Osweiler visits the Dolphins

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On Sunday, the team that landed Peyton Manning visited with quarterback Brock Osweiler.  On Monday, Osweiler began a visit with one of the team’s that didn’t get Peyton Manning.  Or Matt Flynn.

Or Jim Harbaugh.  Or Jeff Fisher.

Anyway, the former Arizona State quarterback declared on his Twitter page that he has arrived in Miami (via NFL.com).

Osweiler’s status has sparked some recent NFL.com-on-NFL.com crime, with Gil Brandt putting Osweiler in round one and Charley Casserly and Michael Lombardi putting Osweiler much lower.

The Dolphins surely wouldn’t use the eighth overall pick on Osweiler.  Given that the team has devoted five second-round picks in the past decade to quarterbacks, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Fins take a flier on the six-foot, eight-inch football-thrower in round two.

44 responses to “Osweiler visits the Dolphins

  1. Ross: We will pay you a bunch of money and treat you like the franchise quarterback. We will set you up.

    Osweiler: Will I be the franchise quarterback? Will I be developed and become the franchise quarterback? Will you keep me after two years and build around me?

    Ross: No. You’ll know that coming in, so if it doesn’t work out we will have still set you up, payed you a bunch of money and will have treated you like a star while here. So, there’s that.

    Osweiler (and everyone he knows): Sign me up!

  2. Weeden in rd two. If all goes well and floyd in rd one….make this happen …….if not rt. In rd 2 , and floyd in rd 1

  3. Chad Henne should be given the keys to the season and he’ll show everyone he is the future QB answer for the Dolphins (if he gets that shot and if he stays healthy)

  4. Miami needs to draft one of the top two WR’s in this draft at number 8. Then try to get back in for a shot in the 20’s for Tannehill if he is still there. If that doesn’t happen go get the needs for this team. Another WR, DE, LB, OL & safety. Then next year record or not package a deal for Barkley. As a lifelong Fins fan I have faith in Moore to handle things. The kid is smart, doesn’t make poor decisions and it wasn’t his fault he didn’t get a fair shake. Besides the play calling was disgusting. Look I’m happy we didn’t over spend for Flynn, ok Peyton didn’t want us hes a band aid. Getting rid of a headache for two 3rd round picks who probably will be suspended, Marshall, makes sense if we get Blackmon or Floyd. That’s replacing talent with talent. Garrad is an insurance policy if Moore gets hurt plain and simple. We didn’t give away the farm for anything the last two years. Ok Ross is a bone head, Ireland is questionable. However, last years draft class was pretty good. This year can be better, we will resign Bell, we should get Asante Samuel to help push Smith and have a helluva draft class this year. Do I miss a franchise QB, hell yeah, but we could get the top 2 and Tannehill shouldn’t be drafted at 8. Aqua and Orange for life and here is to hoping I am right.

  5. Osweiler reminds me of a more polished Ben Roethlisberger. I saw a few minutes of his QB camp with John Gruden and came away impressed with his enthusiam for football and he seemed pretty authentic. Not saying he is gonna be great but whatever team drafts him will have a steal.

  6. We need to protect the qbs we got, if we cant get weeden, than just skip the qb in the draft and go with fixing what we got. Already, like rt. Wr(2 of them), d.e, and /or olb etc. Other than that we don’t need much we r a decent team just gotta fill a few spots…..

  7. codysteeler says:
    Apr 9, 2012 9:22 PM
    Chad Henne should be given the keys to the season and he’ll show everyone he is the future QB answer for the Dolphins (if he gets that shot and if he stays healthy)
    Henne has been a jaguar for quite a while now…pay attention 🙂

  8. Attention Codysteeler. How are things in 2011? Things here in 2012 are going great. But while your hanging out in 2011, take my advice and invent Instagram. You won’t regret it.

    And take the Giants to win the Super Bowl. I know, sounds crazy. Trust me.

  9. The Devlin kid out of Delaware stands as a prototype for the lower round QB draft choice picked to learn, grow and mature. Who? Still on the roster? Devlin who?

  10. Florio, you really beat the Dolphins up non-stop on here……..what time do you have to pick up Mr. Kraft’s and Billy’s drycleaning?

  11. On Monday, Osweiler began a visit with one of the team’s that didn’t get Peyton Manning. Or Matt Flynn.

    Or Jim Harbaugh. Or Jeff Fisher. Anyway….

    Hilarious, you guys literally laugh out loud while you type these Dolphin articles. Always hatin!

