2012 mock draft, take two


1. Colts: Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

Just as they did in ’98, the Colts play it safe at No. 1.

2. Redskins: Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor.

RG3 will restore Washington as an NFC East contender.

3. Vikings: Matt Kalil, tackle, USC.

Minnesota can’t pass on the best left tackle in the draft.

4. Browns: Trent Richardson, running back, Alabama.

Cleveland must find a way to begin moving the chains.

5. Buccaneers: Michael Brockers, defensive lineman, LSU.

Greg Schiano wants to get more physical in the trenches.

6. Rams: Morris Claiborne, cornerback, LSU.

St. Louis spurns receivers in favor of the draft’s top defender.

7. Jaguars: Justin Blackmon, receiver, Oklahoma State.

The Jags pull the trigger to solidify Blaine Gabbert’s supporting cast.

8. Dolphins: Quinton Coples, defensive end, North Carolina.

The Fins will wait for their next second-round quarterback flop.

9. Panthers: Melvin Ingram, defensive end, South Carolina.

Ingram gives Carolina an impact bookend for Charles Johnson.

10. Bills: Riley Reiff, tackle, Iowa.

Buffalo uses its first-rounder on the draft’s second best tackle.

11. Chiefs: Ryan Tannehill, quarterback, Texas A&M.

Kansas City can’t pass on Tannehill if he slips past Miami.

12. Seahawks: Stephon Gilmore, cornerback, South Carolina.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll loves big, press-man corners.

13. Cardinals: David DeCastro, guard, Stanford.

Arizona will use this pick on the best offensive lineman left.

14. Cowboys: Dontari Poe, defensive tackle, Memphis.

It’s no secret that Dallas is high on Poe’s immense upside.

15. Eagles: Fletcher Cox, defensive tackle, Mississippi State.

Cox fits line coach Jim Washburn’s scheme as a gap shooter.

16. Jets: Michael Floyd, receiver, Notre Dame.

Floyd’s blocking ability will come in handy for the run-first Jets.

17. Bengals: Mark Barron, safety, Alabama.

He’s a natural replacement for Chris Crocker at strong safety.

18. Chargers: Courtney Upshaw, linebacker, Alabama.

San Diego can finally wash its hands of Larry English.

19. Bears: Whitney Mercilus, defensive end, Illinois.

The Bears believe pass rusher is their biggest draft need.

20. Titans: Cordy Glenn, guard, Georgia.

A college tackle, Glenn would kick inside for the Titans.

21. Bengals: Dre Kirkpatrick, cornerback, Alabama.

This pick may come down to Kirkpatrick vs. Janoris Jenkins.

22. Browns: Brandon Weeden, quarterback, Oklahoma State.

Weeden won’t struggle to defeat Colt McCoy in a camp battle.

23. Lions: Jonathan Martin, tackle, Stanford.

He could start at right tackle and eventually replace Jeff Backus.

24. Steelers: Coby Fleener, tight end, Stanford.

Pittsburgh passes on line help to draft the best player left.

25. Broncos: Doug Martin, running back, Boise State.

Peyton Manning will love Martin’s ability to pick up blitzers.

26. Texans: Kendall Wright, receiver, Baylor.

Wright adds a new dimension to Houston’s vertical pass game.

27. Patriots: Nick Perry, defensive end, USC.

A one-trick pony, Perry slips to the pass rush-needy Pats.

28. Packers: Shea McClellin, linebacker, Boise State.

He gives Green Bay a high-motor bookend for Clay Matthews.

29. Ravens: Rueben Randle, receiver, LSU.

Randle has a realistic chance to be this draft’s best receiver.

30. 49ers: Peter Konz, guard, Wisconsin.

Konz can play guard and center, both need areas in San Fran.

31. Patriots: Devon Still, defensive tackle, Penn State.

The best player left upgrades New England’s interior pass rush.

32. Giants: Luke Kuechly, linebacker, Boston College.

Kuechly drops because inside ‘backers are devalued in the NFL.

168 responses to “2012 mock draft, take two

  1. why do they waste their time with these fake ass mock drafts?? they never hash out!!

  2. I don’t think the Ravens would go with a WR if Peter Konz and/or Luke Kuechly are still available at 29. OG and LB are much more glaring needs than WR is, although they’ll definitely pick one at some point in the draft.

  3. Much better than the 1st take! Don’t see the Bucs taking another DL that high though. Tannehill doesn’t make it past 4 or 8. If Cleveland goes Tannehill at 4, Richardson goes to the Bucs at 5. Eagles takes Barron.

  4. Didn’t the bucs spending two first rounders on DT’s two years ago, and use a first and a second on DE’s last year and you have them taking a DT?

    Stopped reading after that.

    At least you joined the 99.9% percent of us who have it Luck-Griffin, took you long enough

  5. So once again, you have Dont’a Hightower not taken in the first round, and the Ravens take a player at a position when their needs on the O-line, LB, and safety far outweigh taking another receiver?

