Jets have new team president, but what does that mean?

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When we received the press release on Wednesday afternoon declaring that the Jets have hired a new president, my first reaction was to shrug.  Many teams have executives who run the business side of the franchise.

But then it occurred to me that, until we know whether long-time league office executive Neil Glat will try to influence directly or indirectly the football side of the operation, it’s impossible to know whether the introduction of a new personality into the upper reaches of the organization will create any type of friction.

In the announcement, owner Woody Johnson says that “[t]here were a number of highly qualified candidates.”  What does G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, who reportedly will still report directly to Johnson, truly think about Glat?  Was there another candidate Tannenbaum preferred?

For now, there’s no specific reason to think that change will be coming to the Jets.  But to the extent that Glat becomes a confidant/adviser to Johnson, Glat’s opinions of men like Tannenbaum and coach Rex Ryan could be a factor in the short-term and long-term future of the franchise.

Indeed, the last time the league office placed an executive as president as one of its teams, John Collins eventually made a failed run at former Browns G.M. Phil Savage.  For now, there’s no way for anyone on the outside to know what Glat eventually will do — and everyone on the inside will be saying only the right things.

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  1. Who cares….If Woody hired him, he can’t be good for the team. He is probably some advisor who will counsel Woody on how to get more face time on TV and on the back pages.

  2. As a Jets fan, I am done with Woody, owners getting involved on the football side of the buisness never works out…..and he is getting more and more involved; he is the ring leader of the circus.

  3. Headline should be Jets Bring In New Ringleader for the Circus from the NFL HQ. When asked about his new role Glat responded that there were far too many clowns for the current makeup of the circus known as the NJ Jets.

  4. I’ll tell you what this means.

    If the Jets tank it again this year, and Rex has no control over his players again, he’s gone. Mike Tannenbaum is gone too.

    And good ‘ole Woody won’t have to be the one to do it.

  5. What did Glat do at the league and why happened to the former team president (e.g. fired, retired)? These are relevant.

  6. Florid really does obsess over the Jets, doesn’t he? I bet if Rex buys new tires for his car, Florio will engage in the psychology of whether they’re summer-rated or all season tires. If Sanchez gets a new haircut, Florio will fantasize on whether Tebow had an influence on it. Geez.

  7. get all the digs in now jets haters….2 afc champ games in 3 years….and, oh, by the way….we’re gonna be just fine this year.

    lets talk more in the fall

  8. Former president was Matt Higgins who went to pursue a career in real estate or something like that.
    I seriously don’t understand the ‘worst owner’ statements. Jets have had ONE losing season in the six years tannenbaum has been in charge. Since Rex came, jets have won 4 playoff games and had one 8-8 season. As a jets fan, just the fact that 8-8 is considered a huge disappointment is enough to make you feel good about your franchise. Teams like cleveland, stl, Oakland etc celebrate 8-8 seasons. We have become fans who only remember the last few games and can’t think big picture. Imagine if the niners go to ANOTHER title game then have a messy year and go 8-8 will you look at harbaugh, York etc as a bad group????

  9. Matt Higgins was NOT the President, the Jets have not had a President since Jay Cross left for the Steven Ross group Related.

    They have been running with 3 EVP’s Tannenbaum for Football, Higgins for business and Sheeley for Finance.

    But yes, they appear to be lost in the leadership department, maybe Glat can right the ship on the business side and then we could afford to go to a game!

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