T.O. still wants another shot at the NFL

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When we last checked in on former NFL receiver Terrell Owens, he was getting tossed over the boards in the second game of his IFL career with the Allen Wranglers.

Four total games into his second career in a third-tier league (he skipped two of the team’s road games, presumably because the home teams didn’t offer him enough money to show up), Owens still wants back into the NFL.

He recently told Jim Miller and Derrick Brooks of Sirius NFL Radio that another stint at the highest level of the sport remains on the radar.  “Definitely, that is the plan,” Owens said, via an item Miller recently wrote for CSNChicago.com.  “I’m keeping myself in shape. . . .  We’re 5-1 right now and I’m having fun.  I’m using it as a way to keep myself in shape to play a few more years.”

Owens wasn’t signed by any NFL team in 2011.  He tore an ACL during the lockout.

“As far as health, I’m fine,” Owens said.  “I’m just looking for an opportunity.  The Indoor League is quicker . . . it’s faster than the outdoor game.  It has enhanced my route running ability.  If anything, I’ve benefited from, and noticed how quick coming in and out of my breaks I’ve become.”

Owens statistics suggest something short of dominance.  He has 16 catches for 193 yards and seven touchdowns, putting him at 41st in the league in receptions, 36th in yards, and tied for 15th in touchdowns.

And yet he’s still surprised that no one has called.

“I cannot say why I’m not on a team other than that I can tell you about what I will give your team every Sunday,” Owens said.  “I have always earned my place on a team. I don’t mind coming in playing for the minimum and working my way up.”

At least he’s inching closer toward taking responsibility for his past words and actions.

“A lot of people have said I’ve thrown [quarterbacks] under the bus, this and that and rightfully so,” Owens said.  “I have had some moments where I have said some things at the wrong time.  Those were years where I was younger, now I’ve matured more.  I’m in a different head space so to speak.”

Unfortunately, it may be too late to get anyone to take a chance on the notion that Owens has changed.

62 responses to “T.O. still wants another shot at the NFL

  1. I wonder why, TO? Every team you’ve ever been on, you nearly destroyed their locker room.

    Yes you produce, but until you learn to drop the ego and mouth, you won’t be picking up any NFL pads anytime soon.

  2. I don’t think there is a huge demand for 38 year old self absorbed wide receivers with recent torn ACL issues and Drew Rosenhaus as your agent.

  3. Someone should kick the tires on him. 1 year contract for the veteran minimum, no guarantees. He becomes a distraction or is unproductive, cut him at no cost.

  4. Someone may take him for league veteren minimum. Hopefully, not the Hawks……..

  5. Somebody would still get a very good football player if given the chance.

  6. Is it really news when TO says “yes” every time he’s asked if he wants to play in the NFL? That’s been a constant throughout his life- nothing has changed.

    I like guys like Terrell Owens and Jerry Rice, who love playing and will continue doing so until all 32 of the NFL’s teams say no to them.

  7. Terrell Owens stats are pretty good for him playing in 3 games. He would rank higher in the league if he played in all 5 games so you should not misrepresent the info because you want to make him look bad. His contract only requires him to play home games. Of course, he will play all in all NFL games this season as the IFL is his audition to prove he is still in shape.
    You would rather promote a 3 time quitting, caterer cursing, fan mooning Randy Moss instead of an outspoken Terrell Owens.
    P.S. Post my comment and stop being sensitive everytime someone disagrees with your article.

  8. It’s not worth it.. Sorry T.O.. It’s over.. You had a nice career.. To bad your finances weren’t in order..his stats are not worth the headache any team will have to deal with.. On that note T.O should be a Jet by August

  9. My dad used to tell me “Son, make your friends in time of peace, and not in time of war”

    I don’t think T.O. made any friends when they needed his “in prime”services, so it’s going to be a tough sell to find anyone who will buy his services “post prime”.

  10. T.O. wants another shot at the NFL.

    People in hell want ice water.

    T.O. & Warren Sapp have the same agent, who recommends his financial advisors for his guys. How’d that workout?

  11. reggie mckenzie will offer him a 1 – year deal right before the season starts.

  12. I think that NFL teams are on to him. T.O. really needs the money, so teams have to question if he will genuinely give it 100 percent day in and out to help their team win games.

  13. “we’re 5-1 right now…” is he seriously counting games for which he didn’t even play in?

    Regardless, he pulled that stunt in a lower tier league and he wants people to believe he will behave himself once he reaches the NFL, again? Please.

    If he can’t be a professional in the IFL – how in the world can he be a professional in the NFL – the biggest league of them all?

    A little gratitude to the only people willing to: acknowledge, sign, pay and play him would go a long way in proving to people that aren’t willing to do that – that – he has changed. But, no, once again his lack of maturity over-ruled his common sense.

