Jim Irsay calls Ryan Tannehill “a hidden gem in this draft”


Colts owner Jim Irsay has already tweeted that Andrew Luck is the Colts’ likely selection with the first overall pick in the NFL draft, but that isn’t stopping him from talking up another quarterback, Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill.

Irsay is not, however, suggesting that there’s any chance the Colts will take Tannehill. Instead, he’s saying that after the Colts take Luck and the Redskins take Robert Griffin III, some team will trade up with the Vikings and take Tannehill third overall.

“Tannehill is a hidden gem in this draft,a quiet secret who was always sneaking up to #3..you want him,you better talk to Zigi The Biggie!” Irsay wrote on Twitter.

“Zigi The Biggie” would be Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, whom Irsay apparently thinks is the person who will ultimately decide what Minnesota does with the third overall pick.

From all indications Irsay has been totally locked in on Luck for months, but he apparently likes Tannehill as well. And he’s not alone. Although few people viewed Tannehill as a Top 10 overall pick during his senior season at Texas A&M, over the last few months his profile has steadily risen, and now it doesn’t sound totally unreasonable that some team would offer the Vikings a package of picks to take Tannehill third. Whether Tannehill is a gem or not remains to be seen, but he’s no longer hidden.

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  1. How has his stock risen so much since the end of the season? He hasn’t played a single game and didn’t participate in the combine. I get that he’s gonna be a good player, but trading up to number 3 (dolphins) is way too risky

  2. This is the season for lies and deception for the NFL draft. This is a good example. I do however look for Miami to get Tannehill with that 8th pick.

    I’m thinking that the Browns should go Blackmon with the 4th pick and QB Weeden with the 22nd. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out!!

  3. Owning a team that’s bad enough to (twice) have the privilege of taking the consensus #1 pick doesn’t make you a great evaluator of QBs. It just means that you’ve learned how to write that kid’s name down within the required 10 minutes.

  4. Irsay’s learned his lesson about backup QBs. This draft, he intends to have an entirely QB draft. Luck round 1. Weeden round 2. Osweiler round 3. Cousins rd 4. Wilson round 5. Lock it up, championship!

  5. If he’s so special, then why don’t you draft him?? Otherwise, why are you flapping your gums about somebody else’s business??

  6. As much as almost every Dolphin fan hates Ireland there is one thing Ireland has never done as GM and that’s overvalue a player in the draft and overpay for a player. He always sticks to his guns and I seriously doubt he would ever trade up to 3 unless he was completly convinced Tannehill was a franchise QB.

  7. Back on Ireland for a second. When Phin fans were calling for ahmad bradshaw last season Ireland passed because he wanted too much money. So he swaped 6th round draft picks with the Saints and got Reggie Bush. Then when 90% of Phin fans wanted him to trade a 2nd for Kyle Orton he also passed and signed Matt Moore as a FA. How did those instances work out for Ireland and the Dolphins? I also recall a lot of fans wanting Mark Ingram in the 1st round but once again he passed for Mike Pouncey. Ireland is not a bad GM by any means and if you step back and look at the big picture he has actually done a pretty solid job.

  8. Jim Irsay & his tweets are growing tiresome. From a distance, he sure looks a moron with all these tweets… perhaps it is just perception, but he sounds like a teenager when he talks like that. Is it too much to ask, to raise the bar a little?

  9. ugh, why does everyone freak out about QB’s at the draft. Come draft day, I see 4-5 QBs going in the first three rounds. Tannehill will go too high (prob 8). Weeden and or Osweiler will fall to the third. All this talk of more than 3 QBs in the first round is just wrong. Last year was an anomely. Anyone remember how high everyone was on Clausen and McCoy…when did they get drafted?

  10. The good news for the Vikings, they are at least in a good situation. They either get a trade that will accumulate multiple picks or they get Kalil.
    I would be delighted, but surprised to see anyone trade up to #3 to get Tannehill.

    How good is this guy anyways? Seems like the media latches on and talks up the guy to create a story since the Luck and Griffin story line is dead.

  11. As long as the Colts don’t draft Akili Tannehill, i don’t care who drafts him. I’d rather have RGLeaf than Akili. Just glad the Colts are taking Luck.

  12. He has a point because Luck and Griffen III are overshadowing Tannehill and the rest of the QB class. But then again, this is Irsay a guy that was revealed that Manning was the Colts!

  13. Tannehill 19 starts at QB after switching from WR?

    I’d rather take a QB that switched to WR!