    At least this mock draft is slightly more logical than version 1.0. But that ain’t saying much.

  6. How in the world do you reason the Bucs take a DT, when they just signed Amobi Akoye and have a dire need for a corner aka Claiborne ??!

  7. Again, if Kuechly falls that far, the Giants will be doing cartwheels as they send their card in.

  8. This is one of the worst mocks on the net.

    1. The Bucs taking Brockers will never happen. No way Mark Dominik will admit that he blew picks on Gerald McCoy, Brian Price and Roy Miller.

    2. Zero chance that Luke Kuechly falls to 32. Does the author even read about the draft?

    3. Randle as the best wide out to come out of this draft shows the writer doesn’t watch college football. Few 100 yard games in his career and zero 1,000 yard seasons. Completely shut down by Alabama in both games.

    Outside of the first four picks this mock is awful.

  9. There’s is absolutely no way the Browns take Weeden, especially in the first round. If Martain falls that far the Browns sprint to the podium to get him and add stability to their offensive line.

  10. That is some interesting outside-the-box thinking for the Bucs. I don’t see them using another #1 on D-line when that is supposed to be the strongest unit of the defense compared to secondary and linebackers. If they go defense there it will be Claiborne. I still hope they trade down if they find a willing partner to give them some more picks to fill lots of holes on that team.

  11. How do you still have a job? This is the worst mock draft I’ve ever seen.

  12. With the many needs of the Steelers, there is no way they can afford to take a TE in the first round.

  13. Kuechly is not dropping to the Giants, someone will trade into the first round to get him before that.

  14. The problem with Mocks is they are based almost entirely off need and what theoretically a team should do… As we should know… the more “automatic” outside of a QB pick… the almost less-likely that player WILL be the pick

  15. I can possibly see the Browns taking Weedon at #22 but I think it’s unlikely. Basically, they do that only if they’re absolutely convinced that he’s a serious upgrade over Colt McCoy. Otherwise, there’s no point … you sure don’t draft him to groom him for the future, considering his age. I think it’s more likely the Browns look for a WR or RT at #22.

  16. It’s hard to believe but you actually did a little bit better than that turd you submitted the last time.

    What??? No RG3 over Andrew Luck this time???

  17. Damn, and you took a possible 3rd/.4th rounder in Weeden at #22 overall? Stick to the other football, pal. We call this “football” on this side of the pond, and the sport you probably know “soccer”.

  18. Doubtful that St Louis wil pick Claiborne after signing Finnegan to 5 yr/$50 mil deal. Surely, they know they need to go WR and help Bradford. Lloyd is gone…who else will he throw too? If Blackmon is there, they must take him.

    And I am not a St Louis fan, so I could really care less…just makes football sense.

    LOL @ the TB pick. Come on man! Get yourself and your thoughts together. And your knowledge!

  19. Yeah I’m not really buying the Bucs going DL in the first round either. I read a few times last week (maybe even on this site, can’t remember) that the Bucs, if they can stay healthy, might have one of the best DT rotations in the league. I don’t see Kuechly falling that far either. I’m pretty sure IF he slips into the low 20s, and especially if he gets to 31, a team will trade up to snag him.

  20. Shea McClellin to the Pack? Love it! That guy is meant to be a Packer. Grew up on a farm, no drama, high motor, tough…this dude would be a force opposite Clay Matthews. Those two have similar playing styles, are both blonde, but could not be more different in demeanor.

  21. Steelers take Coby Fleener at #24???

    Do you follow NFL football? Are you aware that the Steelers extended one of the best blocking/ receiving TEs in football to a 6 year contract only 2 years ago? Are you also aware that this team has immediate OL/DL/MLB needs, and that there are plenty of quality players to fill those holes in this draft?

    Pump the brakes on the sexy picks and stick with what makes sense.

  22. The Panthers will not take a DE at #9. That is not a position of need as far as starters are concerned. Do they need DE depth? yes they do. But the Panthers coaching staff likes Hardy at DE and Hardy is also kind of a fan favorite, not to mention was a 1st round talent coming out of college. Panthers will take best DT, DB available… and MAYBE take Kuechly. But I have faith in Hurney (sometimes he does head scratchers, but is usually draft day reliable) and the rest of the front office. So whoever they pick I will be happy with and carry on as the fan I am.

  23. I like the idea of Fleener to the Steelers, but I can’t see Colbert passing on Keuchly if he’s there. Neither will Baltimore.

  24. I like your thinking. But I don’t think Weeden at 22. Mayne Stephen Hill. Weeden will ne there at 37

  25. They pay you to write about football? Gilmore for the Hawks, really? They had the 9th ranked defense and the 22nd ranked offense and you have them picking a CB? Even though almost their entire secondary went to the pro bowl. Great job.

