Giants sign Sean Locklear


The Giants have added some depth to their offensive line with the addition of free agent Sean Locklear.

Locklear confirmed on Twitter this afternoon that he has signed.

“It feels great to be signed to a team again! Just signed with the G-Men! Can’t wait to get back and get started. God is Good!” Locklear wrote.

In the team’s announcement of the move, Locklear said he prefers to play right tackle and was told by the coaching staff that they expect him to “come and compete, just like everybody else.”

A 2004 third-round pick of the Seahawks, Locklear played in Seattle for six seasons before signing with the Redskins in 2011. Last year he played in eight games for Washington, starting four.

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  1. In the team’s announcement of the move, Locklear said he prefers to play right tackle and was told by the coaching staff that they expect him to “come and compete, just like everybody else.”
    -That’s why I love this orginization. They really don’t care who you are. From player 1 thru player 53 every spot is earned……except in the case of Matt Dodge, he had that job by default.

  2. perennialsinn21 says:Apr 11, 2012 5:13 PM

    This is why they won the superbowl nothing flashy just solid while the jets will contue to be the red headed step child.

    Thanks for posting that twice. I was having a hard time understanding the first comment without that period at the end.

  3. As a Seahawks fan watching him for years I’d say Locklear MIGHT be ok for NYG but he’s pretty inconsistent he’d be a great backup RT but if any G-Men fans are expecting a solid starter they may be disappointed. Again could be good depth I would expect him to win this competition they refer to.

  4. Congrats to the Giants for continuing to improve their team in the offseason. Nice to see that they aren’t resting on their laurels of OWNING the Patriots in the last two Super Bowls.

  5. As a Seahawks fan, I can say I don’t miss this guy. Ruskell drafted him thinking he would eventually replace Walter Jones. The dude was a RG in college. C’mon man!! Sure, he did OK when Hutch and Jones held the left side, but after Hutch left and big Walt got injured, this dude started to suck it up. Have fun with the penalties and the poor pass protection.

  6. Perfect pick up for the Gmen. Anyone who knows this aging o-line knows that this is a good fit and the kidd still has some years ahead of him. Don’t think he sucked on the Seahawks bc he lacked skills tho.

  7. Not to sound like a smartass but what other reason could it be? It wasn’t really an injury problem or scheme we were running a west coast short drop passing game so he didn’t even have to pass pro that long usually. I wasn’t too impressed w/his run blocking either. Dude just kinda sucks. I don’t know much about the Giants O line I just find it hard to believe he’s much of an upgrade but we’ll see I guess

  8. He is terrible. Got replaced by an undrafted rookie last year. Then again, maybe they want to learn about his former team that spanked them twice last year.

  9. what do you really expect from this guy, he couldnt even get resigned with the Skins and we are in dire need of OLinemen, that should tell ya something..

  10. why would anyone even doubt this signing from a giants perspective? reese is a genius gm, probaby the best in the nfl right now….he knows what he’s doing; and even IF the guy does suck….he gets cut in training camp. the giants cant lose on deals like this. whenever reese signs ANYONE it should be presumed that the move will more than likely work out in the giants favor…maybe not every time but definately most times.

  11. He’s an absolute bum a pure speed bump. Hopefully for the Giants sake he won’t reach the field. The Redskins signed him after a rash of P line injuries and he couldn’t beat out a rookie FA. BUM

  12. Wow, God’s really working overtime to improve NY football. If the NFL really wants to make football enjoyable, can they request that players stop injecting God into every sentence that comes out of their mouths? Or at least for once say, ” I really happy to be with the Giants and God had absolutely nothing to do with it!”

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