McNabb doubts it, but many see Griffin as perfect fit for Shanahan


Former Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb believes that Robert Griffin III, who is expected to go to Washington as the second pick in the NFL draft, is a bad fit for the offense run by head coach Mike Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Mike Shanahan said he’d take the high road and not respond, but plenty of people have come forward to say Griffin should fit just fine in the Redskins’ offense.

The Washington Times quotes some people who know the Shanahans’ offense and think Griffin is a good fit in it, and others who think Griffin is a good fit in any offense. Among those in the former group is Gary Kubiak, who was Mike Shanahan’s offensive coordinator in Denver and then Kyle Shanahan’s boss in Houston, and he sees a mobile and accurate quarterback like Griffin as exactly what the Shanahans want.

“Mike likes to run the ball . . . and likes to move his quarterback,” Kubiak said. “I don’t know that I’ve seen one move like this guy in a while. He’s very smart. This guy is going to fit perfect with what they want to do.”

Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski said Griffin plays a lot like the quarterbacks who have had the most success in the Shanahan offense.

“You look at the Redskins and then you look at the lineage of Mike Shanahan — where has his success been? John Elway, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler — movement guys, run-the-ball, stretch, play-action,” Jaworski said. “Big, strong-armed guys that get the ball down the field. He sees the quarterback to be prototypical like an RG3.”

Philip Montgomery, Griffin’s offensive coordinator at Baylor, falls into the camp that says Griffin is good enough that just about any offense should work with him running it.

“We weren’t very good when we first got here, so he was able to extend plays and make things happen, make a lot of plays with his feet,” Montgomery said. “As we grew, so did he. His maturation process as a quarterback has really developed in the sense that now he’s manipulating the pocket. Now he’s doing things down the field. When you really look at it, he made umpteen zillion more plays with his arm this year than he did with his feet.”

If McNabb is right, the Shanahans will hold Griffin back. If Montgomery is right, no coach is bad enough to hold Griffin back. If Kubiak and Jaworski are right, the Shanahans will turn Griffin into a superstar.

72 responses to “McNabb doubts it, but many see Griffin as perfect fit for Shanahan

  1. Who allows McNabb to be an analyst? That person should be canned and both, he and McNabb can share a taxi out of Bristol, Ct.

  2. Being a lifelong Eagles fan and a sufferer of the McNabb/Reid era.

    McNabb needs to shut his mouth. He’s outright wrong. And he’s a crybaby.

  3. At this point, I think I’d rather have a string of stories about a possible Favre comeback than any single story about anything McNabb thinks about anything.

  4. What the hell does McNubb know about anything? He doesn’t even know the rules to the game he played professionally. Didn’t know a game could end in a tie…..I have no interest in his opinion on football.

  5. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that RG will be much better than Mcnabb ever dreamed of being.
    I’m no Shannahan fan, but Mcnabb’s time in Minnesota shows that coaching and game plans weren’t the problem when he was in DC.

  6. McNubby obviously has an ax to grind with Shanny. He flopped with the skins because he was lazy fat and unwilling to do what the coaches asked of him. When he went on ESPN he took 0 accountability and blamed everything on Shanny, in his typical passive aggressive way. He just won’t admit Reid and the eagles were right about him he is done!

    Ohhh and he Sucks on TV…..

  7. Donovan just feels this way because he didnt fit their offense. And the reason he didnt is because he cant hit the broadside of a barn.

    He is one of the most inaccurate passers I have ever seen. Unless he really does hate those worms as much as it appears, that is.

  8. RG3 may have all the physical tools but nobody seems to want to talk about his cerebral skills and for that reason I go with the safe pick…..Luck.

  9. McNabb is a joke. Woukl of been better for him to just keep his mouth shut and quietly retire.

  10. If Kubiak REALLY feels this way, then why are we stuck with stone-feet Matt Schaub?

    This is Schaub’s make it break it year, a contract year with a kid behind him who has no fear in running this offense and who can run!

  11. Please quit rewarding these has-beens for making negative comments. McNabb is just bitter for some reason. He’s not looking at this analytically. HE was the one that didn’t fit at Washington.

  12. Shanahan is a egomaniac and obviously has big time issues. That said his style of offense is perfect. I always loved Donovan but he is such a tired act anymore. I am so sick of the woe is me crap.

  13. If Griffin excels in the Shanahans system it will show what type of player McNabb is. It is not like QBs in Philly have had a huge drop of since McNabb departed.

  14. A couple weeks before claiming Griffin was a bad fit with Shanahan, McNabb proclaimed that Manning was a bad fit too. Hard to imagine two more different QBs, yet ol’ #5 thinks both are bad fits. One is left to wonder who McNabb thinks could work in the Shanahan’s system other than Matt Schaub. Someone should have asked him.

