Merling, Murtha re-up with Miami

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None of the 42 restricted free agents has signed an offer sheet with a new team.  But two more of them have decided to stay with their current team.

The Dolphins have announced that defensive end Philip Merling and tackle Lydon Murtha have signed their restricted free agency tenders.

Merling was the first pick in the second round of the 2008 draft.  Since the Patriots didn’t have a first-round pick that year, Merling was the 32nd overall selection — which ordinarily would be a first-round selection.

A four-year veteran, a non-football injury in 2010 ultimately stripped Merling of an accrued season toward free agency, even though he also has concluded his four-year contract with the team.

Murtha, a 2009 draft pick of the Lions, was signed off Detroit’s practice squad that same year.

Both players had been tendered at the second-round level, and both players reportedly signed the tenders upon receiving them.  Regardless, the Dolphins announced the moves on Tuesday.

14 responses to “Merling, Murtha re-up with Miami

  1. Really?.. He would be a Starter on any Roster, even on the Left side. Unfortunately, he keeps getting IR type injuries. BTW- he went on IR on Sept. 3rd before the last Season even started. How could he suck? I think it is a great signing and he certainly can play RT better than Columbo and any Draft pick if healthy (fingers crossed). Merling is solid. Both guys deserve the Contracts. See, Fins Fans… Jeff Ireland doesn’t do everything wrong.

  2. Makes perfect sense, if a team is being run by imbeciles. These two are barely second stringers. In the meantime, no attempt has been made to either resign key players or upgrade any position. Even the coaching moves were downgrades.

  3. laxcoach37
    See, Fins Fans… Jeff Ireland doesn’t do everything wrong.

    So your telling me that you think Jeff Ireland does the right thing?
    lol as a finfan Jeff Ireland can get the f**k out of Miami.

  4. Wow this guy just doesn’t get it. We are up against the cap without a single pro bowler at any skill position.

    Keep signing guys that can be replaced by rookie contracts in rounds 4-7.

  5. Man you guys kill me, makes perfect sense, there decent back ups. They were given a small amount, and they didnt hesitate to sign. On to the next thing. All teams have to do this. Why so much hate on the fins.

  6. @alansaysyo I don’t know what preseason games you were watching last year but Murtha did an outstanding job filling in for an injured Jake Long. Look for Murt to start at RT this season and he will be a stud.

  7. Great sign, our line is gonna be great if these guys stay un injured, …… we need 2 top receievers in this drafte and we got ourselfs an offance

  8. This is a very good signing, Philip Merlin can start alongside Paul Soliai or give us more depth at an already deep part of our defense although loosing Kendal Langford didn’t help. Murtha would be a very solid right tackle or guard he can be plugged in anywhere on the line, creating competition and depth.

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