  14. Yeah, I’m sure he’s a grrrrrrreat team player now. Skipping road games is the perfect indicator.

  15. I don’t believe the NFL wants another shot at T.O.
    There are plenty of good receivers playing, and more to come through the draft.
    I just don’t believe there’s a market for him.
    Call it over…

  16. Put him in the uniform that he is pictured in, on a one-year, no-BS deal. Moss and TO would be deadly on the football field together. TO didn’t really cause any big problems at his last two stops, Buffalo and Cincinnati, while still being very productive. He had his longest play from scrimmage in Buffalo and was near most of his career averages in those two years. His performances this year in the bush leagues at least show that the guy is healthy physically, so the ACL issue isn’t really an issue at all. The Niners would be smart to at least kick the tires and maybe even offer him a chance to make the team out of training camp. The only drawback to a guy like TO is the fact that he isn’t going to be a special teams guy, but if he can produce like he always has, that may not be a big issue.

  17. The T.O. from 1996-2000 was a completely different guy. He let success blow up his ego in 2001, although he was successful before then.

    Makes sense; Rice left after 2000. He could have done so much more, what a huge waste!

  18. His contract is to play in the home games. He didn’t ‘skip’ anything. Everyone just loves to whine about TO. I had no problem when TO was on the bills. There was no QB and he was too expensive though so he went to the Bengals. It didn’t seem like he was a big problem there either.

  19. It would be one thing if it were truly a second chance. How many second chances does this loser think he’s going to get?

  20. Yeah, I’m sure he’s a great team player now. Skipping road games is the perfect indicator.

  21. Veteran League Minimum, 1 year… Are you telling me that there isn’t one team that would take a “chance” on him?

    He’s still got skills. I’m not saying a #1 receiver, a slot, situational receiver would be perfect for T.O.

    Think about it. Don’t be so judgemental. Bring him in, give him a workout… see what happens. There’s 32 teams out there… I know someone can use his abilities.

  22. Give the guy a chance. He hasn’t screwed up a locker room since the eagles. He didn’t nothing wrong on Dallas buffalo or cinci the media just destroyed this guys career

  23. And I wanna shot at dating a model, but ain’t happening, TO u know that phrase about burning bridges, now yrs is burnt

  24. I think the Ravens should sign him for the veteran minimum. The Ravens have enough leadership in the locker room to where he won’t be able to act out. If for some reason he does they can cut him.

  25. Terrell, the NFL just called… and, no, it neither wants nor needs you anymore!

  26. Let me get this straight. He didn’t attend the road games in the league that he’s in because they “didn’t offer him enough money.” I thought he was broke.

  27. Guys, I like T.O. because he’s not as bad people think.

    Obviously, there are players that do like him and say that he was a good teammate and there are journalists who say that he’s a nice and honest guy, but has an inability to be politically correct.

    If he cannot be on a NFL team in 2012 after Jeff Garcia made the Texans roster after 10 TD-11 INT, 51.8% completion in the 2010 UFL season then he should at least be in Canton and financially stable. That’s fine enough with me.

  28. No matter what NFL team signs him and brings him to camp, he will be cut before the start of the season. Therefore, that teamdoes not have the obligation of paying him a full years veteran minimum salary and can bring him back.after week 1 game. If he acts up ——> back to the IFL he will go!

  29. Terrell, will you please just go away?

    Its sad how this chump is so desperate for money because he’s such an idiot that he’s had to make a complete spectacle out of himself pleading with teams to give him a contract.


  30. “If he cannot be on a NFL team in 2012 after Jeff Garcia made the Texans roster after 10 TD-11 INT, 51.8% completion in the 2010 UFL season then he should at least be in Canton and financially stable.”

    His stats say he should be in Canton. And yes anyone who has made $80 million should be financially stable, but he isn’t and it is own damn fault.

  31. T.O. took his career for granted and now after its all over and no one’s calling he finaly gets it. never NEVER take it for granted. those bridges he burned are just that, BURNED!!!!

  32. I’d like to see my Ravens sign T.O. in a heart beat. Guy has an unbelievable work ethic, which he obviously picked up from his days from playing with Jerry Rice. Say what you want about his team spirit or whatever but I think at this stage of his life he just wants a ring (and some $) since he is with out a doubt Canton bound.

    I honestly think Moss is done, he never had the work ethic or team first attitude to fully but his talents to use. Could have been better than Rice but he slacked and complained. He doesn’t work out as hard as Owens either. You could tell since Owens was producing at an older age and Moss was kicked around the league like a hackey sack his last year playing.

    In short if Moss has a job, I find it insane that a guy as dedicated as T.O. is still outside looking in.

  33. The Rams should sign him to give Bradford an actual receiving threat for the first time in his career. T.O. on one side and Blackmon on the other. That would be a heck of a tandem for Sam to sling it to.

