Marcus Trufant is back with the Seahawks

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Marcus Trufant lost his status as the longest tenured member of the Seahawks when they released him last month, but now he can buck for the honor of having the longest non-consecutive tenure with the team.

The Seahawks announced Monday afternoon that they have reached agreement on a contract that returns the cornerback to the only NFL team he has ever known. Trufant was released because he was set to make $7.2 million in 2012, far too much for a player coming off of a back injury when the Seahawks also had Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman at the position. There’s no word on financial terms for this new deal, but it is presumably for a good bit less money.

With Browner and Sherman on the team, Trufant won’t be called on to cover the opposition’s top receivers all that often and that could make him a useful part of the team’s sub packages. A reduced workload should also do good things for his back since he won’t have to take quite as many snaps as he was used to taking as a starter in past seasons.

Bringing Trufant, who drew some interest from the Broncos, back could also enable the team to forego drafting a cornerback to help in the nickel, freeing them up to focus on more pressing needs later this month. A pass rusher would be on the top of that list and adding a good one will make the Seahawks secondary look even better come the fall.

20 responses to “Marcus Trufant is back with the Seahawks

  1. Good news if the $ is right. I hope he can accept his new role as secondary CB. If he does, it provides the Hawks great depth at CB.

  2. Sweet deal! How loaded is Seattle’s secondary now? It’ll be nice to see Tru finish his career as a Seahawk and to give Seattle a little assurance and depth at the corner position.

  3. Perhaps between Tru and Thurmond they can have a nickel back that is there for 16 games this season. Tough to come back from back injuries, but glad he’ll be back in Seattle. He’s a big part of the greater community.

  4. It would be VERY nice to see Tru retire a Seahawk. Our secondary and pass rush SHOULD be very strong this season.

  5. The secondary had 22 picks, fourth in the NFL. Improve on an abysmal (outside of Chris Clemons) pass rush, and they’ll improve on that number this year.

    As much as I hate to see my team get burned by a guy with big talent and poor attitude/motivation (Koren Robinson and Jerramy Stevens are fresh in my mind), I’m thinking if Quinton Coples falls to 12, there’s no way we can pass him up.

  6. I think next to my Ravens the Seahawks have the best safety duo in football, by this time next year they could easily be considered the best, scary considering how young Cam and Earl Thomas are.

    I think what Pete Carroll has done, not just on defense BTW, with essentially a bunch of castoffs and late round draft picks is nothing short of amazing. I would have laughed in your face if you told me a year ago that Browner and Sherman would make one hell of a corner combo. Add in guys like Bryant, Baldwin, that LB that made Curry expendable (forgot his name) and you see how good that coaching staff really is at getting the best out of players.

  7. Trufant has always been a class act and I’m glad he’s back on the team and can give some vet depth. I hope he can stay healthy but that back has ended his season 3 years in a row I believe. Randallflagg the linebacker that made Curry expendable was KJ Wright, I think that’s who you were thinking about.

  8. Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush. We need a great LB. there are so many options we can go in the draft. Best available, don’t reach. Even an offensive guard would help Flynn. I think Carpenter was picked to early. We could have picked him in the second round. I want to hear Mel Kiper say what a pick.

  9. Back, but not as a starter would be good. Nickle coverage’s and a teacher. Welcome back Marcus.

  10. I would not consider being a free agent briefly in the off-season a disqualifier in the “longest tenured Player” status. My criteria would be a break of service starting at the start of training camp and ending withe last game of the season. Trufant is still the longest tenured player for the Seaducks IMHO.

  11. Great to see TRU back. i think in a limited roll its a win win. i think we should get leroy hill for a few more years, he had a fantastic year in 2011 and he could have a better one this year. at 29 years old he’s got some good years left and would come at a good price. then we can draft a LB in the 2nd round and a DE in the first.

  12. mrmarcus55 says: Apr 9, 2012 7:54 PM

    Still not enough to challenge the Niners…

    WOW that’s some real insight there whiner fan. Do you really watch football? Last year our special teams gave you 2 touchdowns at the end of the game at your house, then at our house your team won by 2 points. Yea, your team really beat the hell out of us. The Er’s had a tough defense with a nasty attitude last year and if your kicker wasn’t dead on 99% of the time the Er’s would not have made the playoffs.

    Typical whiner fan spewing crap with nothing to back it up.

    Welcome back Marcus.

  13. Welcome home Marcus gr8 to have u back…. And just to point out to the lowly whiner fan spouting off here about still not enough. If i recal christmas eve 2011 wasnt Mr. Lynch the first back to rush for 100 yrds against the whiners? Didn’t we also score on u on the opening drive? Oh not to forget the only rushing touchdown scored against u? (feel free to correct me if wrong) but the whiners were that blind squirrell who finds a nut last year . Hawks forever

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