  14. Irsay is quickly making the colts the joke of the nfl. He isnt a talent evaluator or a football guy. Why would anyone cares what his evaluation of tannehill is? I, along with most other people who read this site are dog tired of hearing what Iraay tweets. No story. Move along.

    Irsay is way worse than any other owner in the NFL simply from his tweeting. Get a life Jim.

  15. Jim Irsay just tweeted that he’s going to the prom with Justin Bieber! OMG! LOLZ! Put down that smartphone, dumb man.

    Remember when rich guys talked through a spokesman, who filtered their nonsense then spun it to the public as something intelligent-sounding?

  16. Irsay helping Wilf … hmmm … trade off here somewhere … informational trickery for potential swaps later? …

    Or is this just someone who loves attention.

  17. Thumbs up if youre tired of Irsays Tweets and Twitter in general! Top ten worst invention ever, What ever would we do if we didn’t know everyones thoughts and gems of wisdom every day???

  18. Talk up a 3rd round pick to the first round and players of higher quality will fall to you at the first pick in round 2 and 3.

  19. Would this guy shut up already. He’s going to take Luck. Everyone knows it. Even if he doesn’t, he’s going to take Griffin, not Tannehill. This guy needs to lose all communication to the outside world. I respected Irsay for running such a great organization. After this off-season, all that changed. What an absolute putz.

  20. Rodger Goodell : With the 1st pick in the 2012 Nfl Draft. The Indianapolis Colts select ……….
    Andrew Luck: Here it goes. Im ready….
    Robert Griffen III : please dont pick me, please dont pick me, please dont pick me…..
    Rodger Goodel: Ryan Tannehill?
    Jim Isray: Ha! Fooled em’…. Legend

  21. How are you a hidden gem as a first round pick????

    Why not Ryan Lindley or Case Keenum??? GJ Kinne???

    The point is that hidden gems are the guys who are unknown or not expected to do anything!!!! Get your facts correct Mr. Irsay!!!!

  22. Tells me all I need to know about Irsay. Tannehill should not be taken early than say the 25th pick. He is not much better than Colt McCoy but argueably taller. His arm strength is two years out from being NFL ready and so are his reads.

    If Cleveland, Miami and Kansas City are smart they will take other players in the first and maybe just maybe trade back into the 1st late to take Tannehill. Personally it should be a 2nd round pick for Tannehill not a 1st. He very well could be a bust at QB but could make some team happy at WR.

  23. Gotta love a player who rises to the top of draft board when the season’s over and his play on the field can no longer tell his story.

    I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

  24. cserisey says:

    I am a life long Browns fan, and I will puke on myself if the Browns take this turd at number four.


    Any player your turd franchise and turd fan base takes will puke on himself. Hey, nice free agent haul, too! Cleveland Browns–the last resort.

  25. Every day we get closer to the draft Tannehill comes closer and closer to that girl in the bar at 2am. Either way, I wish the best for him as he seems like a good person.

  26. As a Browns fan all I can say is who knows. I am one of the few who admit I know zero about talent eval. If heckert drafts him do be it, he knows more than us.

  27. This is not about Tannehill’s talent. This is pure Cronyism from one billionaire scratching another’s back trying to stir up interest for a Trade Up. Cleveland takes Richardson, Dolphins take Coples, Chiefs take Tannehill. Case Closed!

  28. “As much as almost every Dolphin fan hates Ireland there is one thing Ireland has never done as GM and that’s overvalue a player in the draft and overpay for a player. He always sticks to his guns and I seriously doubt he would ever trade up to 3 unless he was completly convinced Tannehill was a franchise QB.”

    Huh?!! You mean taking a Center at #15 overall isn’t overvaluing?
    Trading up a round to take a slow high running RB is smart?

    Dude, Ireland is abysmal and is the definition of incompetent. I would not put it past him to trade up with MN to take Tannehill at #3.

  29. Jimmy irsay is as big a tool as was his father. It is almost enuf to make me feel sorry for the Indy fan base. Almost, but not quite. You all deserve each other. Thank G-d for Steve B. it was worth waiting 13 years to get a real owner.

  30. Irsay’s got to be the biggest case of “Born on third, thinks he hit a tripple case” in recent memory.

  31. k0mbucha, although you and others are correct to critisize wacko Irsay. He still has been a successful NFL owner since he has taken over from his father who equally if not more crazy. He still has a pretty classy organization. He seems to find the right people to make his franchise successful aside from there 2011 debacle. I look for another decade of winning. It can’t be luck, can it? Pun intended..

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