Bucs cut Tanard Jackson

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Tanard Jackson’s time in Tampa Bay has come to an end.

Jackson, who has started in the secondary — when he wasn’t suspended — since the day he arrived in Tampa as a fourth-round pick in the 2007 NFL draft, was released by the Bucs today.

The team announced that General Manager Mark Dominik made the move, and that Jackson’s official designation on the NFL’s transaction wire will be “terminated/failed physical.” It is not clear what kind of injury or illness caused Jackson to fail a physical.

Dominik said Jackson has no pending league issues, that as far as he knows Jackson has not failed a drug test, and that Jackson’s previous suspensions have nothing to do with the team’s decision to cut him. Jackson was suspended for the first four games of the 2009 season for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy, then was suspended indefinitely two games into the 2010 season for another violation. He was reinstated after five weeks of the 2011 season and immediately re-entered the Bucs’ starting lineup.

But Jackson was one of the many young players in Tampa Bay who was often criticized for failing to develop on the field, and his missed tackles were a major problem for the Bucs’ defense. The Bucs were willing to look past Jackson’s problems off the field, but they couldn’t accept his flaws on the field.

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  1. It’s a shame, this kid was looking to be a major talent his first two years or so, but couldn’t keep his head straight. Played hard, was disciplined, was fast, and had all the skills you’d want. Too bad he couldn’t keep himself clean.

  2. It’s ashame that a guy with his type of talent just let go! Now we have another hole to fill, looks like the new regime are sending a message to the other knuckle heads
    ( talib)! Either way we now have to find a vet at safety

  3. Could have been a great player…I’m puzzled only because with Him and S. Jones gone, this leaves us with Cody Grimm as our most experienced safety….Eish…Gotta be something in the works with a F.A…..

  4. Obviously will end up with Raheem in Washington. Tanard had great upside at one point, but the injuries and issues derailed him. In the right system I can see him being a solid player again.

  5. He just did not play well last year. Not surprised he is gone. I don’t think he would have fit in the “new Bucs” defense. Now we are really thin at safety so I am sure that position should be a priority. Go Bucs!

  6. With their first pick in the 2012 Draft, Tampa Bay selects, Mark Barron, safety, Alabama.

    Book it.

  7. Glad they got rid of that punk, but shouldn’t they have signed at least one safety or linebacker in free agency?

    I didn’t think a Bucs defense could get worse than last year’s, but we don’t see a whole lot to show us it will be any better yet. lots of holes to fill

  8. Trade the 5th pick into the teens and try to pick up an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick….draft Alabama Safety Mark Barron who has size and speed to cover TEs in the 1st, CB Alonzo Dennard in the 2nd or best available CB. Then with the extra 2nd or 3rd round pick and their own 3rd pick go after best available RB and LB… The addition of A-OK at DT helps secure the defense in the running game in a big way. The addition of Barron and a solid tackling LB helps secure the middle of the field and with Wright starting one side and maybe a rookie or EJ Biggers on the other side, Barber becomes a top nickle corner who can blitz from that spot as well.

  9. As a Saints fan, this is surprising. I always looked at him as a rising star in the league. I guess I needed to watch more Bucs games to know that wasn’t the case.

    This leaves the Bucs very thin at Safety now though. I assume they will sign a FA or two in the coming weeks. Or target safety as a top draft need. I can’t see them going into preseason with the current safeties they have. Must sign some new faces soon.

    Too bad for Jackson…somebody will take a flyer on him I am sure. I wasn’t the only one that was worried when the Bucs got him thinking that he would make a difference. Didn’t pan out though…

  10. Hey, why not Washington? I’m serious.

    The Skins need depth in the secondary and have some serious cap issues. Sign Jackson to a one- or two-year deal at the league minimum, give Raheem Morris some time to work with him, and we might just have a decent player on our hands.

  11. What this move tells me is they (Bucs) may be leaning in the direction of Morris Claiborne for 1st round draft pick. I see them moving Ronde Barber into the safety position filling the void of Jackson. With his veteran presence he can learn quick and also call signs for the secondary being able to see both CBs on the presnap. Talib, Claiborne, Wright and Lewis at CB.

  12. Combination of Skins need at safety, R. Morris on the staff, and Jackson being from DC would suggest that Skins will at least have the first crack at him. If he doesn’t end up there he must really be a liability, either through injury or attitude. Or the Skins finally realized they have no cap space.

  13. “It’s a shame, this kid was looking to be a major talent his first two years or so, but couldn’t keep his head straight. ”


    Maybe that’s why he failed his physical. . . most coaches want a player with a head on right.

  14. I wonder if they would insert Ronde Barber at Strong Safety since he’s a line of scrimmage banger as a Corner Back, put Eric Wright at the corner get Cody Grimm back on the field and Aqib Talib at the #1 Corner spot…Hmmm, to be continued. Oh by the way, Gerald McCoy…..buddy you’d better stay healthy or they’re gonna do you the same as TJack….cut ya!!! the difference is Gerald stays injured, Tanard Jackson just missed to many tackles on the back end as a Safety.

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