  34. Sorry T.O., you let your Mouth Overload your ASS & people, THE FANS can”t stand your presense on the field much less the TV because of what you have done & said in the past. You would have to WALK on water for people to forget your past on field antics!!!!!!!

  35. Matt Jones did all kinds of drugs and the league was like, “boys will be boys.”. Mike Vrabel got arrested in a casino for stealing booze. Everyone said it was an unfortunate misunderstanding. Owens committed, wait, NO CRIMES and is being blacballed. Hmm, what accounts from the difference between Jones and Veabel and Owens. I wonder……

  36. I can’t help but think he would be better then “ok” across the field from Fitz in AZ. I really couldn’t see him acting the fool like he did on every team minus the Bengals. For one Dockett, Fitz, and Wilson wouldn’t stand for it and two he would be on thin thin ice. Oh, and before someone busts me on bringing up Dockett, during the season he’s all business.

  37. patsfiend says:
    Apr 9, 2012 7:22 PM
    Worried about Moss passing you up to be the clear #2 of all time, perhaps?

    Not near as afraid as you loser Pats fans are that Peyton Manning will pass Tammy Brady in Super Bowl wins. Not that it makes a difference, since Peyton was, is and always be the better QB of the two.

    Career postseason QB rating:
    Peyton – 88.6
    Tammy – 86.0

    Postseason W – L records are TEAM statistics.

    And New England sports fans suck.

  38. T.O. will be signed this season, just later then you might think. Team’s will wait until after the first week of the season so they won’t have to give him a guaranteed contract.

    Let’s face it, even with the character concerns/old knees T.O. can still be productive like he proved with the Bengals. When a #1 or #2 receiver gets hurt in the early weeks of the season look for T.O. to get signed.

    Random guess; T.O. to Baltimore after Boldin injury. Haha.

  39. Briang- give me a break. You’re trying to play the race card? That’s weak and insulting to people who actually experience racism. The difference is TO pissed on his own locker roomS, and the other 2 made mistakes on their own time.

  40. “I don’t mind coming in playing for the minimum and working my way up.”

    And yet he didn’t travel out of town with his current team because the home team wouldn’t pay him enough money to show up. Yeah, he sure has matured, alright.

  41. Bozoforall i can give the only argument necessary that puts brady ahead of manning:

    A. Brady has more playoff VICTORIES than manning. Yes it may be a team statistic but Tom Brady is a leader and charisma is an intangible quality that Manning simply lacks compared to Brady.

    B. Pats have more rings than you. Scoreboard B*tch. Pats mangle everyone.

    C. Although i can not deny that Peyton Manning is a great player, He does not have an awesome coach such as Bill Belichik. Together they tear up record books. Peyton manning holds the record for completing the saltine challenge in under a minute. Suck it.

  42. @briang123
    I’d bet my life you are a nigrow trying to use a crutch..grow up..u ain’t a minority anymore! Is your last name Sharpton or Jackson?

  43. This guy SHOULD BE IN THE NFL! If Randy Moss could find a team then why can’t Owens? He gives you more production, is still a threat, and he doesn’t have this “ego” everyone talks about. He has done more in the NFL, in the past 3 seasons he has played, than either Chad Ochocinco or Randy Moss. The last two seasons he was in the league he came 100 yards short of 1000 yards and the next year came 17 yards short. He can still play ball at a Pro Bowl type level.

  44. T.O. (Talking Obnoxiously) no body wants your loud mouth, obnoxious behavior, inflated ego, all about me attitude, “I’m the best ever” chip on your shoulder, disrupted locker room behavior and childish antics on there team. Just stay in the “D” league, your better suited for children your age….U SUCK!

  45. T.O. Can still produce better than most of the number three wrs in the league on any team…he would be a good fit as a slot wr with megaton and Titus Young….or Dre Johnson and Walters….

  46. I’m sure the NFL want T.O. back. And Two and Half Men wants Charlie Sheen back…

    Third time’s the charm, if you know what I mean…

  47. What T.O. continues to fail to grasp is that it’s not his skills that’s kept him out of th NFL, it’s his mouth.
    Until he learns to keep it shut and let his on field performance do all the talking for him, he’s probably not going to catch onto to an NFL club anytime soon.

  48. Okay call me crazy…and it won’t happen; but I would be okay with T.O. coming to the Buccaneers for the vet minimum. Maybe even wait til after week 1, just in case. VJack on one side, Williams on the other and then TO to work out of the slot, that would be pretty good. Despite his mouth and antics, this guy does have a hard work ethic and is a competitor. He wants to win. I think he would help Freeman this year tremendously. Can’t hurt to kick the tires on him at least. Like others have stated, sign him after week 1 and then cut him if he acts up/out.

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