Jaguars confirm interest in Hard Knocks

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In a report earlier Wednesday about Jets owner Woody Johnson and coach Rex Ryan having different opinions about a return engagement on Hard Knocks, there was mention of the Jaguars’ interest in appearing on the HBO program.

The team confirmed the report to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.

“We did express interest, and at this point we don’t know what HBO’s plans are,” Jaguars spokesman Dan Edwards said.

The original report, from Adam Schein of, made no mention of the NFL’s interest in having the Jaguars appear on the show. There’s not quite as much ratings bait down in Jacksonville as there is with the Jets, but it’s easy to understand the team’s interest in being the training camp with cameras this year.

New owner Shad Khan has made several public statements about doing whatever it takes to generate interest in his team. Hard Knocks would do that, although, again, the makeup of the Jags’ roster might have HBO looking in different directions.

According to Schein, the Broncos turned down a chance to be on the show and the Ravens and 49ers are on the network’s wish list. The Ravens told the Baltimore Sun Wednesday that they haven’t been contacted about being this year’s entry.

51 responses to “Jaguars confirm interest in Hard Knocks

  1. Actually, Hard Knocks is a much better program when big selfish stars aren’t stealing the spotlight and the program focuses on the players trying to make the team. The Jet’s season of Hard Knocks was probably the worst Hard Knocks season of them all.

  2. I like the show… but can’t imagine why ANY NFL team would want them filming their inner business.

  3. Nationally it wouldn’t hold much interest I’m sure. Still, the Jaguars do have some intrigue. A new owner, coach and staff…MJD….a high level defense. A much maligned second year quarterback that stares down the criticism and refuses to blame others. It would be a great opportunity for the fan base of the most ignored team in the NFL.

  4. No doubt people would tune in just to see the quarterback competition between Henne and Gabbert. That’s ratings gold, right there.

  5. SF would be on my wish list although with all the moves, Bucs and Redskins wouldn’t be to bad.

  6. Since when does HBO care about ratings? They don’t sell advertising. They just care about subscriptions… they really don’t care of you watch or not.

  7. It’d be interesting and I’d watch. But at the same time, I’m more into watching a train wreck. Bring on the New York Jets!!

  8. Jags have a bright, funny group of players overall, but Gabbert would be the star. Blaine is NFL answer to David Beckham, when Becks was 22 and still waiting to be recognized worldwide.

    I think this is what Shad Khan has in mind. He sees the game from a global perspective. Gabbert has big time charisma. Watch the “Everything To Prove” series, if you don’t believe. You can’t have someone as dumb as Newton represent the sport.

  9. “nyyjetsknicks says:
    Apr 11, 2012 6:04 PM
    Nobody wants to see the Jags. Look at their attendence for proof.”

    That would mean a lot of peeps would like to see them. Now if you stated Tampa or Miami you would be right, but about Jacksonville you are pulling that out of thin air without looking at the facts.

  10. Definitely not the most popular team from a fan’s perspective, but if you are a struggling franchise without a loyal fan base it makes sense to me that being on the show would help them grow the fan base a little bit at least.

  11. From a Jag fan – no thanks.

    I’d rather achieve popularity through beating the crap out of teams like Baltimore on MNF like last year.

  12. Just keep the 49ers off of the show and I will be happy not to watch it; I don’t want to watch it and won’t but if the 9ers are on it I have to. Harbaugh is worse than Belichick, so it will never, ever happen. The 9ers owner has a god team and wants to win so he will stay out of the way and watch his new stadium grow by the day.

  13. YAWN, Jags will put us to sleep ……. we want Tebow, Rex, Sanchez, Cromartie, Woody for more laughs!!!!!

  14. I think Cam Newton and the Panthers would be good as long as Cam keeps his hand off HBOs camera equipment and computers

  15. @babyhorsemorgan,

    So Cam Newton is dumb??

    I guess learning a Chudzinski offense in 3 weeks and completing the best rookie season ever is something a dumb person could do.

    Get a life dude… Sunshine looked like Jimmy Clausen last year.

  16. honestly, i wouldnt hate it (because i have a relative who’s a fan of them), but it may not be as entertaining as the Jets due to the Tebow and Sanchez deal, though i think some fans will watch and see how Gabbert is and if he looks improved.

  17. “babyhorsemorgan says:
    Apr 11, 2012 6:50 PM
    Jags have a bright, funny group of players overall, but Gabbert would be the star. Blaine is NFL answer to David Beckham, when Becks was 22 and still waiting to be recognized worldwide.”

    The biggest problem with your comparison there is that Beckham actually had talent. Gabbert is a terrible quarterback. Even in college, he never produced. His predecessor at Missouri, Chase Daniel, threw for 3,681 yards with 42 TDs vs 9 INTs and ran for 1,529 yards with 18 TDs in his junior year. In his last season, also as a junior, Gabbert threw for 3,186, 16 TDs and 9 INTs, and ran solely on short yardage sneaks with just 28 yards and 5 touchdowns. The Jags drafted a haircut.

  18. Pete carroll. Ken Norton Jr. Matt Flynn and his super hot wife. Beast Mode and Skittles. Earl Thomas. Sidney Rice. Golden Tate. Mike Williams. Paul Allen. Schneider. The Seahawks have plenty of personalities and the finest facilities. Not to mention the new Nike unis. We need Hard Knocks up here

  19. The Jags, what, the Bengals weren’t interested?

    Figure skating would be more interesting.

  20. HBO doesn’t care if people watch because they sell subscriptions and not advertising? That might be single most stupid thing I’ve read on PFT all year, and that’s saying something!

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