  12. im giving PFT one more chance to post an article that doesnt bash the dolphins

  13. Chad Henne is in Jacksonville codysteeler, what are you talking about??? pay more attention to what you are writing.

  14. For those of you who are wondering, go back to the Steelers-Dolphins game in 2010, it was immediately after that the PFT bashing of the Dolphins began, wonder why…….

  15. Hey codysteeler i agree Henne will peove a lot this season just like Hines Ward will have over 1,000 yatds and 15 td’s for the Steelers.

  16. yo waasap with the constant negativity towards the dolphins????????????? wtf dude give it a break already. WE NEVER NEEDED PEYTON! FLYNN HAS TWO CAREER STARTS AND DESERVES 8 MILLION? AND THANK GOD WE DIDNT LAND FISHER…… THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A HORRIBLE MISTAKE. I will say Harbaugh would have been great but he’s a west coast guy! so we had no chance. i swear one more negative irrelevant ppost bashing dolphins and ill find my nfl info on a better sight.

  17. I just watched Gruden’s QB Camp with Osweiler and he looked like someone who has been coached too much on how to pump himself up. Did you see how downtrodden he appeared when criticized? He took it seriously but it really let the gas out of the bag when he was told to do better. He reminded me of the kids in kindergarten flag-football when told not to do something.

    In his show, I think Chuckie wanted to rip on him a lot more but just didn’t get it done, or was simply edited out. It’ll be interesting to see if turns into a helluva NFL quarterback.

  18. I swear I do not understand why the low blow comments about the Dolphins on this site. The media just continues to bash the team for no reason. The best thing that could have happened for Miami was not getting Harbaugh or Fisher. The owner, THE OWNER said he wanted to play a more wide open offense. Have you seen the 49ers offense? Have you seen Jeff Fishers offenses? It would not have worked. I hope Miami does not draft this kid. He is too tall. I havent seen many 6’8 QB’s succeed in the NFL.

  19. Nice, Miami is going to spend another second-round pick on a QB and it’s going to fail, again.

  20. No way, I seriously would consider not even liking the dolphins after Yeats of being a hardcore fan if they consider this guy a starter. He sucks…

  21. On Monday, Osweiler began a visit with one of the TEAMS (no apostrophe), not team’s, that didn’t get Peyton Manning. And you’re a writer?

  22. How did I know when I clicked on this and saw who wrote it that there would be some childish, negative comment about the Dolphins thrown in. Like many others have said, it’s to the point I will start getting my NFL news from other sources. You take every Miami story as an opportunity to constantly bash the Dolphins. I don’t see any other team on here that gets this treatment. What grade are you in Mike? A non story about a draft pick visiting turns into you once again repeating the same negative things about Miami that you always do. It’s obvious in your articles that you have your own agenda. It’s too bad because other writers on this site do a pretty good job but you are becoming completely unreadable.

  23. codysteeler… Chad Henne signed with Jacksonville three weeks ago. Thanks for keeping up!

  24. As someone who has followeed this team since the undefeated season, I can honestly sit here and tell you all after what Jimmy “THE SOB” Johnson did to this team, we handed it over to someone who may be worse! Jeff “FIRELAND” Ireland has turned this team into THE CHICAGO CUBS OF THE NFL!


    Draft Tannehill, but FIRELAND prefers Garrard! Why not bring back Fiedler while he’s at it!

  25. The Dolphins need a pass rusher at #8. The Dolphins will have to go thru New England to win the division. To beat New England you have to get to Tom Brady. The Giants have shown and proven that Brady doesn’t like to get touched and he gets flustered when under constant pressure. I know the Giants have Eli but Eli didn’t have to get into a shootout with Brady because the Giants D-Line kept Brady in check.

  26. Matt Moore actually did a very respectable job last year, the Dolphins should work at developing him and concentrate on the rest of the team. Many teams can do very well without mortgaging themselves for a ‘superstar’ QB – Joe Flacco, anyone? And what’s that ring on Trent Dilfer’s finger?

  27. Miami should just trade back or trade its 2nd for a late first and take Osweiler!!!!

    Sorry, but reaching for QBs is not a bad thing anymore!!!! Just go ask Christian Ponder and Tim Tebow!!!!

  28. I’ve been a Dolphins fan since the days of Larry Csonka but this team is so screwed until it wakes up and gets rid of Jeff Ireland. And it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon. Very sad but true!

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