  26. I am seeing a lot of these with Shea McClellin going to the Packers. They are very familiar with Boise State players in Green Bay too. Kory Hall (FB) and Darren Colledge (OL) both have SB rings with them. The Pack knows what they get with BSU-coached men. Great value and intelligent leaders. No “4s” on the wonderlic either.

  27. Mock drafts are useless…even moreso is this:

    27. Patriots: Nick Perry, defensive end, USC.

    A one-trick pony, Perry slips to the pass rush-needy Pats.

    How many years have Pats fans and observers been saying the team needs a definite pass rusher? When has BB ever picked a defensive “one-trick pony”? I can almost guarantee you that this or their next pick is going to next year…regardless of how badly they need a player out of the first round.

    And whatever you think or whatever I just said…BB will do the opposite which will be somewhat of a surprise.

  28. I’d love it if both Coples and Ingram are still available at #8, and Miami takes either.

    But this mock isn’t remotely close to reality.

  29. Luck is going to the Colts. Thank you for waking up and realizing that.

    Interesting about Miami passing on Tannehill at 8. That would almost certainly rile every Dolphins fan & confuse every sports analyst in the business… and I can totally see the Fish Front Office doing it.

    And, the front office might be right, by the way. Minnesota reached to take Ponder last year… apparently the new accepted reality in NFL drafts is to overreach to take the 3rd or 4th best QB in the draft.

    The Fish may very well be wise NOT to take Tannehill at 8… although God only knows what the Fish’s answer to the QB question will be if it is not Tannehill!

  30. Picks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31, 32 I would think people will agree with if it were to happen the way you say it is..

    But it’s immediately messed up with pick #5 because that isn’t going to happen and after that it changes all the other picks.

  31. Weeden is a way better Qb than Tannehill, his stats prove it and head to head competition. I would take him over RG3 also as he’s better suited for a pro offense. He’s a steal at 22 and could start game 1…..

  32. The only thing worse than mock drafts, are the idiots commenting about how “wrong” they are.

    With the way some people talk about the future of “their” team, you would think they have a seat at the table in the war room.

  33. @firekenwilliams…
    Calm down there buddy, it’s only a mock draft for entertainment value only. So just relax and if you are so good at evaluating talent than why aren’t you not working as the Bucs consultant.
    And as for Reuben, he probably is the best receiver in draft. How many catches did Calvin Johnson caught when Matt Stafford was out. I will used your words against you, if you would have watched any football at all you would know that Reuben played his whole career at LSU with mediocre or well below average QB plays at best, so before you start screaming at people for not knowing what they’re talking about, you need to: first at look yourself in the mirror and see how successful that person is at coaching, consulting, or doing GM.
    Second it’s a mock draft, the purpose of mock draft is for entertainment and informative purpose only. In another, try not to lose your panties over this just makes you looks like a insane fanatic out of control fan, so please take deep breath and just enjoy others people’s perspective on the draft.

  34. Just because this is the worst mock draft on post was the internet my post was removed no curse words just a challenge of your football and logical knowledge

  35. No chance Bucs take Brockers after drafting McCoy, Price, Bowers, Clayborn, and signing Okoye.

    Hey Bucs did just sign Carl Nicks, I’m surprised you don’t have them drafting Decastro………dumb

  36. Seahawks have Browner, Sherman and even Thurmond/Lewis as CBs. The coaches and educated fans knows they need pass rush outside of Clemons. If the elite rushers are gone I see them trading back and taking MLB. I don’t think the position is that undervalued in the NFL that the top prospect falls to the last spot in the draft. Tampa will get Clayborne not draft another D-lineman. Rams Blackmon, Floyd will not fall out of the top 15. Mock draft is probably the craziest one I have seen yet.

  37. OK, this at least puts the first 4 in the order that people in football have more or less agreed upon before it goes off into Twilight Zone territory. Brockers – who most people don’t have going until the teens – sneaks into the #5? And St Louis picks Claiborne over Blackmon?

    Saying Miami will pass on Tannehill is weird but I guess your mock has to be unique. But to put Fleener – who I think most analysts project going to San Francisco – for the Steelers instead of Dont’a Hightower means you still aren’t taking this seriously. And Kuechly at #32? What, did he insult your mother or something?

  38. Claiborne or Richardson to the bucs is about as much of a lock as luck griffin going 1-2… I’m sure schiano would love this scenario being able to acquire Dont’a Hightower in the 2nd round

  39. Kuechly is going much higher than 32…much much higher. Think 12-16 range.

    Weeden is not going in round 1.

    Patriots are picking Shea McClellin and Harrison Smith, IF they use the 1st rounders. Which they wont, they never do.

  40. Honestly this is one of the worst mock drafts on the web. Ive read fan mock’s that make more sense than this.

    Is Blackmon is still there at 6 the Rams take him, or trade that pick for more picks. And I dont see how TB takes Brockers.

  41. Hawks will NOT be picking a corner in first round lol! They will be trading down if possible or draftin a DE, LB, or OL.

