Saints will still have a significant draft-pick penalty in 2013

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The announcement regarding the outcome of the appeals of the penalties imposed by Commissioner Roger Goodell for the Saints’ three-year bounty system states that Goodell will “consider whether there are factors that would support modifying the forfeiture of the team’s 2013 second-round draft choice.”

So what does that mean?  As we understand it, the Saints will still have a significant draft-pick penalty in 2013, to go along with the loss of a second-round pick in 2012.  The final determination will be influenced by whether and to what extent the Saints cooperate with (as mentioned in the announcement) the “development and implementation of programs to instruct players and coaches at all levels on principles of player safety, fair play, and sportsmanship,” along with whether the Saints have a bad season in 2012, putting the second-round pick high in the process.

In that event, the penalty could be modified to, for example, a pair of lower picks.  Either way, a punishment of some sort will be applied during the 2013 draft, and it will include at least one pick, perhaps more.  Whether it’s reduced will be determined if/when the Saints petition for reconsideration after the 2012 season.

60 responses to “Saints will still have a significant draft-pick penalty in 2013

  1. Of course Goodell is still going to take a pick. We just don’t know if it’ll be the 2nd. And why couldn’t this opinion have just been added to the original article about the suspensions being upheld?

  2. Doesn’t matter. The Saints draft All-Pro players in ALL rounds of the draft.

  3. Especially at the quarterback position, any opportunity to knock the starter out of the game should be embraced. — Mike Florio

  4. Words can’t even express how angry this makes me. Do they really think a 2nd rounder is a good enough punishment. Take their first and second this year and be done with it.

  5. Goodell should hammer the hell outta the Saints just to make his point

    If he becomes soft after a team, coaches, or players appeal, then he is asking for this to happen again.

    He should have made the Saints lose their 2012 1st rd pick, their 2013 2nd rd pick, and a 2014 3rd rd pick.

  6. Wait, what’s going on with the saints? I haven’t heard anything about it?

  7. Good. The fine Goodell levied on the Saints was an absolute joke. The only way to hurt them is to take away draft picks much in the same way that the NCAA lowers scholarships for rogue college teams.

  8. Great idea, don’t punish the players/coaches solely responsible, punish the paying fans as well! That’s got to be great for the ‘shield,’ right?

  9. BS…

    It will depend on whether they have a high pick or a low pick. If do well, they’ll take away their 2nd pick since it will be low. If they do poorly, they’ll only lose a 3rd rounder.

  10. Still amazed they all appealed. Real show of good faith there. I assume they used the Clinton defense.

    “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the–if he–if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not–that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement….Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of defensive coordinator relations with that opposing player’s ACL, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true.”

  11. I am pretty sure that Goodell has the Saints’ attention at this point. The best thing for the Saints is to proactively embrace the changes the league is promoting for the next year and then use their good conduct as the basis for an appeal. Pointing fingers at Williams and simply crying about the severity of the penalties is not much of a defense.

  12. To those who think the Saints should forfeit their 2012 1st Rd pick..bad news as the Saints traded their 1st in 2012 to NE for the rights to draft Mark Ingram. I did think that the NFL should have taken their 2013 1st Rd and 2nd Rd picks. What would happen if Brees holds out for the year then NO pulls a Indy and ends up with #1 pick? Highly unlikely, but could happen.

  13. @ someidiotfromouthereintheprojects

    ‘ban their lame visors too’

    Hey, don’t criticize! The money they saved wearing lame visors in lieu of proper caps was tossed into the ‘tear a WR ACL’ kittie each week!

  14. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We’ve heard enough about the Saints and all the rest of the garbage surrounding Benson, Vitt, Williams, Vilma and Payton…honestly – give us a break already!

  15. it doesn’t all the haters and especially falcant fans, the players will be much more motivated to win and Saints will march into the playoffs…these sanctions won’t hurt us one bit…tho it’s not justified, goodell used saints as a scapegoat…he’s lame anyway

  16. @dryzzt23 says:
    Agreed, however they don’t have a 2012-1st round pick. That is why they lost two 2nds, though everybody knows that two 2nd round picks < one 1st round pick.

