Cliff Avril will be in Detroit, won’t take part in workouts next week

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Defensive end Cliff Avril will be in Detroit when his Lions teammates convene for the start of offseason workouts next week, but he won’t be joining them unless a long-term contract is agreed to before April 16th.

Avril told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free-Press that he still has no plans to sign the franchise tender placed on him by the team because he wants a longer commitment. The Lions and Avril have until July 15th to hammer out such a deal or Avril will have to choose between signing the $10.4 million tender and holding out.

“I think we’re going to continue to try and get something done hopefully and we’ll see how it goes,” Avril said.

This round of workouts are voluntary. The Lions have a mandatory minicamp in June, which would mark the next big date in negotiations with Avril.

Per Birkett, there hasn’t been much progress toward a contract. Avril is going to be in Detroit just in case something changes so that he can join the team. He said last year’s experience during the lockout makes him confident that missing team workouts won’t create a problem with his play next season.

23 responses to “Cliff Avril will be in Detroit, won’t take part in workouts next week

  1. I think his presence, whether he chooses to workout or not, is actually a good sign for the Lions. Avril will get his money. He just needs to be patient. But in the meantime let your play do the talking.

  2. If he wants a deal with more money upfront that would make his cap hit higher this season than the $10.4M franchise tag, I think he’ll be sitting out a while. Take a lesson from Tulloch, Cliff…he played hard on a cheap one year deal, and got rewarded with the long-term contract. Surely you can be a team player like that, not be a distraction, and make franchise tag money for a year while still negotiating your future. If nothing else, signing will allow the Lions to maybe trade you to a team that will give you that money you want no questions asked.

    Don’t sign = sit out & don’t get paid.
    Sign it= play hard for $650K per game, and increase your leverage.

    Be smart, not greedy!

  3. I like Avril, but honestly, I’m not stoked about the idea of spending big time DE money on him. He has been injured in the past with nagging hamstring issues, and nobody really knows what his ceiling is, which could be a good or bad thing. I guess we have to trust the Lions to have an understanding of his ceiling and what he’s capable of, they know him best.

  4. I can understand Cliff wants a long term deal but is playing one season with a top 5 salary really so bad? Not like DE’s suffer a lot of career threatening injuries. They are the ones giving out the injuries. Plus, if he has another great season he will for sure get his long term deal as an UFA. Just sign your tender Cliff….

  5. Avril is a solid (not great) DE. He benefits from playing along side Suh and lining up in the wide 9. He would be average on most teams that don’t offer him these advantages. While he was on the sidelines, the other DE’s were nearly as effective. He has earned a nice paycheck – but we can’t break the bank on him. If he won’t sign a reasonable contract, trade him to Cleveland. They have extra draft picks and can use a DE. Avril will rot on the vine in Cleveland. The Lions don’t overpay for players like Avril – he is not in that class…

  6. It must be nice when the downside is you only get paid 10 millions dollars for 1 year of work, smh

  7. Drop the tag. See if he can get 10.4M a year from another team right now. I doubt he will. Avril is a good DE but hes not worth that kind of money. Two DE backups (lojack and young) together put up 7.5 sacks with significantly less playing time. Its the scheme he is playing in not the player. Id love for him to be on the team just not at that kind of cap hit.

  8. Cliff also said, “Theo, your mother asked me to come up here and kill you. ”

    …. wait, the was Cliff Huxtable… nevermind..

  9. Funny reading fans who want what’s best for the team and not what’s in the players best interest.

    Yeah Avril, sign this and play out the season so if you suffer a career ending injury you now have nothing left.

    Don’t sign JACK and rape a team for as much as you can because when it’s over, they’ll throw you out quicker than yesterdays news paper.

  10. … kind of the same mind as nflfollower … I trust that Mayhew knows what he has in Avril and will sign him long term , if he feels he can get him at a price that makes sense to the Lions longterm. If not, than based on what I’ve seen with Eric Wright and Bobby Carpenter he’ll let another team pay them.