  42. Ha ha ha ha ha. Too funny. Steelers taking a tight end with their glaring needs on the offensive line, nose tackle, running back and linebacker. And maybe even a receiver too.

  43. Seattle takes a corner?! Ummmm, 3 guys in their secondary made the probowl last season. They currently don’t have a defensive captain. They have one olb under contract. I would respect ya if you knew seattle wants ingram, but won’t pass on Decastro

  44. themackstrong says:Apr 9, 2012 2:23 PM

    Seahawks have Browner, Sherman and even Thurmond/Lewis as CBs.

    To me, this article is another sign that not many people outside the Northwest pay attention to the fortunes of the South Vancouver Seahawks. Browner and Sherman give Seattle a very bright future as starting CBs, and Thurmond will be a great nickel guy. Throw in the re-signing of Roy Lewis, and CB is probably at the bottom of the list of areas Seattle is looking to upgrade.

    I agree, they’ll try to trade down, and if they can’t, and things go exactly like they do for the first 11 picks in this mock, they’ll take DeCastro or Kuechly. LB is a big area of need, and the rumor is, Carpenter will start the year on PUP, leaving a hole at left guard (where he was projected to start, with Giacomini taking over at RT). Either one of those players is BPA at their position and will fill an area of need for an immediate starter.

  45. “It’s no secret that Dallas is high on Poe’s immense upside.”

    the guy wasnt even brought in for a visit? nothing points to Cowboys liking Poe being a fact.. a lot points to Cowboys wanting to trade down, about nothing points to which prospect they want at 14#, only loose rumors..

  46. “RG3 will restore Washington as an NFC East contender.”

    Over hype much? How about a solid step away from being the putrid 15-33 team they’ve been for 3 seasons?

  47. Sorry no running back is worth a first round pick. Certainly not a top 5 pick, there is no value. Need proof? Peterson’s numbers took a big drop when the Vikings had Brett Favre. Peterson is the best back in the league. Receivers are by far are a much better pick in the first round. The fact will be proven even more when Matt Forte isn’t a bear anymore. Lets face it the Texans are overpaying for there back. Kuechly is the first LB off the board and your reason for him dropping is silly.

  48. No way the Steelers will take a TE in the first round. After Heath Miller, yes, they are thin (especially with Saunders suspended for first four games) but they will either go LB or DL. Even with their OL woes, that’s also a position they will address further on the draft, including TE and DB.

  49. 1. No one in the Cleveland media believes Ryan Tannehill will go # 4 to Cleveland.
    2. I could see the Browns taking Brandon “Chris Weinke” Weeden @ #37 or later. He will be throwing to the Browns receivers, thus, he may not be a upgrade over McCoy.
    3. If the Browns do go QB in the first half of the draft, Kirk Cousins is probably a better bet to go to Cleveland.

  50. See you had to throw an insult in there for the Dolphins; the only team in history to miss on a second round pick apparently. Blame the team when the player busts? I get it now. Seattle taking a CB? Mel Kiper’s back hair could have done a better job than this. Amateur.

  51. Even the picks that do make sense are ruined by a ridiculous comment. The Lions very well could take Martin with pick #23, but why would he start at RT??? They’ve got a healthy Gosder Cherilous there who is going on his 3rd or 4th year with the same O-linemen, giving them much needed continuity and structure for a potent offense. They won’t have any rookie starters on their O-line anytime soon. That’s jsut asinine.

  52. 27. Patriots: Nick Perry, defensive end, USC.

    A one-trick pony, Perry slips to the pass rush-needy Pats.

    ==> it is possible someone has already said this — not reading 67 comments to find out — the key phrase you use is “one-trick pony.” BB does not hire them. he values flexibility and coachability over everything else, including raw talent. not sure how you could convince yourself of this even being close.

  53. eaglesfan247 says:
    Apr 9, 2012 1:37 PM
    Kuechly is not dropping to the Giants, someone will trade into the first round to get him before that.


    You and your twitter gangster RB Shady McCoy better hope so.

  54. Wow….
    Ok this is it….

    1. Andrew Luck
    2. RG3
    3. Matt Kalil
    4. Trent Richardson
    5. Morris Claiborne
    6. Justin Blackmon
    8. Ryan Tannehill

    It’s not that hard.

  55. Florio, we love ya but, Keuchly at 15…no way birds go with DT that early. As for safety, they just don’t get drafted that high, not too often anyway…

  56. Florio, we love ya but, Keuchly at 15…no way birds go with DT that early. As for safety, they just don’t get drafted that high, not too often anyway…

  57. The bears take WHO WHO WHO?? Yeah… like they’d pass on either Hightower or Janoris Jenkins or the tackle from stanford..

    That pick would be a reach that even Tayshaun Prince would admire…

  58. In NO way shape or form do i want my Browns drafting a QB in the first 3 rounds let alone first…if Kalil is not there at 4 im torn between Richardson and Blackmon

  59. Lots of comments from people/commenters that are so damn sure of themselves… it’s one thing being a fan, it’s another thinking you’re better at drafting NFL players than you are at the job you’re supposed to be doing right now!