  15. Who should we believe??? A disgruntled past QB that has now 100% proven he was a decent system QB for 1 team and a monumental flop at 2 other teams without that system or GM’s, Coaches, scouts, journalists, etc. that have won Super Bowl’s, and have 100’s of years experience between them?

    McNabb knows his career is over and he is desperately trying to keep his name in the papers so when teams lose their starting QB’s and / or back-up QB’s to injury, he might actually get a call.

  16. I’m not a skins fan (in fact, I’m a Dallas fan), but I think Griffin has the potential to be a a very special QB. He certainly seems to have the talent and work ethic. However, the Skins aren’t exactly a stable OR healthy environment right now. That could hamper the pace of Griffin’s development.

    I’m not sold on Kyle Shanahan’s “Madden Style” offensive play calling. He hasn’t really had ANY success using it, during any of his tenures as OC. This also has the potential to hold him back.

    I do actually want to see RG3 become successful though. Not just from a point of view of it adds to the Dallas-Skins rivalry when both teams play well, but also because I think RG3 and Luck could potentially become a Marino-Elway comparison part II.

  17. where’s the “McNabb is a douche and I don’t listen to the crap that comes out of his mouth” choice?

  18. Has any elite QB fallen so far so fast as McNabb as in the past 2 years? To go from starting in Philly for several years to not even getting a sniff as a FA? Even as a Redskins fan, I used to admire the guy as he led the Eagles to multiple division titles. But for him to be reduced to this is just saddening.

  19. You know, a big reason part of the city of Philadelphia turned on McNabb is that we started getting the feeling that he had stopped training hard and progressing to be a better QB. This was evidenced by his weight gain, his inability to ever throw a timing route, his consistent bounce passes, and his ability to get winded running a two-minute drill (amongst other things). Philly fans stick with you if you are working hard and show that you are actually trying to become a better player for the team over the years. McNabb did that for about 3 seasons, but then it all fell apart after 2005’s SB.

    The past 3 years have done nothing but solidify this opinion of McNabb. He is so delusional that he thinks that since he did not work in Shanahan’s offense (or the Vikings for that matter), that another athletic quarterback will not work in it either. Yes, offenses should cater to a QB’s skills to a certain degree, but a QB should still work to improve his skills in areas he underperforms to help the team that is paying him to be the man. McNabb takes criticism as a slap in the face and has completely stopped working to improve his game.

    Let the kid decide for himself if the offense is a good fit – he seems gung ho on this opportunity, McNabb shouldn’t try to ruin it because of his own (McNabb’s) ego issues. I hope RG3 succeeds, except those 2X a year when he plays the Eagles.

  20. NOTE: McNabb wasn’t a good fit for the Shanahan’s offense. There’s film to prove it. Even so, McNabb still threw for 4000+ yards the 13 games he played under center.

    RG3, is young and talented. Those who have coached him seen his growth. I feel more comfortable with their assessment. Also, NFL coaches that have worked with the system for several years know the system quite well.

    We will find out in a couple of months if it will all work out. If it does and does well, I will be interested in hearing from McNabb then…

  21. Anyone know who a rookie QB with rocket speed, and rocket arm, and a propensity to win HUGE games for his outmatched team ISN’T a good fit for? I mean, so many rookies bust that it’s a safe bet to say, about anyone, “don’t think they’ll do well” for a 4win team that seems like it’s in complete disarray, but c’mon McNasty. If Shanny can take Denver to the AFC champ game (in THAT 2005 AFC [translation: that was a helluve conference]) with Jake Plummer… well RGIII guy is everything Jake Plummer ever dreamed of being, as a player, and he almost has to me more mentally stable too.

    Boooo on analysis he isn’t a good fit in washington. He’s a good fit ANYWHERE, washington is no exception.

  22. MCFLABB is washed up!!! This guy is bitter about how Shannahan ran things, but takes no blame for the ground balls and over throws he made. Mcnabb was dumped by 3 teams in 18 months, but he’s mad at Shannahan????

  23. So Mcnabb thinks the value of a QB is individual statistics? He knows his sucked, right? Oh, that’s right, it was coaching. He was coached down.

  24. After seeing hyped QB after hyped QB fail time and time again in the NFL, I’m reserving all judgement until he actually starts playing.

  25. @tundey, IMO McNabb was never ever elite. Ever.
    He is what he is, a guy whose flaws were covered by Reid and their team’s philosophy. The Eagles were kind of the reverse Colts (meaning their O=Colts D, philosophically). They had a scheme on offense that put players in position to be competent with mostly just average players while the defense was the main reason they won.

