Panthers confirm new deal with Steve Smith


The previously rocky relationship between the Panthers and receiver Steve Smith is now so smooth that both sides have agreed to a deal that could keep Smith in Carolina for the rest of his career.

The Panthers confirmed to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer that they’ve extended Smith for at least four more seasons. Smith’s agent says the new deal goes through the 2015 season with an option for 2016. Smith turns 33 next month, so this deal could be the last contract he ever signs.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but it is expected to cut Smith’s base salary for 2012 while giving him a big signing bonus that can be prorated over the length of the contract. That would alleviate some of the cap pressure on the Panthers, who are currently dead last in the league in cap space for this season and the only team in the NFL with less than $1 million in cap room.

Smith was set to make a $7.75 million base salary this year and to count $10.7 million against the Panthers’ salary cap. The 2012 season was the last year of his former contract.

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  1. Smith definitely deserves the straight cash homey after last season. If Newton holds up, that team is going to be super fun to watch over the next couple of years – especially with the Saints and Bucs’ troubles as of late.

  2. Now the panthers just need to find another receiving option and their offense will be very dangerous. I see them trading Stewart now that they have Tolbert, who is a touchdown machine. I expect the Panthers to trade Stewart for a 2nd or 3rd round pick and try to pick a wide receiver up in the draft.

  3. Obviously ooreo has never seen Smith play. Smith is the best Panther’s player in team history… Definitely has 4 more years in those legs.

  4. Panther s will be back to the Super Bowl in the next couple of years. Book it.. Good for Steve Smith, you can tell the guy just wants to win but he had a lot of fun with his new qb last year, now its business time..

  5. As a Saints fan…I think this is a good signing for the Panthers. Let’s face it, the Panthers are not yet a powerhouse again. When they are, it is easier to get outside FAs to come to your team. With that said, they have to resign the players that make a difference. Smith worked very well with Cam last season. The team obviously expects that to continue.

    We don’t know the details of the contract. I have to assume the last two years are CAP friendly for the Panthers in case Smith falls off and they need to cut him. Smith with get the majority of his money through bonus perhaps. So it is a win-win for both sides.

    I know as an NFC South team…I hate seeing Smith on the other side. He seems to always find a way to burn the Saints. Good resigning for the Panthers in my opinion based on the current state of their team and their hope to continue to develop Cam as one of the better QBs in the league.

  6. schoolinsummertime says:
    Apr 10, 2012 11:55 AM

    Luckiest WR out there, wouldnt been out on the street if it wasnt for Newton

    I disagree. He hasn’t lost anything from his younger days. He had rotten stats in 2010 because he had a fossilized moron for a coach – a coach that if his OC called 3 straight passes, would tell the OC, “Stop throwing the f**king ball.” Plus, the 2010 Panthers had the worst offensive line in the history of the sport of football, on any level, in any era. The QBs never had more than 1.2 seconds to throw a pass – that is, throw a pass on the rare occasion that John Fox approved.

  7. Had to come back not just for the $ but to see what he and Cam can do……….Might be another QB/WR combination that flourishes in the NFL.

  8. This is one of those rare occasions where the player has leverage. After an amazing season last year, he was in the final year of a deal taking $10M+ of cap space and making almost $8M in base salary. They couldn’t justify cutting him and they were up against the cap. They HAD to reisgn him.

    Even though he is unlikely to see the final year of the deal, not being able to justify cutting him and being up against the cap made it a necessary move for the team. He is still a great player that you have to account for on every down and the toughest lil SOB out there, too.

  9. With Newton you want to help him continue to blossom. Taking Smith away could have curtailed that idea. So I think it was a very smart signing. Even with Smith being older you know he is a gamer and will show up on Sunday.

  10. @darthsaint:

    Aside from the first 4 words of your post, it was very good.

    Regarding your views on this signing, why does it matter that you’re a Saints fan?
    Smitty is Smitty, regardless of who you root for.

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