  60. ?? Why would a 4-3 team since the beginning of time.. since black and white television take a 3-4 defensive end?? Whitney from Different World?? Like the Bears don’t need superior cover like Hightower or Jenkins..

  61. This mock draft seems to have been drawn up without any real thought and is one of the worst mock drafts I have seen on the internet. Perhaps the author just doesn’t know anything about some of these teams. The chances of the Seahawks using their first pick for a corner are laughable when they have three defensive backs in the pro bowl and only one of their starting linebackers from a year ago signed for the upcoming season. Never mind the glaring need for a pass rusher and potential problems on the offensive line because of injuries to Carpenter and Moffit.

  62. I never put much stock in mock drafts because it’s all speculation, but this is pretty much a joke. Luke Kuechly falling to 32 because “inside ‘backers are devalued in the NF”? Are you f-ing kidding me? RBs are devalued and you still have Richardson going 4. And you only give a sentence of explanation for each one? Honestly, this mock draft falls somewhere between lazy and obtuse.

  63. Hey Evan, some agree, some not, guess just as good as any out there and better than many of these GM/commenters who think they know more than anybody else.

  64. I can see Miami moving down to 22 in a trade with the Browns and take Kuelchy. If they really do move to the 4-3, they’ll need a MLB to go with Dansby and Misi. Fins need pass rushers, but they’ll get pressure from the front 4 with Starks, Soliai, Odrick, and Wake.

    Maybe even pick up additional 2nd and 3rd round picks. Browns have a lot of picks they can deal in this draft. We’ll see how bad they want Tannehill if he falls to #8.

    Other than that, I agree these mock drafts are worthless, because you never know what these GM’a are thinking.

  65. Let me guess… Vontaze Burfict, Jeremy Lin, and that fat cheesehead stalker from the Discount Double Check commercials are on your list of second round prospects?

  66. At 24 Keuchly and Hightower are on the board and they take Fleener? I think the Steelers would move back 3-4 spot to get an additional pick and then select one of them.

  67. I really don’t think the bears will draft a DE in the first round. I think it will be DT or OT. Mercilus had one stand out season and it was early in the Illini season. When Illinois started playing good Big Ten teams he wasn’t really a presence.
    I could be wrong though. With Detroit and Green bay passing the ball like they have pass rush isn’t a want anymore, it’s a need

  68. I don’t think the Browns will pass on Blackmon, I also think the Bengals’ picks in the mock should be flipped, because there is no way Kirkpatrick lasts long beyond their first pick, someone is going to trade up and snatch him.

  69. You got the first pick right in 2011 (#4 Mock) and nothing else. At least it is likely that you will get the first two this year. Doubled your accuracy. Nice job.

  70. if the Eagles take a middle of the road DT at 15 with studs like Floyd & Barron still on the board, I will be PISSED!!!

  71. I also think the Bears will take Kuechly, Urlacher can not play forever, he plays very stiff in his old age, might be time to reload at MLB.

  72. This mock draft serves one purpose: getting people to talk about it. The DT at 5 wad questionable, then a CB at 12 to the Hawks? Ya right. Carroll got Brandon Browner from the CFL and Richard Sherman in the late draft, why would he change the plan and pick a CB at 12? I say Kiechley or they trade down.

  73. This Mock just showed why this site is nothing more than the TMZ of the NFL. How in hell could you have the Bucs drafting a DT when they spent BOTH 1st & 2nd round picks on DT’s in 2010. Not to mention just signing Akoye to a one year deal or the fact that they need a cornerback desparetely. Maybe you all should stick to the legal stuff and let those of us that know a thing or two worry about the REAL football taking place.

  74. I’m starting to wonder if Stephen Ross banged your wife/sister/loved one due to all the shots taken at the Dolphins.

  75. I registered an account on this site just to say (what bears repeating) that this is the worst excuse for a mock draft on the net for anyone who follows football over the age of 13.

    I don’t mind entertaining an off-the-wall scenario, but all of any credibility the author may have had goes out the window at pick# 5.

    You would think anyone professionally involved with the sports journalism would do enough due diligence to at least make the top ten make sense.

    This is just LAZY. This mock comes from a -“Senior NFL Editor for Rotoworld, and writer for NBC Sports & Profootballtalk.com”?


  76. No way Texans go for a receiver in the 1st round. Offensive guard or tackle more likely.

  77. Dear Browns,

    Running backs last a couple of years and can be obtained later in the draft.
    Recievers last much longer than running backs and, well, you don’t have any.
    Take a reciever.

  78. Certainly would be entertaining…headscratching even.
    i think Claiborne to the Bucs.
    kuechly goes to the Eagles (team with Ryans, especially after last season with NO linebackers)
    Fleener to the Ravens to be their red zone threat.

    PS ask the 49ers if inside backers aren’t important.