  17. Too many of you still don’t get what the appeal process was all about. It was simply to get an extra 2 weeks for Payton to remain with the team, and to that extent his plan worked perfectly. If they lose a 3rd instead of a 2nd next season to boot, well…good for them I guess.

  18. jonny42671 says:
    Apr 9, 2012 3:40 PM
    And the ASTERISK next to their TAINTED Championship

    Yeah you can do that after you put astericks by ALL of the Patriots TAINTED championships.
    You can call the Saints anything you want but you can’t call them CHEATERS. Bountygate has nothing to do with cheating.

  19. I love how Saints fans are mad at Goodell for “punishing” their team. Not the team that did it. Hard to have sympathy for you misguided folks.

  20. I can’t believe Saints fans are whining about this penality

    The loss of two 2nd round picks for attempted murder at the urging of the Defensive Coordinator?

    Take the penalty and be quiet.

  21. dryzzt23 says:
    Apr 9, 2012 3:49 PM
    Goodell should hammer the hell outta the Saints just to make his point

    If he becomes soft after a team, coaches, or players appeal, then he is asking for this to happen again.

    He should have made the Saints lose their 2012 1st rd pick, their 2013 2nd rd pick, and a 2014 3rd rd pick

    They already didn’t have a 1st round pick this year because of the Mark Ingram trade.


  22. @weepingjebus says: Apr 9, 2012 4:00 PM

    Still amazed they all appealed.

    It’s part of the agreed upon process, nitwit. Plus it looks like it was advantageous considering Payton got another 2 weeks, they might not lose their 2013 2nd round pick, and they might get paid during part of the suspension.

  23. When the Timberwolves signed Joe Smith to an illegal contract, the NBA suspended the owner and GM for a year and took away the next FIVE first-round draft choices! They later returned two, but that’s still three first-round picks in five years, in a league where anyone picked after the first round has virtually no chance of helping the team. So I don’t see losing two second-round picks as being too much of a punishment.

  24. the saints do not have a first rounder this year; they traded it last year to the pats so they could draft ingram…..lets get with the program people.

  25. Self inflicted, self destructing saints……..what was a good story for the NFL, now, they are such a joke and despicable.

    All the dopes (aints fans) who start to ramble like it is “us against the world” need to GET A CLUE.


    We just want your joke of an owner, joke of a gm, joke of a head coach to go away for another 40 years!!!

  26. HAHA

    Saints winning the PR battle against Goodell.

    He will lower all the financial penalties, and reduce the draft pick hit for next year. All the saints have to do is run around and say nice things about Goodell and say how wrong it is for bounties.

    Goodell doesn’t want the wrath of New Orleans coming down on him before the Super Bowl or that fiasco in Dallas will be nothing compared to the devastation Louisiana will heap upon Super Bowl week.

  27. jonny42671 says:
    Apr 9, 2012 3:40 PM
    And the ASTERISK next to their TAINTED Championship


    LMAO! You people are the only ones putting an asterisk next to our Championship and quite frankly I don’t really care about your opinion.

    Super Bowl XLIV Champions! Go Saints!!! Who Dat!

  28. I’m sure any team out there would settle for losing a couple of draft picks for a superbowl title. New Orleans got a break here.

  29. I agree the saints should be punished for their actions, but to all of you who are crying about these hits and saying Goddell should be harder on them, I would like to know just how many of you will still watch football when it become the National Touch Football League. Big hits are a part of the game and personally I think Goddell is trying to make it a PANSY sport!!! WHO DAT!!!_

  30. What does Sapp think about all of this? Kill the wrong messenger and then defend the right one? Maybe he can decide what draft picks the Saints give up and provide a logical two sided explanation for it

  31. matthewcarlson1 says:
    Apr 9, 2012 3:47 PM
    Words can’t even express how angry this makes me. Do they really think a 2nd rounder is a good enough punishment. Take their first and second this year and be done with it.

