Redskins sign Madieu Williams

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Tuesday hasn’t been all about quarterbacks for the Redskins.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post and John Keim of the Washington Examiner are each reporting that the team has signed free agent safety Madieu Williams. In Tuesday’s one-liners, we shared a report that had Williams choosing between the Falcons and the Redskins for his next employer and it seems that the Redskins won that battle.

Williams was once one of the better free safeties in the league, but his play has dropped off considerably over the last couple of years. He played 15 games for the 49ers last season, starting three times, and made nine tackles. He spent his first seven years as a starter for the Bengals and Vikings, but doesn’t project to play more than a bench role at this point even with the Redskins looking to replace both of last year’s starting safeties.

The Redskins have also signed Brandon Meriweather and Cedric Griffin — who could move from cornerback — as safety options this season. Reed Doughty and DeJon Gomes are also in the mix at the moment for the Redskins.

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  1. Dude had slim-to-none chance of starting for the Falcons with William Moore and the so-so Thomas DeCoud. The new Mike Nolan defense hopefully will make the secondary’s job easier especially on 3rd downs.

  2. @skin94249 You’re absolutely right. There just isn’t enough DB talent out there to fill our needs…and our secondary is a gaping wound right now. I couldn’t have put it better myself, “We need the bodies.”

  3. Madieu was promising as a Bengal, then I remember he got hurt and then all was downhill thereafter.

    Same goes for Cedric Griffin. I don’t understand how he can hang with the elite receivers, then get demolished by a team’s slot receiver.

  4. As a Skins fan, I would categorize the last days FA signings as nothing but depth additions. But the Leagues BS 18 mil cap penalty is putting a hurting on the Skins which forces the Skins to add a bunch of veteran players on the cheap.

    Heres hoping the penalty gets removed, or reduced. And quick. 😉

  5. Yeah, I know these guys aren’t exactly going to make the Pro Bowl this year, but what else are you gonna do when the league steals $18 million from your cap space?

  6. Not every player signed if for starting purposes. You address needs through free agency and ours is both the position and depth. I’d like to see us to take a look at Tanard Jackson as well and possible late rounds safety options we can bring along.

    I’ve said ever since Shanahan took over that this team has too many needs to be addressed in one year, or two years, etc. Judging by the roster he took over, and the one we have now, we are on our way.

    Even if we sign Griffin, people will stop look at our QB situation as a need and point to other positions. It’s an on going process to rebuild a team which is why Shanahan said he would need 5 years for this rebuild.

  7. This guy was a total non-factor when with the Vikings. thankheavenfornumberseven is right on when he states that the Redskins are going to have to score a lot of points if they plan to rely on Williams and Cedric Griffin. Both are washed up, and I don’t see Williams as much help on special teams either as he was never once a bit physical.

  8. How much cap space can DC have left? Snyder must be expecting the cap to jump super high when TV money comes in or else he’ll have mortgaged the future.

  9. Idiots should have signed Reggie Smith…the Panthers got a good one. That was the 9er FA safety to sign. I wanted him back but I know he’s a quality starter in this league, he’s just not Goldson. He would have been as cheap as Williams. Oops, that was dumb, again.

    @wethog66 – Sorry but that cap penalty is going nowhere for reasons I have explained numerous times. Right or wrong, it is staying in place.

  10. I’m no fan of the guy’s play. With that said, you couldn’t find a better person off the field when it comes to charitable work. Also, it would take a special kind of player to be successful in the secondary of the Vikings outdated defense.

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