  79. I agree with most of you here, this may be one of the worst mocks this year I have read. Whoever this Evan guy is, you should not have a job, and I now know you never watch football or know how to evaluate talent..

    Kuechly at 32 is the worst of this mock, he is a stud LB who is a guarantee in top 15

    Brockers is close by you having him going top 5, he is raw and has upside, but he will not be picked that high in front of other DT

    This is a waste of time and you should be fired..

  80. “Kuechly drops because inside ‘backers are devalued in the NFL”

    Where did this theory come from? The MLB is one of the most important spots in a 4-3. They generally call out the signals and have to be able to play sideline to sideline. They are usually the top tackler on the team if they are any good.

  81. brenenostler says: Apr 9, 2012 3:15 PM
    Ok this is it….

    1. Andrew Luck
    2. RG3
    3. Matt Kalil
    4. Trent Richardson
    5. Morris Claiborne
    6. Justin Blackmon
    8. Ryan Tannehill

    It’s not that hard

    You forgot number 7 so yeah..it must be too hard

  82. Doug Martin 25 ? doesn’t make any since this is in your make believe world.

  83. Even though entire mock drafts aside from the top 5 picks are really all crapshoots, and the end of the 1st is absolutely unpredictable, you guys failed epically again with the Ravens’ pick among several others.

    So Luke Kuechly who is the best MLB in the draft, I guarantee you he is in the top 10 on their big board, and they’ll pass on him and the Giants get him with the last pick? Right…not to mention arguably the 2nd best MLB Hightower hasn’t even been slected in the mock AGAIN, and the Ravens have even brought him in for a facility visit, Ravens GM Newsome is admittedly a homer for his alma mater Alabama, and everyone else knows the Ravens will need someone to eventually step in beside Jameel McClain in their 3-4 sooner rather than later (no offense Ray Ray).

    Let’s not even get into the fact that the Ravens pass on Konz in your mock as well when they have NO STARTER at LG, NO center of the future behind Matt Birk, and they actually just finished being one of 4 teams to attend a personal workout Konz conducted a couple of days ago.

    Not to say the Ravens couldn’t use another receiver, but with the options still available in your mock? I can also guarantee you that the Steelers will not pass on Kuelchy and Hightower as well if either is still there. Fleener is a solid prospect with some great intangibles with his speed and what not, but he is getting overvalued because of what Gronkowski did with some help from Brady last year. And last I checked, Heath Miller is one of the most complete TEs in the NFL, period.

  84. 2. Redskins: Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor.

    RG3 will restore Washington as an NFC East contender.

    Not quite. First they need 1 or 2 decent o-linemen, and a GTG at WR.

  85. dewalt2990 says: Apr 9, 2012 1:43 PM

    If Kirkpatrick falls like that, the Lions will not hesitate to move up.


    No chance in hell the Lions are going to trade up for Kirkpatrick.

    samoanjungle says: Apr 9, 2012 4:42 PM

    “Kuechly drops because inside ‘backers are devalued in the NFL”

    Where did this theory come from? The MLB is one of the most important spots in a 4-3. They generally call out the signals and have to be able to play sideline to sideline. They are usually the top tackler on the team if they are any good.


    MLB’s are devalued in today’s NFL. Back when the league was run dominant having good MLB’s was imperative. Now every team throws the ball 50 times a game. Thus devaluing MLB’s because most of them can’t competently cover TE’s, slot WR’s, and RB’s. Most MLB’s are the leading tacklers but that’s can be misleading. They are merely just in a better position on the field to get more tackles than everyone else.

    For instance, I think this was one of the reasons my Lions were so bad defending the pass last season. Teams would often go with 3-4 WR sets but the Lions defense would often remain in there base 4-3. We would constantly get shredded across the middle because our LB’s couldn’t cover the inside WR’s and TE’s. They were a liability. I don’t know if it was just stubbornness by the coaching staff by refusing to change or just because our depth at CB was so bad that they actually felt better going with their 4-3 against 3-4 WR sets…but it was bad.

  86. Wby would the Bucs take Brockers at 4 instead of Claiborne? Ronde Barber won’t play much longer and Aqib Talib can’t stay out of trouble. Brockers had only 2 sacks in 2011 so how is he in top 10. Michael Floyd at 16?? As Yoda would say, “Crack you smoke!”

  87. I don’t know why “Mockers” have trouble with this. If Dont’a Hightower is there at 24 the Steelers WILL draft him. Not a lineman and definitely not a tight end.

  88. Yet another mock draft by someone who pays no attention to what people who follow the teams regularly know what the teams actually need and are looking for, not to mention what they have written about extensively.

    Try reading a local hometown paper, with the local team beat coverage, sometime.

  89. Still think Wilson is gone by draft day, pgh. Will take a lb and off lineman

  90. No way Kuechly falls all the way to the Giants. And this statement: “Kuechly drops because inside ‘backers are devalued in the NFL.” is just plain WRONG. How do you explain all the 3-4 teams in the league that emphasize the ILB position??

