Knighton’s eye injury caused by fight, vodka bottle

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When word first emerged that Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton needed eye surgery after an incident at a nightclub, there were few details.

Now, there are more details.  And some of them conflict.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports that Knighton was “hit in the face with a bottle of Ciroc vodka during an altercation that Knighton did not initiate.”  Ganguli also reports that the situation gave rise to no police report.

According to, a police report exists.  Per that report, the police report says that Knighton and a man known only as “Spoon” had been kicked out of the club for fighting — and that they both were repeatedly made threats to shoot people.

The police report mentions Knighton’s eye injury, but it doesn’t mention the manner in which the injury was inflicted.

Knighton had surgery on the eye Sunday.  He was due to learn more about the prognosis on Monday.


47 responses to “Knighton’s eye injury caused by fight, vodka bottle

  1. Pot Roast has never come off as anything but a good guy and hard worker. It would be pretty shocking if he was the instigator of this mess. Anyhow, regrets all around, I’m sure.

  2. According to, a police report exists. Per that report, the police report says that Knighton and a man known only as “Spoon” had been kicked out of the club for fighting — and that they both were repeatedly made threats to shoot people.


    How fat do you have to be to be called “Spoon”? Then again he’s walking in the club with “Pot Roast.”

  3. This just in, a new report shows that he slipped on vodka and his face padded his fall.

    try posting something when all the facts come out. not some random crap that billy bob said what happened.

  4. Well thats OK then. At least it wasn’t Popov.

    And I have know two “Spoons” in my life and they both were drug dealers.

  5. Ive heard Grey Goose is alot easier on the eye…..Should have been wearing his “beer goggles”

  6. “…and that they both were repeatedly made threats to shoot people.”

    As usual, this site is quick to report violence to players and the english language. 🙂

  7. Regardless of who instigated it, it sure doesn’t sound like Knighton did much to diffuse the situation. Hopefully it wasn’t at the cost of his vision. I officially tag this situation as Boozin’ and Losin.

  8. Stay out of the night clubs moron..
    You are going to “shoot people”??..nice
    another idiot that will be bankrupt 2 years out of the league.

  9. Points to note: report only documents the behavior after a head and eye injury. Some reports say the initial altercation that happened in the club were when Pot Roast was trying to break up a fight that his friend was involved in. Oh, and his friends last name is WeatherSPOON….nickname, not a street name….Still disappointing that lack of judgement in one that has seemed like one of the good guys.

  10. I looked up “spoon” and got this: to nestle in close contact with another, as when the back of one person is tucked into the front of the other.

    Sounds more like a Center/QB relationship.

  11. caseyanthonymunoz says: Apr 10, 2012 2:02 PM

    Stuart Scott doesn’t see the humor in these comments.

    You KNOW you’re wrong for that comment and are going to hell. ***while I secretly roll on the floor and laugh my azz off my damn self because that WAS funny***

  12. The club is a great place to go if you’re a profesional athlete and want to ruin your life. Stay home. Bring the party to you? duh winning.

  13. Ya know, I am thinking that there are certain players that should stay out of clubs and instead watch programs/movies such as:

    1. Little House on the Prairie
    2. The Waltons
    3. Steel Magnolias
    4. The 10 Commandments
    5. Bambi

    The shootings, drugs, sexual crimes, fights, fraud, etc.
    is really starting to wear on me.

  14. “beeronthefridge says:
    Apr 10, 2012 3:32 PM
    Jaguars defensive tackle beat up at a bar?

    No wonder they couldn’t stop anybody last year.”

    Sixth ranked D in the league.

  15. NFL players, listen up! I’ve got an idea for you!!
    Stay out of bars!!!
    Isn’t that profound?

    Over paid idiots….

  16. When will NFL players learn to stay out of the club? Never. Why?…….. Because they think they are celebrities… But here is the thing, they are not. They are just guys who play sports and get paid an obscene amount of money to do so. They are regular guys with a ton of cash. Unless they run with security, which most don’t, they are open to the same fighting as any other man. They don’t understand that because they have money and are above average in size and or strength, that one pissed off bad-a-s fighter can kick their a-s in a heartbeat, they feel invincible, which is not always the case as we see with this story.

  17. How come the night clubs I go to don’t have people shooting themselves in the leg, getting hit with Ciroc bottles, and Vick family birthday parties that result in gunfire?

  18. why wouldn’t you wait until the facts are out to post this crap? knighton was trying to break up a fight. since when is getting hit over the eye with a bottle mean he got beat up? seems that’s all the coward could do…report the facts PLEASE.

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