PFT Live 4/9: Ross Tucker, Corey Chavous

Mike Florio talks to Ross Tucker of SiriusXM NFL Radio about the recently released Gregg Williams audio and what changes could come to the NFL based on what Williams said and did. Mike also talks to Corey Chavous of about some of 2012’s top prospects including Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, and Ryan Tannehill.


1 responses to “PFT Live 4/9: Ross Tucker, Corey Chavous

  1. What changed? I think for a lot of fans, once they heard that tape, the whole bountygate thing became real. Real in a way that is shocking to an extent that was previously unbelievable.

    Florio, you talked about it yourself last week. With the salary cap docks to the Skins and ‘Boys, with the strong-arming of the NFLPA in the CBA negotiations, with all the fines for “rough” hits, there is a widespread perception that the NFL, and that Goodell in particular, has too much power. What naturally results from that perception is a healthy dose of skepticism whenever Goodell proffers his version of the truth regarding any given issue.

    Sure, Gregg Williams admitted to the bounty system. But given the aforementioned perceived power that Goodell has, what else did you expect Williams to say once Goodell made so much noise about it? Given all that, once you actually hear the audio, everything changes.

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