  91. No way Steelers going tight end in the first round, hopefully they draft offensive line help or maybe a linebacker or defensive tackle.

  92. If the wording in Miami’s mock draft doesn’t cement the fact that PFT is anti Dolphins nothing will. Every other team had something encouraging written about their pick, but the Dolphins, in this mock, get one hell of a player and nothing is said about him…just more Dolphins’ bashing.

  93. Hm, the Steelers with a TE in the 1st round. Um, there’s a pretty damn good and still relatively young TE named Heath Miller in that slot. Plus, if Weslye Saunders can straighten his act up, he is slated to take over for Heath. Saunders is far more athletic and a better route runner than Heath, he just lacks the hands, blocking, and attitude of Miller.

    There is no way the Steelers take that TE over an O-lineman. No way in hell.

  94. The Browns can get Weeden or Tannehill with the fourth pick of the second round. They will take a wide receiver with the 22nd pick.

  95. Broncos will probably take a DT, CB or Nick Perry before they take Martin at RB.

  96. I had to create an account to comment on this. I’m like 90% convinced half these mock drafts are done just to stir up comments. This is on the bad half, and it worked on me. Lots of tip offs that this isn’t a real mock draft, but the big one is Brockers to the Bucs at 5. Nobody in their right mind would reach for a position that’s not of need.

  97. Also, I just wanted to call it before anyone else did. The Bills are going to trade up to draft a WR. The Bills have an old Owner and an old Coach. They want to win now. The have a tendency to not deceive people, and to go after what they want. They tried to get Meachem and failed. They want a WR, and one isn’t going to drop to 10. I’d guess the Browns are going to be the ones to trade down. The browns want future picks as they want to move up to take a qb next year, and don’t need any more picks this year. Just like the Raiders when Al Davis got way up there in years, the Bills will be more willing to trade away higher picks in the future.

  98. As it’s been said a few times above, I laughed when I read it the first time. I spent more time reading all the comments. I STOPPED READING AFTER PICK 5. I found it funny because I immediately went to the comments after pick 5.

    Bucs taking anyone but Richardson or Claiborne at pick 5 is not going to happen. The only other scenario I see happening there is a trade down for more picks.

    When someone said that you put Kuechy at 32 I had to go back up and read because it blew my mind.

    I don’t know how you still have a job after this one. I understand that these Mock Drafts are just for entertainment, however, we go to these sites for “knowledge”; maybe get some inside information, which there was absolutely no thought to this one.

    Mock draft take 2???? Please don’t do a 3rd one.

  99. Any person who has Luke Kuechly as the 32nd pick in the draft is a person I want in my fantasy football league!

  100. What are you thinking? Gilmore for the Seahawks? Does anyone edit these posts?

  101. After the top 3, I could have done an equally admirable job with a dart board. If the Chiefs take Ryan Tanehill at 11, I’ll buy you a Porsche. If Luke Kuechley gets to 32, I’ll buy your wife one too.

  102. R U KIDDING ME??? Seahawks take a cornerback in the first round??? What is truly amazing is this first rate IDIOT gets paid to write an article about something he is obviously CLUELESS ABOUT!!! It truly amazes me this guys would truly have this opinion!! No way he follows the NFL!!! Truly remarkable this clown still has a job!! Id switch him over to FUNNY PAGES

  103. notice i kept saying TRULY.. The hawks just resigned Marcus TRU-Fant!!!!! Guess their still taking the a Corner with the 12th pick!!!!

  104. This is the worst mock draft I have ever seen. After the third pick, I don’t agree with any of the selections. For example, Kuechly going 32nd? He will go 10 to 13. Tannehill won’t get past Miami. The Seahawks will draft LB or DL not CB. The Rams will draft WR if he is there.

  105. Lot’s of anger and venom over a mock draft?

    Someone here rippin on Florio and it’s not even his mock? Pay attention, this is Silva’s mock.

    The best mocksters – “professionals” don’t even get 20% right on their best years. Don’t pretend you can do any better.

    I’d love Fleener at #24 (Kuechly and Barron too but I can’t see them being there), but Hightower, Glenn, Martin are more likely IMO.

    Oh and Silva, I don’t think you are an idiot!

  106. “24. Steelers: Coby Fleener, tight end, Stanford.

    Pittsburgh passes on line help to draft the best player left”

    Really Evan…really???

