Woody Johnson says Tim Tebow hasn’t had much impact on business

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Woody Johnson was interviewed by FOX Business Channel on Tuesday and his comments about the decision to trade for Tim Tebow have generated some headlines.

Most of them focus on his response to a question about the role he played in pushing for the trade, which came shortly after Johnson compared Tebow to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“If he turns out to be a great player, I will take full accountability for that,” Johnson said.

It looks juicy on paper, but Johnson was laughing as he said it and went on to say that Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum are the ones making the football decisions. The more interesting portion of the interview came when Johnson downplayed the notion that Tebow’s impact on the financial bottom line played a big role in the decision to make the deal.

“Not really,” Johnson said. “Jerseys aren’t really our main line of business. Our main line of business is winning games. I expect if we do well, we will continue to sell. We’re pretty well sold out on PSLs despite what you read about.”

Two pretty big apparel companies just settled a fight about who had the right to profit from Tebow jersey sales, so it isn’t a particularly insignificant line of business even if the Jets aren’t looking at it that way.

20 responses to “Woody Johnson says Tim Tebow hasn’t had much impact on business

  1. IIRC revenues from apparel are shared amongst the entire league; and if that is correct then yes what he says is absolutely true: The signing of Tim Tebow had no impact on their bottom line from an apparel perspective.

    Might sell more tickets, which would have direct impact.

  2. I don’t know why people are so focused on thinking that everything Woody Johnson does revolves around selling tickets. The team has been sold out for decades and unless people stop using shampoo, baby powder, and band aids he’s hardly hurting for money.

  3. Jersey sales ARE insignificant when you born into and inherit $100s of millions of dollars. Tebow’s jersey sales is merely walking around money for Woody. Of course, I’m sure he’d be the first to tell you he’s a self made man. That kind of money in your life from day one seems to make people extraordinarily delusional.

  4. I’m pretty sure jersey rights & apparel sales are subject to league revenue sharing & thus all teams benefit more or less equally in that.

  5. Tebow isn’t about the material world. He’s your gateway to heaven Woody. And change that porn name of your please. The ‘Big Guy’ doesn’t like it.

  6. Considering this still unfinished off season what constitutes “football decisions” in jets land? Just wondering.

  7. Maybe not, but Sanchez jersey’s are still a favorite for wiping the ass of retards (in other words, people living in that crap hole called New York).

  8. Yeah Whatever Woody, Can’t wait till the tebow band aids, and Timmy’s best antifungal ball powder hit the shelves.

  9. Does anybody believe what Woody says like when he says the team wasn’t interested in Peyton Manning.

  10. I thought jersey sales were split equally among all NFL teams. That would make the issue of jersey sales irrelevant. But I do believe HBO cuts a check for Hard Knocks…

  11. Although jersey sales might add up to a fair bit of money, how much does one player (even one like Tebow) really impact jersey sales?

    Let’s face it, most people who buy a football jersey will make the decision to buy a jersey and will then choose which player to have on the back (if there is a choice). Hardly anybody will not want a jersey, but then will suddenly want one because of the possibility of having a particular player on it. Obviously there will be a few, but it will be a small minority.

    The real monetary value from having a player like Tebow is more likely to come from reinvigorating a fan base that is losing interest in the franchise. I’m not sure this is as applicable for the Jets as it would have been, for example, for the Jaguars.

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