Cameron Wake absent from Dolphins offseason program

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Cameron Wake is set to make $615,000 this season and it seems he’s not too happy about it.

He expressed his displeasure by no-showing the start of the Dolphins’ offseason workouts on Tuesday. According to Jason La Canfora of, Wake isn’t taking part in the first day of work under new head coach Joe Philbin as a way of protesting the fact that there hasn’t been progress toward a new deal.

There’s been talk about getting Wake an extension for quite some time, although there hasn’t been any signs that an agreement is close between the two sides. This is the final year of the four-year, $2.3 million deal Wake signed when he joined the Dolphins from the CFL. Wake has recorded 28 sacks in his first three seasons, numbers that make him one of the more productive pass rushers in the league and a player who would command much more than $615 on the open market.

These workouts are voluntary, so there’s no risk of punishment for Wake’s failure to show up on Tuesday. Via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post comes word that he does have a workout bonus of $50,000 that he would lose out on attaining if he doesn’t reverse course and return to the workouts.

There’s no sign yet that Wake will hold out of mandatory minicamps or training camp, but it’s clear the Dolphins have a situation they need to take care of with one of their best defensive players.

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  1. Players rarely give their teams a “home team discount” when they enter free agency. Why should teams not take advantage of the value of the starter contract? Players never give back anything if they stink it up.

  2. SMH…better pay that man…one of the few that actually Seems to want to play for ya….

  3. If you needed any more evidence of Ireland’s incompetence…

    Why don’t they just sign him? Who are you saving money for? The only way the Dolphins will get a quality player in the door with Ireland as GM is through the draft (since the player doesn’t have a choice…though I bet Dez Bryant would have challenged that logic had be been drafted by the ‘fins) and the new rules make those salaries easy to afford. Seems obvious that notable free agents (players or coaches) are out of the realm of possibilities. Wake is a rare exception of a player willing to work for Ireland with exceptional talent.

    Pay. The. Man. Or fire your GM so that cap room will matter.

  4. Obviously we don’t know what he is asking for, but the Dolphins have a series of confusing/disheartening moves in the eyes of their fan base (and most analysts too). If Wake were to hold out because he didn’t get a deal, then the fans might literally try to put Ireland’s head on a pitchfork. No GM should base their decisions on what the fans think, but they have a duty to put the best product possible on the field, and Wake clearly has shown he is one of the most valuable player’s on the Dolphins D.

  5. “Players rarely give their teams a “home team discount” when they enter free agency. Why should teams not take advantage of the value of the starter contract? Players never give back anything if they stink it up.”


    Yeah, but they get cut. Wake can’t cut the Dolphins.

  6. He is gonna get 12M a year in the open market and that I am sure is what he will sign for in MIA.

    The bigger question is on a team that has not alot of major talent, where is all their CAP Space?

  7. …and a player who would command much more than $615 on the open market.


    I sure hope he would make more than $615 on the open market

  8. No Way! He should honor his contract and play. I wish I could go in and tell my boss I wanted a raise and if not I won’t show up. Management and Owners make the game not the players!!!……..and least that’s what was posted on here all last off-season by the pro-owner shills. Now where are those idiots? Defend Ireland and Ross.

  9. As a Dolphin fan if I was Wake I would hold out to. He has outperformed his contract on and off the field. He deserves a new contract for this might be his only chance at a big one given his age.

  10. The comment czar didn’t like me implying that the Dolphins should be cautious in contract talks with Wake, so I’ll try again.

    Dolphin fans who actually watched the games last season know that most (arguably all) of Wake’s sacks came in situations where they made absolutely no difference in the outcome of the game, or when they were caused by the secondary coverage. Wake couldn’t get anything going on his own. You can blame the defensive line, or the scheme, or whatever else you want to blame, but Wake was not a game-changer last year. Two of his 8.5 came against Tebow.

    That doesn’t mean he’s not worth a new contract, but it’s not as black and white as people seem to think.

  11. If Stephen Ross wasn’t happy with the way Jeff handled Y. Bell. I can just imagine what will happen if he loses C. Wake. A dud draft and losing Wake = NO IRELAND next year!!!