    C’mon Man

  107. My draft

    1# Andrew Luck
    3#Matt Kalil [my favorite team]
    4#Trent Richardson
    5#Morris Claiborne
    6# Justin Blackmon
    7#Melvin Ingram
    8#Micheal Floyd
    9#Dontari Poe
    10#Riley Reiff
    11#Ryan Tannehill
    12#Quinton Coples
    13#David Decrasto
    14#Fletcher Cox
    15#Luke Kuechly
    16#Kendall Wright
    17#Mark Barron
    18#Courtney Upshaw
    19#Whitney Celicus
    20#Cordy Glenn
    21#Dre Kirkpatrick
    22#Stephen Gilmore
    23#Johnthan Martin
    24#Dont’e Hightower
    25#Micheal Brockers
    26#Rueben Randle
    27#Shea McClellin
    28#Peter Konz
    29#Devon Still
    30#Coby Flenner
    31#Donald Butler
    32#Harrison Smith

    Now I know this is a little shaky but if I explained a few I think it would even out

  108. HORRIBLE! You have absolutely NO feel for the needs of the Steelers. Tight end?! Ha!! We’ve got Heath Miller, Weslye Saunders, David Johnson . . . We’ve got needs on O-line, corner, Nose tackle, ILB . . . with so many vets riding off into the twilight, Steelers have real needs. Not in position to go BPA. Do some research.

  109. What a profoundly terrible mock draft. The bucs will not draft another DT when the rest of the defense sucks so much more.

  110. Gotta take up for PFT a bit here, even if I disagree with a lot of their picks in this mock.

    Most teams doesn’t draft for need. They go for Best Player Available (B.P.A.) even if they have a glaring hole at another posistion, especially in the early rounds. Sometimes the need and B.P.A. match up (Baltimore and Jimmy Smith and Torrey Smith last year for a perfect example. Jimmy was rated top 10 and Torrey was rated 1st round by Baltimore) but most of the time teams stick to their board regardless of the current roster (Suh over Russel Okung for example). This is how teams are built for the most part. Talent always trumps need.

  111. All you that signed up just to post about this World’s Lousiest Mock draft just got pranked. All of PFT’s stuff is in free fall. IT IS GETTING WORSE.

    Don’t believe me? Go back and reread this junk tripe.
    See it’s worse than the last read.

  112. This just in: Matt Millen was spotted hacking into PFT system and leaving his thoughts on the draft.

    This is just trrrrble, and as a Lions fan I can spot trrrble from a mile away…just trrrble

  113. Terrible mock draft. No way the Bucc’s go with a DT and the Chiefs are not getting Tannehill. Weeden isn’t going to be drafted in the first round either.
    Epic Fail!

  114. This is god awful. A TE to the Steelers? Really? I laugh in this mock drafts general direction. I really should have gone to school to be a sports writer. Apparently you don’t have to have any clue about sports. Amazing.

  115. I’ve never been one to bash this mock, or bash that prediction, because lesbihonest, nobody knows whats really gonna happen on draft day. everybody was saying that Aldon was a big reach last year….but Luke dropping nearly out of the first round? are you serious? I just can’t see that happening. not even the slightest chance.

  116. mocks are great

    and they all have one thing in common: the day the draft ends they’re forgotten

    but they’re fun while they last, which is all they’re supposed to be.

  117. My Pats have only 6 picks this year, but we all know that (as we speak) the evil genius known as Belichik is mixing his magic voodoo juice in his cauldron and preparing to surprise every one and to do what he do do do

    In Bill we trust

    11 straight winning seasons – in the playoffs 9 of them

    5 Super Bowls, won 3




    anyone else match that?

  118. Im sure whomever wrote this really beleives the Steelers are going to draft a tight end. wow gave this clown a job!

  119. In response to comments about Kuechly.

    1) True. He will not fall to 32.
    2) Sad to say, if for some miracle he really did fall to 32, everyone knows Jerry Reese WILL NOT DRAFT A LB in the first two (probably 3) rounds.
    3) In other words, The Giants would pass.
    4) The Giants purely draft on height weight speed in the early rounds. As much as I hate that, its hard to argue with the Giants success.
    5) Although as a long time Giant Fan, it still is hard to watch our LB’s get run over or around every game. The G men are all about DE’s and Secondary.
    6) Based on #5, if you watch most of the schemes. The Giants do not run a 4-3 (with 4 secondary players).. The Giants run a 5-1-5, sometimes a 4-1-6, or even a 5-0-6.
    7) With all this said, I would be happy with Any OL, or LB in the first two rounds… But we all know Jerry Reese and it will most likely be a DT,DE or CB/Safety..

  120. I know I didnt see this right… did I see Michael Brockers as the 5th pick….ARE U NUTTZZ!!!! first off that wouldnt be a financially smart taking him so high up. Second of all they have just signed Akoye from the Bears and formerly of the Texans…and 3rdly, there’s no defensive tackle rated that high anyway…so why in the “H” would you do that…dude….Really!!?? LOL

  121. I hope that KC DOESNT pick Ryan Tannehill if he is still available at 11. I have read some reports ( i think that they are mostly smoke screens that Matt Kalil might fall to KC at 11 or KC may trade up for him if the Vikings don’t pick him). I think KC may pick Michael Brockers at 11 or they will try to trade back in the first round.

    I don’t see Brandon Weeden going in the first round..2nd round yes but definitely not a first round choice even if it is Cleveland.

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