Derek Landri returns to Eagles

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Derek Landri drew interest from other teams in free agency, but he decided that there was no place like Philly.

The Eagles have announced that  Landri has decided to return to the team on a one-year deal. Landri had recently appeared on the radar of the Buccaneers, but he was seen as their second choice for defensive tackle help after Amobi Okoye. Okoye signed with Tampa over the weekend, paving the way back to Philly for Landri.

Landri had 21 tackles and two sacks as a rotational player on the Eagles defensive line last season, his first with the Eagles after spending 2010 as a starter with the Panthers. He led the team with seven tackles for losses despite playing less than half the team’s snaps. He started his career with the Jaguars, who took Landri in the fifth round of the 2007 Draft.

Landri figures to be in the same role for the Eagles this season. Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson are ticketed for the starting lineup again this season and Trevor Laws is a free agent who visited with the Rams last week.

17 responses to “Derek Landri returns to Eagles

  1. the biggest ‘under the radar’ move of the offseason.. For thos who havent seen this guy play,, he looks tiny on the field, but somehow, every play he is running through the back field..
    I believe this guy is more ‘clutch’ than good.

    whenever there was a key down or a drive,, you would see Landri ripping through OL and making plays in the back field..

    so now we have 4 solid DT’s.. i guess the 1st round pick would now fall on Either Baron or Keuchly.. (or some unknown Division 3 -OL with a high motor)

  2. Possibly the best signing ever. Another incredible move. More incredible than the last one. Though not quite as incredible as the next.

  3. Even though we have 4 DTs in the fold now, you can still expect the Birds to draft one come April 26. It’s a STONE-COLD MORTAL LOCK. (As Eskin used to say.

  4. Sucks they had a mutli-year for him until Peters got hurt but im very happy Landri is back.. GO EAGLES

  5. Glad to have Landri back, he will provide good depth as Patterson and Dixon return from injuries. He definitely doesn’t change any draft plans, but he goes hard whenever he is on the field and is a really good 3rd down DT as he’s shown he can collapse the pocket.

  6. For the love of absolutely everything, Jennifer- please spare us. Your shtick is so old and tired now- in fact, it was never witty, humorous, or interesting- not even for a moment. You stalk these Eagles-related articles and then post the same droll crap. Yes…it really is that bad.

  7. If a potential Eagles draft pick scores well on the wonderlic jenniferxxx would think its a name they gave the player. Example: The Eagles just drafted a very wonderlic player, but I’m sure their next pick will b even more wonderlic. They always get the most wonderlic players out there. Just a wonderlic organization. That’s how idiotic your comments are Jennifer!!! If you wanna be sarcastic, funny, or whatever your trying to do, its not working. It’s gettin old now, leave it alone.

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