Torrey Smith is recovered from hernia surgery, ready for offseason workouts

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Ravens receiver Torrey Smith, a rookie who made quite an impact in 2011, could have made an even greater impact if he hadn’t played the entire season with a groin problem that turned out to be a hernia.

Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Smith said that he has fully recovered from February hernia surgery.  He also explained that it wasn’t a “double hernia” (as coach John Harbaugh has said), but one hernia with multiple tears in the groin muscle.

Smith said he’s ready for the offseason program, and that he was able to play last month in a charity basketball game presented in part his foundation.

Smith gives the Ravens something they need — a true deep threat who can stretch the field deep.  Given the way he played with a hernia, the sky could be the limit when he’s healthy.

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24 responses to “Torrey Smith is recovered from hernia surgery, ready for offseason workouts

  1. I saw Torrey make a celebrity appearance at a Balt Blast MISL game in Dec…guy was noticeably limping. Made me think of Mickey Rivers watching him hobble around. …and look at his numbers, he had a better rookie year than Mike Wallace! …with no offseason… Yeah, I’d say the sky is definitely the limit for this guy!!! Can’t wait to see it happen!!!

  2. Ravens team doctors need to take some summer school classes and a pay cut for muckin’ up his diagnosis. That’s a Dr. Nick Riviera thing right there.

  3. I can’t imagine a hernia having too much effect on a WR. Hernias only really hurt when you lift weights rigorously. I’m sure playing the offensive or defensive lines would be difficult with a hernia but from my experience the worst part of the hernia is the first few days recovering from the surgery.

  4. Guy has some burners…. When’s his contract up? Because he will look nice in a colts uniform… In Lucks second or 3rd season, he will make another nice addition to the colts. We took your franchise, your coach, and now your players… That’s in deep respect, I love the ravens brand football, and more and more everyday, I want to thank the city of Baltimore. If your city didn’t try to take the team from OG Irsay, we wouldn’t have a team.. So all in all, thank you respectively: The city of Indianapolis

  5. Side note still can’t believe that the Falcons gave up what they did for Julio Jones compared to the Ravens getting Smith in round 2.

    Both had similar years despite Jones playing in a weaker division, more offensive weapons to take heat off and a suppostively better QB.

    No wonder teams like the Ravens, Steelers, and Packers are so good. Build thru the draft and stick to your draft board, don’t reach for mediorce players to fill a need (like Sam Baker to you ATL fans)

  6. However, Flacco’s still recovering from electrolysis in an attempt to tame that ridiculous unibrow.

  7. @Coltsluckydynasty

    Even if Indy stole every thing form Baltimore sports teams, and won every single championship for the rest of my life I would still feel sorry for you for having to live in Indianapolis. Have a good day troll.

  8. Lmao, yeah because Indy is one of the cleanest city’s in America? We hold the final 4 every other year? We held the best superbowl in years? Ask florio about that one. We have class, and sorry, not near the crime rate of Baltimore, and no where close to the amount of crackheads? yeah, Indy is a terrible place to live… My guess is you have never been here. Hey, I did enjoy the Wire. It truly captured the the essence of a great city…. I wasn’t dogging out Baltimore at all, it was a genuine respect. Don’t bash this city, it just proves that you have no clue…

  9. I’ve been to Indy. Might as well have been in Green Bay. Pass. I grew up a Colts fan and was sad like everyone else that the team got up and left. But everything happens for a reason and now we have a stable franchise with a stable owner. Which is more than I can say for the Colts. You’ll soon find out like the rest of the league that the coaches and players that leave Bmore don’t have much success elsewhere. So, good luck with your one year wonder head coach and the rest of the castoff players that you got from us during free agency. We’ll just retool like we always do. Good luck with Luck and that 2-14 record your team is going to serve up next year.

  10. Yeah, and I’ve been to Baltimore, might as well have been in Detroit: pass… Good luck with flacco, I’m sure he will throw more than 20 touchdowns pretty soon, or my bad maybe 25.. Luck in his rookie season will have better stats than flacco. I hope you can re-tool, sounds to me like Ed reed is crying a river, and your defense keeps getting older. Good thing you signed Webb, because that is all you have under 43 years old. Anyways, I don’t get why you are so upset, is it because cundiff? Lee Evans? While Baltimore starts it’s descend, indy is already starting to rebuild. So take your chance the next couple of years. At the end of the day, Baltimore will be passed up by the bengals and browns… While we get through a couple of tough seasons, we will be back to the most dominating team of the next decade. Sucks don’t it, we can go from one hall of fame quarterback to the next, and you will be stuck with flacco. I wouldn’t trade places with any franchise….

