Rams announce coaching staff with no defensive coordinator

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The Rams officially have unveiled coach Jeff Fisher’s 20-member coaching staff.  And the lengthy announcement makes no mention whatsoever regarding the status of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

The release explains that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and assistant head coach Dave McGinnis previously had been named to the staff.  Williams was, too, but Tuesday’s announcement says nothing about the fact that he was hired, that he has been suspended, or that he ever will be employed by the team in any status.

The good news for Williams (if there is any) is that the release doesn’t mention a defensive coordinator.  Which implies that, as the team’s website indicates, he’s still the defensive coordinator, even though he has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

It has been presumed that Fisher will appoint an interim defensive coordinator, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Fisher simply doesn’t have one for 2012.  If Fisher intends to bring Williams back (assuming he’s reinstated in 2013), it will be easier to reintegrate Williams if he’s not bumping someone else (like McGinnis) out of the job.

The fact that the press releases declares that Fisher “finalizes” his coaching staff strongly suggests that Fisher has done all he plans to do, which means that there will indeed be no defensive coordinator in 2012.

Whether the Rams keep Williams in 2013 remains a much different issue.  Fisher already has said that Williams wouldn’t have been hired if Fisher had known about the looming suspension.  Now that Fisher and the Rams know about the suspension and the notorious audio from the night before a January 2012 playoff game, it’s somewhat surprising the Rams haven’t fired him.

UPDATE 4:21 p.m. ET:  Rams spokesman Artis Twyman tells PFT via email that the defensive coordinator position is “vacant as of now,” but that may change before the start of the 2012 season.

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  1. Don’t they have an o-line coach who’s never coached D before? Well, what are they waiting for?*

    *- I don’t hate Juan; I actually like him. We sucked cuz we gave away 38turnovers, not because of our rookie D-coordinator. But the joke was just too easy.

  2. Couldn’t this really be all about money? If fired, they need to deal with the issue of his contract, once reinstated. While he is suspended, he won’t be paid and never may be if not reinstated. Moreover, he might be more willling to take a settlement (less than the contract balance), after sitting out a season.

    When in doubt, it’s usually about money!

  3. “Now that Fisher and the Rams know about the suspension and the notorious audio from the night before a January 2012 playoff game, it’s somewhat surprising the Rams haven’t fired him.”

    It’s only a surprise to people outside the NFC West. Fans of NFC West teams just see it as “business as usual” for the Rams.

  4. Or maybe they realized his tactics all along and knew what they were getting and were fine with it. The media may throw this guy over the boat and then run him over with a bus. But players and other coaches seem to have been mostly mute on the issue. Perhaps that is because they realize the pot calling the kettle black doesn’t apply very well.

    I agree, the stance is strange considering how PC our world is these days. God forbid ANYONE get offended by anything. Williams has proven to make defenses better in many places he has gone. I also agree he stepped across a line he should not have. But I believe the reason he did, is because football has been to a certain level…a majority of everything Williams embodies. What I mean is, the violence, targeting player injuries, rah rah speeches that aren’t meant to be taken 100% literal, trying to knock other players out of games, etc etc. Williams didn’t create that…hell he probably learned it IN THE NFL.

    It is makes you feel better about yourself, continue to act like Williams is the lone gunman. Common logic should tell you otherwise.

    I’m not sure any loyalty Fisher shows to Williams is commendable. Or just stupid for the heat they will receive from the puppet media.

  5. Losing respect for Jeff Fisher more and more by the minute. Just goes to show that this type of crap probably happened back to the days when Fisher and Williams were with the Titans. Who knows, may Fisher was the one that taught Williams everything he knows…

  6. Ill be the D-coordinator for the Rams this year! Ill even do it for free! All my opponents including opposing coaching staffs will have torn ACL’s after every game! Wuzzz goooooood!!

  7. If McGinnis does well then the team will quietly name him as their DC for next season. If he doesn’t do well than the Rams can just wait to see if the commish reinstates Williams. As long as he’s suspended he’s not costing them anything to leave him “employed”

  8. toostant–money doesn’t matter. The Rams could have fired him for cause, thus relieving them of any financial responsibility. I don’t think Williams will ever be back in the NFL. If the Rams do take him back, that just shows, as another poster has said, that Fisher was ok with what he did.

  9. Fisher can’t really be thinking of bringing him back next year if reinstated, can he? Has anyone asked him if that was his intention? I wish reporters would ask tough questions.

  10. Given Fisher’s history as a player and coach, I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses to call the defensive plays himself during games.

  11. .

    @ ramitbaby

    Feel free to double check my math but I’m pretty sure that ;

    Fisher + McGinnis + Cecil = 0 Lombardi’s.

    And these guys aren’t rookies.


  12. It is always funny how when someone doesn’t do it our way, it becomes the wrong way.

    Go ahead Fisher, you are the headcoach run the team your way.

  13. Why should being in a professional sport exempt anyone from prosecution for advocating deliberate violence?

    Williams advocacy of violence by an NFL coach should lead to his banishment for life by the NFL, and criminal prosecution by the authorities.

    Knowing of his criminal behavior, fisher – who hired him – should also be banished from the nfl and prosecuted for being an accessory to the crime.

  14. Hey good thing the dolphins didn’t get fisher or PFT would have been calling them morons with a horrible front office and Greg sweep the leg Williams they should have known that he was dirty. It would have all been Ireland’s fault.

  15. It could be worse- for the last year-plus the Browns have been operating as a team without a coach.

  16. Chuck C STUNK at the defensive coordinator job. he sunk the Titans. you’ll have another 8-8 team for years!


    Rams fans cheer at the thought!!

  17. Just remember all this when the NFL goes to flag football. It’s a rough sport. I wish I could have heard what Ditka or Lombardi said in their locker rooms. They probable told them to cut off the opponent’s head and spit down their throat. IF they made illegal hits, then they would have been flagged and fined.

  18. Fisher won’t fire him because Williams will out Fisher as the guy who taught him the bounty/big hit program.

    Buddy Ryan -> Jeff Fisher -> Gregg Williams

    Connect the dots genius media and investigate Fisher’s ultimate hypocrisy — he is a long-time member of the NFL Competition Committee. THEY SET/TWEAK THE RULES OF THE GAME!

    Why won’t Goodell and his overzealous investigative team press Williams into giving up who taught him all about bounties? Jeff Fisher being implicated would open a huge Pandora’s Box!

    But no, single out one team, the Saints /w a limp noodle of an owner that doesn’t fight back. Bob Kraft negotiated with Goodell during Spygate to prevent Belicheat from getting a suspension.

    Benson merely lays down and takes it.

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