    What’s sad is that the way he is talking it appears McNabb doesn’t WANT anyone else to succeed just because he didn’t. Especially his comments on Griffin who seems to be everything McNabb ISN’T (accurate, smart, hard working etc) and shares his race.

  26. So Donavan Mcnabb took the high paying job at ESPN for the sole purpose of telling people he was misused? And he could have been better if he was coached properly? Mentally soft.

  27. tundey says: Apr 10, 2012 10:18 AM

    Has any elite QB fallen so far so fast as McNabb as in the past 2 years?
    Or has become more delusional?
    McMartyr needs to go away for awhile. The World Wide Fraud, er, Leader needs to stop giving him a forum to spout out non-sense. On second thought, McMartyr does fit in there.

  28. I guess the rest of the country now sees what we in Philadelphia have seen for years. This is nothing compared to the nonsense he would say. He has been a martyr his whole professional career. There is nothing misunderstood about him, he can’t help but speak of how great he was and how it’s someone else fault when he falls short. He should just stop talking, and people will remember much better.

  29. The game has passed the Shanahan’s by…. the haven’t been to the playoffs since ’05 and I doubt they will ever be back. RG3 is going to be great… in ’13 when the Shanahns get fired. Mike was a good coach in his day… his son is not and never will be

  30. McNabb’s right. RG3 will be a terrible fit for Shanny’s O … if RG3 is a clone of McNabb.

  31. Newsflash for you Donovan…. Andy Reid might be the best coach in the league in hiding his quaterback’s deficiencies,which he has proven with both you and Kolb.If it was’nt for dumping the ball off to Westbrook 7 to 10 times a game,your career completion percentage would have been horrible.On the bright side,you can probably still get a minor league baseball contract throwing one hoppers for fielding practice……

  32. Yeah we all know that Shanny HATES to run play-action, bootlegs and zone-blocking running schemes. So Griffin will be a monumental failure….wait… I’m being told he literally runs all 3. Scratch that then. He’ll be fine!

    Of course Shanny didn’t change the offense for McNabb. He had 2 more years AT BEST left in the tank. Setting aside for a moment that Shanny is a monumental egomaniac NOBODY would’ve been willing to rewrite the playbook for Donovan. People always said McNabb was the “victim”. Draft day booing, Rush and T.O…. It looks like Donny bought in… How awful to see him fall like this.

  33. @thejuddstir I’ve heard a lot about how intelligent and well spoken RG3 is. I believe he has his degree and graduated with a 3.42 GPA. He is known as a hardworker and someone that flat out wants to be the best. Comes from a military family so we get the feeling he was raised in a good environment. So I would say his cerebral skills aren’t a concern. I also get the feeling yours are.

  34. McNabb is a piece of crap. He didn’t have the stomach to win the super bowl in Philly( see vomiting in the huddle). Andy Reid knew he was washed up so he traded him IN the division and he sucked in Washington. He didn’t want to put in the work in Washington so he just decide to bad mouth the Shanahans. Another athlete who thinks everything is someone else’s fault when things don’t go his way. Please stop asking his opinion on anything other than which flavor of Chunky soup is the best.

  35. thejuddstir says: Apr 10, 2012 9:53 AM

    RG3 may have all the physical tools but nobody seems to want to talk about his cerebral skills and for that reason I go with the safe pick…..Luck.

    In other words, take the white guy. Good to hear from Al Campanis.

  36. Can we all just please agree to no longer care or give any credence to what Donovan McWilbon thinks or says regarding RG III, Mike Shanahan, the Redskins, or any other league issue?

    Andy Reid somehow was able to get 11 or so serviceable years out of this zilch, and that’s where the story of Donovan should begin and end. May he enjoy retirement in the desert, and that’s that.

  37. “thejuddstir says:
    Apr 10, 2012 9:53 AM
    RG3 may have all the physical tools but nobody seems to want to talk about his cerebral skills and for that reason I go with the safe pick…..Luck.”

    Haven’t you read _anything_ about Griffen? That he graduated from high school a year early and was the class president. That he already has his Bachelors in political science (graduated in three years), that he intends to graduate in the spring with his masters degree in communications and was planning on attending law school if he returned to Baylor. Not too many law students play division one football.

    What is it, I wonder, about Griffen that made you think he might not have cerebral skills? Hmmm… What could it be… What’s the word I’m looking for…

  38. McNabb was once a very good QB, but I watched him fall flat on his face here in Minnesota, now he is falling flat on his face again, please Donovan, retire, enjoy your life and leave football behind…I find it hard to believe that this guy wants to be remembered as a washed up, bitter former elite QB… Bowing out gracefully is better, IMHO.

