the draft, but they’ll likely reap a bigger reward by waiting until close to the moment of truth. Letting everyone know they are willing to deal while sifting through offers up to the last minute doesn’t hurt them because they know (and are presumably happy with) who they’ll take if they don’t move the pick.

While it makes no sense for the Vikings to close them off to the possibility of a trade, they also can’t just pull the trigger without a real plan of what they’ll wind up with after making the deal. The key to any trade would be the Vikings falling to a place where they can still get a player that satisfies their need to improve next season. Getting a slew of picks is nice, but they need more high-end talent in order to get back to being a playoff team.

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  1. I hope we don’t screw this up! He seems like his intention is trading this pick at all cost. I hope we get value but then again this is MN and all our sports teams suck. Mens sports anyways.

  2. I hate when my team is drafting Top 12… Generally those type of players either become busts or statistically blow everyone away, while the team remains average at best.

  3. The elite left tackles are always the way to go even though there is the risk of a Robert Gallery-like surprise bust factor. Matty Ice Kalil is right for the purple & white.

  4. Vikings have not always been the sharpest stick in the deck.

    Hope they don’t package their first and second for a fifth or something.

  5. Instead of drafting or trading down, the Vikings will just take the strategy of waiting until the clock runs out and moving down in the draft the true Viking way.

  6. Mr. Spielman, please don’t get cute. Turn one of your glaring weakness to a strength. That is drafting Kalil. The only trade that makes since is one that still has you obtaining him, Cleveland. As you say you are rebuilding, then start with a future All-Pro that you can pencil in your lineup for the next 12-15 years. Your skill players won’t be able to run, pass or catch if the foundation isn’t set in your OL. You have young talent in the wings in Love, Fusco, a veteran in Berger, FA Schwartz and your converted LT Johnson to battle it out at the guards. Have the TE chip, slide the RB over to assist Loadholt in the passing game because he isn’t flexible and doesn’t have quick feet but is a outstanding road grader. Sign a veteran S, NT , LB before the draft. Then after Kalil go S(2), WR(3), CB(4), DT(4), LB(4), CB(5),LB(6), WR(7), . Hope you bat 1,000 in the draft and do your homework on undrafted talent.

  7. I really hope that Miami does not fall for this and trade up. However, given all of the pressure that Ireland is under I am willing to bet that the Fins will buckle and be forced to trade up.

    My only hope is that Spielman screws up and gives Miami a great deal. Hey Rick you owe us big time for all of the horrible decisions you made while in Miami. Throw us a bone!

  8. Have faith Viking fans! Spielman knows he is fully accountable this time,,we will do good. So lick our purple helmets Packer fans!

  9. Any Bears fans on here? I’d give Devin Hester and future picks for that #3. We’re a LT away from a very high powered offense. Phil Emery has more moves up his sleeve

  10. Hey Vikings: Do not wait until you are on the clock to cut a deal. NFL draft history shows you do not understand the trading of picks process.

  11. Why would they trade with the Vikings at 3 unless they want Kalil? The Browns are open to trading the #4 pick and you don’t need to give up as much. Just take Kalil, he is what you need anyway Vikes.

  12. If the Vikes can manage to pull off what the Rams did with the Deadskins, well then it makes sense for a rebuilding team. Otherwise, grab Kalil and be happy with him.

  13. i love the posts about the Vikings letting the clock run out on their pick. Baltimore, yes Baltimore, not the Vikes, screwed that trade up. they were trying to trade up to get Byron Leftwitch, and Minnesota agreed to the terms. Baltimore did not get the trade into the league office on time, leaving Minnesota on the clock and out of time. but hey, if you guys love beating a dead horse, lol, the Vikes got the last laugh since they STILL got perennial pro bowler Kevin Williams. your weak attempts at insulting the Vikings draft ability is laughable. As for Spielman and his ability while in Minnesota, he was instrumental in drafting Peterson, Harvin, Sidney Rice, Jon Sullivan, And a few good potential futre stars like Everson Griffin. know the facts people

  14. Wasn’t it the Vikings who blew their pick one year by taking too much time trying to trade the pick while on the clock? You gotta know what the heck you’re doing when the man calls your name.