  11. @klunge, I understand the parallel btw Tulloch and Avril, but that is just what he did.. Avril proved his worth of a long term deal last season.
    Cliff Avril is an important cog in the Lions defense. Also the system fits his style of play well.. Avril flourished in the wide 9 formation and was, in my own opinion Detroits most important free agent to sign before the start of the season. I understand he feels he deserves a long term deal, and rightly so, but the Lions are pretty strapped for cash and I dont think it will be an easy thing to address. I understand his frustration but 10.5 mill is big money and with the Lions offering that kind of money with the franchise tag it shows their respect for his game at a time where they are struggling to stay under the cap.
    The Lions have a chance to do big things this year and rather than holding out Avril should put his anger aside and continue to play hard prove not only his worth but his dedication to his team and in the unlikely senario the Lions choose to let him slip away in free agency next year he will have plenty of other teams offering just that.

  12. Dump this guy … he’s a decent player, but not worth all the grief. Sent him to the Ravens. He and Flacco have a lot in common.

  13. We need to keep our home grown talent around and keep them happy.We as fans dont set the market for DEs.Cliff just wants his money.I dont blame him.The foundation is set LETS GO!!

  14. crazycane says: Apr 9, 2012 3:45 PM

    Funny reading fans who want what’s best for the team and not what’s in the players best interest.

    Yeah Avril, sign this and play out the season so if you suffer a career ending injury you now have nothing left.

    Don’t sign JACK and rape a team for as much as you can because when it’s over, they’ll throw you out quicker than yesterdays news paper.


    Yeah cause sitting out and getting paid nothing is a much better alternative….I guarantee Avril is going to sign his FRANCHISE tender at some point before the season starts. He’s not going to walk away from 10 million dollars. He’s just delaying the inevitable….

  15. Avril is listening too intently to his agent who’s filling his head with grandiose stories. He is not that good against the run. He’s a pass rushing DE and he’s not worth $10 million a year.

  16. He is good, but not the best in the league at his position. He should be paid accordingly, but he doesn’t see it that way. If he was more reasonable with his demands he would be signed already.

  17. Lions have made him offers and Cliff didn’t think it was enough so he wouldn’t sign it. The Lions then did what the players CBA allows them to do, franchise them and make them a top five paid player for that position. Now Avril don’t want to sign the agreement they negotiated to get. It is going to pay him 10 million a year, which is at least 2 million more than he should get. The Lions should offer him 7.5 million a year over five years 37 million with about 18-20 million guaranteed. If he can’t live with that then play your one year and move on, or get fined for every day you are not there. DE are Fairley easy to replace when you have Suh, and Fairley, Williams, and SLH in the middle

  18. Wow … This is all Tebow all the time an article about a player on another team a actual starting quality player and you have to have a pic of Tebow !!!!

  19. Avril is very good pass rushing DE who is average at best against the run.

    The Lions already have oodles of cash tied up in contracts with Megatron, Suh, Stafford, etc. I hope they are sensible in their handling of Avril’s next deal.

    IMO as a fan, the Lions are looking like a real, live, full-blown NFL team for the first time since the early 1990s. It’s nice to see, fellas. Don’t piss it all away overpaying dudes because you are afraid to lose them.

  20. A long term contract is what he wants….so 10.4million dollars isnt security? good lord just sign it and play.

  21. I’m losing a lot of respect for Cliff. He needs to put the team before himself, and he’s not doing that. If I were Mayhew or Lewand, I’d trade him. (Yes, I’m serious.) Avril’s lack of humility speaks volumes. It tells me that he’s not confident enough in his abilities to be able to go out and perform just as well next season as he did last season. If he were, he would have no problem signing this franchise tender because he’d know that he can go do some work during this coming season and still earn that long-term contract that he wants. Instead, he wants the long-term contract now, apparently because he doesn’t feel he’ll get as big of a deal next year. Why not? If he’s that good, he’ll get the deal.

    Cliff, just sign the tender….let that be motivation for you to play your hardest this year and let the team work out a few other things during this year or next offseason so they can actually afford to give you the deal you deserve. But it’s up to you to continue to deserve it. And in order to do that, you need to get over yourself and put the team first. Which do you want more: playoff victories, or a bigger pay check?

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