  11. Honestly, the Ravens have a team on both sides of the ball to win a championship. The ONLY question I see is if Flacco can live up to his self proclaimed comments saying he’s a top 5 NFL quarterback. If he can have a top 5 season, then there is a real strong possibilty that the Ravens are next year’s Superbowl champs.

  12. @dynasty – ur name is a hoot. T smith is from this area. He is playing for his team. Y would he go from 1 of the best owners in the nfl to one of the worst. Hope u enjoy pagano. That is the only thing about ur entire team this year that has real nfl talent. The guys u poached from us are avg to below who happened to play on a great defense. I give u bandwagoners 2 yrs before your lousy stadium is half empty

  13. ColtsLuckDynasty has become my new hero. Love what this guy says and how he says it….speak the truth!

    And sorry Polo….Luck will lead a remarkable turnaround for the good ol horseshoe. I predict no less than 9 wins….maybe even double figures.

    Meanwhile….enjoy your woefully overrated and soon to be grossly overpaid ‘franchise QB.’

  14. Indy(the city) is “nowheresville”. Everything shuts down early, there’s not much to do in the first place, and I watched a good friend of mine who’s of mixed parentage get treated like some kind of zoo exhibit there. Skip Indy and go to Chicago. Great pizza, great music.

  15. @polo550 – couldn’t have said it better myself! I too have been to Indy…a few times…a few times too many for my liking…still haven’t found anything to do in that lame city. Great, it’s clean…it also may be the most boring place in the nation…

  16. Well Colts, there’s one thing you didn’t get from us, our most valuable comodity: Eric DeCosta. He passed on a GM position with the Colts to stay in Baltimore because he truly understands what a stable and growing franchise we have in comparison to the debocle the Colts have become. Colts have spent the last 10 years as a one trick Pony with Manning being the only thing keeping the Colts alive. Take PM away and between a terrible D and a subpar running game (not to mention an obnoxious owner) the Colts would be drafting top 10 every year. Point in case: 2012. And most likely 2013-2015.
    Ps- go ask Ed Hartwell, Bart Scott, Will Demps, Dawan Landry, Adalius Thomas, Jim Leonard how it fares to leave Baltimore in their prime. We’re a system D and nobody fares well when they leave this system, I don’t care if you take the DC and make him a HC, it won’t be the same. Enjoy our backups and disposable players!

  17. Spin it all you want Rock…apparently Costa wasn’t ready or was too scared to move up to the big time and bright lights. Oh well…his loss. Grigs is a diamond in the rough and will do his due diligence and will make magic happen w/that franchise.

    And I predict Zibs and Redding will be just fine away from your ‘system D’ (overrated as it is.) These guys are consummate pros and would fit in and work well in any scheme. When Easy Ed is out for half the year (and likely mulling retirement the whole time) think about how you could’ve locked Zibs up but wouldn’t (or couldn’t….he was probably aching to get back to his Midwestern roots anyway.)

  18. @coltsluckdynasty you are truly embarassing your city and team buddy. Let me educate a fool:
    Old D? Take Reed and Ray Lewis out of the equation. Under 26- McClain, Webb, Cary Williams, Jimmy Smith, Bernard Pollard (close I think), McPhee, Ngata, Mount Cody… and that’s just the D. We can also look at budding talents in Ed Dickson, Torrey Smith (top 3 rookie WR), Ray Rice (top 3 RB), Marshall Yanda, and Jah Reid if you’d like. Oh and don’t forget D-POY in Suggs! Fact of the matter is, top to bottom, this team is stout and young. We have minimal holes, holes that surely your Ponies didn’t hurt by snagging up our sloppy seconds. So all in all, when the city of Indy sleeps at night thinking ONE prospective player in Luck can change their entire team (see Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell Vince Young, and Akili Smith) when the rest of the team is still in shambles (1 old WR, can’t dump overpaid Freeney, no TE, no RB, and a piss poor defense) everyone here in Baltimore will rest easy knowing we have a year in year out playoff caliber team who under Flacco is consistently in double digit wins and at least into the 2nd round of the playoffs. Enjoy a 3-13 season buddy.

  19. Indy fans talking trash lol. Pretty pathetic. You guys are the most fair weather fans ever, do you even sell out your joke of a stadium?

    The only history your team has came from its Baltimore days lol.

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