  15. It would be great if they are late on the 3rd selection in a draft where they are 99.9% sure of the preceding picks.

  16. I have all the faith in the world that Spielman will continue his long tradition of making the wrong move and trading the pick. How this clown got to be GM is a mystery to me

  17. In my opinion the best case for the comings is either trading with browns for their second or with the dolphins where they could get this years 1st and 2nd and next years 1st. In case of dolphins trade looks like this

    1: LT R. REIFF
    2: S H. SMITH
    3: LB L. DAVID

  18. It’s foolish to just say “take Kalil”. If the phone rings for an offer, you answer it. You can demand a ransom, and then simply turn down an offer that doesn’t meet your needs.

  19. Trading down to stockpile picks is always a smart move for a rebuilding franchise. It’s not as if the Vikes are Super Bowl contenders with the addition of a good LT, or any other 1 good position player. Unfortunately it appears the window has closed for them, & it’ll take a few good drafts & young player development to open it back up. Good luck Vikings fans.

  20. I don’t know who’s worse, ireland picking under pressure or our idiot fans who want us to risk the farm for christian ponder 2.0! Texas A&M sucked last year people! There is a reason that sherman is our OC and not still coaching on the gulf coast! Let matt moore take us one more year while drafting the pieces we need to support Barkley or Jones next year, that is building through the draft. There is way more value for us at 8 selecting an OG, DE, WR, or trading down to pick up selections. Stop listening to those idiots on espn, the same people told you last year that cam was a bust and clausen and mccoy was nfl ready the year before that!

  21. jimmysee says:Apr 8, 2012 11:23 AM

    Vikings have not always been the sharpest stick in the deck.


    And what sort of DECK are you speaking of? A deck of sticks???

    When insulting the intelligence of someone else it’s best to not put your own short comings on display.

  22. Does Miami like Tannehill enough to trade up to 3? Other than that, I don’t see any plausible trade scenarios in the first 8 picks.

  23. The best thing the Vikings did in the draft was luck out and have AP fall to them a few years back.

    Otherwords its been let the clock expire, trade for a solid yet aging DL with off field issues at the time, or reach for a QB.

    It will be interesting to see how this will pan out.

  24. truthserum…It was a joke, like saying ‘the brightest bulb in the drawer’ or ‘the sharpest knife in the tree’…humor, look into it…As far as the Purple go…Spielman better not mess this up, take Kalil, don’t get cute, Ricky.

  25. What I’ve learned in my many years of Minnesota Vikings fans, is they’ll be complaining no matter what happens. That’s one thing I hate about the local media. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

    Other than that. I’m very interested in how this turns out.

  26. The Vikings are in basically the worst possible position to trade their pick, unless Miami absolutely covets Tannehill. They have the 3rd pick in draft in which the top two picks are vastly better prospects than the rest of the draft. The best player available on the board fits one of their biggest long term and short term needs. And as if that wasn’t enough, they already have 10 picks in this draft on a team that really isn’t that old, and with a salary floor coming up next season teams don’t really have the option of fielding a super young team.

    Unless they are trading for high picks in next season’s draft, there is very little value in trading down. The only way it really makes sense is if they then trade back up with some other picks. They can’t just draft 11 or 12 players.

  27. @ vikesfanforlife. I love my Vikings burt I am not fond of Spielman. I would have to agree with you and say those were pretty good draft picks but look at last year. I mean Christian Ponder with the 12. We are laughed at for that. Chris Cook the year before. I mean his track record with other teams have not been very good so lets keep our fingers crossed that he makes the right decisions.

  28. thepvyharvin says:
    Apr 8, 2012 11:56 AM
    So lick our purple helmets Packer fans!


    That would require you having one and we all know that the only one you’ve ever had is in your mouth and up your Hershey highway by Harvin no doubt.

  29. For crying out loud, select the only blue-chip Left Tackle in this draft, Kalil, and use the remaining 9 picks as your draft board goes. The remaining OT’s available are RT’s at best. Huge drop-off. Only consider an offer from Miami if Jake Long included.

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