  12. Fins will trade him for a pair of 5th round picks and then call season ticket holders and say well we were gonna cut him anyways we really suckered a few 5ths out of the other team

  13. Since getting 14 sacks in the first 14 games of 2011 he’s had 8.5 in his last 19 and turned 30. I wouldn’t go too crazy with a contract offer.

  14. He’s got every right to hold out here, being more or less the most productive defensive player for the last couple years. He’s already in his 30’s and this might be his one big chance at a big contract. However I question his judgement.

    His sack total dropped quite a bit last year. I’d be using every chance I got to get involved in the new defensive unit and playbook, so I could return to those prime 2010 numbers. Hopefully he’s taking good care of his body…

  15. I actually find this interesting. On one hand, it makes sense to me that they want a very valuable starter to play for far below market value. Wake could easily get 6-7 million a season on most teams. But he IS under contract.

    So then you have to ask yourself, why would the Dolphins want to wait beyond the initial savings this season? They could in theory resign him to an extended contract which does not kick in until next year. Which means they protect their CAP for signings this season.

    I bring you two points that PFT will. One is the franchise tag will be high next season. Lets say they don’t resign him. But he has another 10 sack season. One would have to believe they don’t just let him walk. But if they franchise him, that will be a huge CAP hit next year based on later years of the Seymour contract and the new Super Mario contract. Something around 14mill seems about right, maybe more. I KNOW they don’t value Wake like that. So then why wouldn’t they offer something. Only thing that makes sense is that the two sides have been talking and are not close on the numbers. An agent will make the argument that 10 sack average players are also 10mill per season players…and the Dolphins probably still remember when they plucked this guy from the CFL nobody knew who he was.

  16. I think he should do what he thinks is in his best interest, and of course suffer the rewards or the down side. Perhaps the owner don’t want to pay him more, or perhaps Jeff has more importance things to worry about, like the draft. Bill

  17. If he wants more money right now they should act now to sign him to a new multi-year contract that’s below market value, but much better than what he’s currently earning. Of course this is Miami we’re talking about, so they’ll probably let it ride and he’ll walk as a free agent because he’s bitter.

  18. Ireland will find a way to loose him, and when he does I will no longer be a dolphin fan. Pay the man before he wanders off to New England!

  19. If the dolphins don’t pay him, he will play out this year, sign with NE next year as a FA and wreak havoc twice a year in the miami backfield. He would probably sign for less just to stay in the AFC East.

  20. Good for him! We need players to put pressure on this cheapskate organization as well as fans. He should hold out all year if that’s what it takes to get paid what he’s worth. I was afraid they would low ball him and Jake Long as well. This is going to be a throw-away season with a one-and-done coach anyway, so go for it. You too, Jake, put the pressure on them.

  21. AlanSaysYo makes an excellent point. It kind of reminds me when Adewale Ogunleye wanted more money and everyone except himself knew he was not worth as much as he was asking.

    I would like to point out that this is the 1st report I seen where PFT did not try to twist a story to make Miami look bad (Not intentionally anyways) and look, Mike Florio did not write it. Very objective I must say.

  22. I don’t think Ireland knows that NFL contracts can be restructured. How else can you explain the fact we have had 3 straight losing seasons, only have 1 pro bowler on the roster & have no cap space? Heck of a job Ireland is doing!

  23. He has outperformed his contract coming out of the CFL. Miami got a bargain for a ton of sacks and qb pressures. Now its time to pay this stud and let the new CFL’ers start earning their paydays. Awright Miami?

  24. It’s early. Wake will get paid by the Dolphins. He isn’t missing training camp or pre-season. They have time to work out and deal and will.

  25. Re-signing Cameron is a MUST, a huge part of the success our defense has had is predicated on pressure in the back field. If we loose him we will go from having one of the best in pressuring the QB to having none at all. Not to mention that if we were to pass up on a Tannehill and a Weeden and get Quintin Couples we have still improved, but if we loose Cameron we have regressed tremendously.

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