    Yes, please take their first rounder this year…especially since it currently belongs to the Patriots (traded so that the Saints could draft Mark Ingram). That would add an additional punishment for the Spygate scandal and correct a gross underpunishment of the Pats for getting caught cheating.

  32. Witch hunt. Highly punished for s coach’s trash talk and one player’s idiocy of offering 10,000 for taking a qB out, which did not happen. I guess now Deangelo Hall eill be punished right? Tony siragusa? This is ridiculous.
    We STILL gonna kick some a** this year.
    Who Dat 4 Evah!

  33. for you haters not knowing what you are talking all means, go right on and take our 1st rd pick this year..ha. people need to get a life. who cares what YOU wanted them to be punished with. seriously dude

  34. Why don’t they just hire Ditka and let the draft pick penalty work itself out naturally?

  35. This is not fair. The punishment should fit the crime, not be lightened because the Saints “start following the rules.”

    So, by the NFL’s logic, if the Redskins and Cowboys stay within the cap this year, should they be “given back some cap space next year?” That’s the analogy.

  36. medtxpack says: Apr 9, 2012 3:43 PM

    as least they already have* a MVP* quarterback…


    Really, when did he sign? Last I heard he not amused with his franchise tag and was considering holding out the entire season.

  37. I think enough is enough. You have punished the Saints. Don’t punish their fans. Any further penalties would be vindictive.

  38. The Saints second round pick next year will be #32 in the second round, #64 overall.

    Roger can have it after he hands over the Lombardi Trophy again…..

  39. Baddegg writes “the punishment should fit the crime” and I agree completely.

    So tell me: What do draft picks have to do with “Bounty Gate” anyway???? Williams set this up: he’s suspended. Payton, Loomis, Vitt let it go on: suspended. Why should the Commissioner hurt the on-field future of the team for past actions when he’s already penalized…very harshly…those who did the dirty deeds? There’s at least 35 other players on that team that weren’t involved, so why penalize them…or the fans (who still have to pay full price for their tickets) by taking away draft picks and potentially hurting the team’s future performance? Affecting the competitive balance of the league is WAY BEYOND what a Commissioner should be able to do.

    It’s like a high school suspending your kid for bad behavior and trying to garnish the parent’s future wages.

    Other than vindictiveness and Goodell wanting to make sure the team’s future performance is impacted as much as possible, can somebody PLEASE somebody enlighten me with the rationale for taking away future draft picks for past actions when you’ve already harshly penalized those responsble?

  40. With the Saints so limited as so many of you think they will be, it’s gonna look that much worse for your teams when they still beat them. You’ll have no excuses then.

  41. There’s an old saying: never commit a felony to cover up a misdemeanor. What Saint fans don’t get is that the reason their team is being hammered is their arrogant lack of acknowledgement to the league initially, and their resistance to change their clearly acceptable culture.

    The had a chance to come clean…they chose to stay dirty. And, in doing so, earned every ounce of scorn now being heaped upon them.

  42. Lostock, the “offending” Saints should be and have been punished….the most severe suspensions in NFL History.

    But still haven’t heard anyone provide a rationale for Goodell stripping away the draft choices and what they have to do with the crimes??? Should a Commissioner have the right to affect a team’s future performance for past actions AFTER he’s already penalized those responsible? Isn’t that a rather dangerous precedent??

    The silence is deafening!!!

  43. The NFL needs to create a professional standards board to review, adjudicate and respond to appeals on all personnel issues to include fines, penalties, suspensions and standards. One person cannot properly perform these all these functions for the NFL. The Commissioner is the wrong person for this.
    This is a mulit-billion dollar industry; it needs to change as it grows.

  44. Ouch! For some people’s info the bounty system does constitute cheating. Being from Nawlins you might have a warped view on the subject of cheating. Just take our word for it: playing with a bounty is against the rules and therefore it is considered cheating. So *

  45. So glad the owners realize how awesome Goodell is. They should sell Goodell jerseys in all team colors. I want his autograph.

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