  39. McNabb is a bitter guy, but without reason. He demonstrated on the football field why he was cut by the Eagles. He just didn’t have anything left. He had developed an entitlement attitude. He didn’t think the Eagles dealt with him fairly and believed he still had plenty in the tank, so he eased up on his conditioning, put on weight, got sloppy in his mechanics, and was not studious about learning the offense. McNabb basically mailed it in at DC thinking he still had skills that would overcome a lazy attitude, spotty play, lack of accuracy, an inability to be a leader and his goofy-ass smile each time he threw a pass into the dirt. He had his day but should have retired rather than become a laughing stock in three cities.

  40. thejuddstir says:
    Apr 10, 2012 9:53 AM
    RG3 may have all the physical tools but nobody seems to want to talk about his cerebral skills and for that reason I go with the safe pick…..Luck.


    you must have avoided almost half the articles on pft. overlooked cerebral skills??? you must have went to the zoolander school for kids who can’t read good.

  41. Griffin is…by all indications…smart, a terrific teammate and as we know, a tremendous athlete.
    He’ll do fine.
    McNabb’s getting more cantankerous by the moment.

  42. Just a question…

    What if it had been.. oh.. Joe Montana or Steve Young who said what McNabb said?

    I’m not a Shanahan fan. I think he’s way overated. He came into a great team in Denver, and as his tenure went on, the team declined. But hey, he had a HOF QB in Elway. After that, he got what were thought of as great QB prospects, and did nothing with them.

    No where in his history, has he taken a young QB and made him better.

    Shanny has all the pieces ready for him to succeed. A owner that’s willing to spend money. Some high draft picks. It’s all there.

    If he fails, which I think he will. It won’t be because he had nothing to work with. It’ll be because he isn’t as good of coach as everyone thinks he is.

    I wonder sometimes, how many great QB prospects got drafted by teams that didn’t know how to develop a QB. And now the QB is considered a bust.

  43. First of all Mcnabb is right . Mike Shanahan is a garbage coach who gets way to much credit for Dan Reeves built teams . Denver fired him because they realized that he wasn’t a top bitch coach. Now he is putting all his marbles on RG3 . This year he will have to prove that he is a good coach no excuses. Mcnabb on the other hand needs to shut up, because you didn’t succede doesn’t mean no one else will. It’s a good pick for the Redskins just the wrong coach . I can’t wait to see him chased around the field by three of the best defensive lines in the league twice and maybe three times a year . I can promise you Tuck, Ware, and Cole will have a say in the Redskins staying at the bottom of this division for a long time to come.

  44. I love how when it’s an article like one recently where Florio said something to the effect of “McNabb hasn’t really done anything in his career”, everyone jumps to Donovan’s defense.

    But in an article where McNabb says something dumb, everyone is saying that he needs to just go away and he is worthless as a QB and has never done anything.

  45. McKnuckleball, you suck. Those of us who were not Philly fans defended you because from the outside looking in, you were successful.

    Now, we all realize that Andy Reid disguised your limitations and you got drunk off of your team’s success. Now we all see why the Philly fans didn’t embrace you because of that success.

    You are a self-absorbed, delusional and bitter man who thinks failure belongs to everyone but you.

  46. Sufferer of the Reid/McNabb era? I guess you suffered through the best era in the history of the franchise. And people wonder why I am sometimes ashamed to be lumped in with a lot of Philly fans.

  47. racksie wrote:

    Grulks: So what you are saying is, Dallas is a good team, and they need better competition?
    Lol, nope, wasn’t saying that at all. I don’t know whether you were being sarcastic, or legit, but I’ll treat it as the latter at any rate. I have no idea whether Dallas is a good team or not. I’ve thought the last few years they were very talented, but they always had something missing: heart, desire, that final IT factor to push them over the edge. But they kept coming up short. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m starting to think that team just isn’t anything more than average.

    That being said, I prefer to watch games when the talent level is reasonably balanced. I’d much rather watch either a shoot out, or grind out style of game, than a complete blowout. I’m a football fan first, Dallas fan second.

    So, although I do enjoy seeing Dallas beat Washington, the games I enjoy most between them, are the ones that go down to the wire (most of the more recent games have). That won’t continue if RG3 is a bust.

  48. “you look at the lineage of Mike Shanahan — where has his success been? John Elway, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler”

    Plummer and cutler successful? are you serious?

    Elway already was good before shanana became head coach!

  49. McBad should shut his mouth. He didn’t have what it takes to be successful under MS. Griffin III will do just fine and prove once and for all that all McHorrible has is a big mouth!

  50. McNabb sounded more and more like an old lady gossping on a park bench. If Griffith blows up in D.C. where he didnt, he will be exposed for what he is;

    A wash-out that was benched for even worse players that actually excelled at times, because they knew the offense.

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