Justin Bannan returns to Denver


Justin Bannan, who started all 16 games at defensive tackle for the Broncos in 2010 then left for the Rams in 2011, is now returning to Denver.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Bannan has agreed to terms with the Broncos on a one-year deal.

Last year Bannan started 14 games on the Rams’ defensive line. He played for the Ravens from 2006 to 2009 and for the Bills, who selected him with a fifth-round draft pick out of the University of Colorado, from 2002 to 2005.

The move gives the Broncos a bit more depth at defensive tackle, where they also have Kevin Vickerson, Ty Warren, Ryan McBean and Mitch Unrein. It’s also a position the Broncos may address in the NFL draft.

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  1. Hopefully they don’t attempt to address the position in the NHL, MLB or NBA drafts.

  2. Yet another former Raven who looks very average when not playing with Lewis/Reed/Suggs etc etc

  3. If Denver could land two outta these five DT’s (Fletcher Cox, Jerel Worthy, Brockers, Brandon Thompson and Devon Still) it would really change the face of there defense.

    Whatabout bringing in Vince Young for a back up to Payton? Can’t be any worse than Henne.

  4. THERE IS NO CHANCE IN HELL DENVER BRINGS IN VINCE YOUNG. He is a cancer and Peyton Manning would rather shine shoes than have to deal with that headache. Manning wants a backup that will come in on days off, and watch film for 12 hours, or work on the field, and work out details of game strategy and QB stuff like that. Vince would rather be at a strip club, or plotting his next disappearing act.

  5. We in Denver want nothing to do with V.Y. How can you have the dumbest backing up the smartest?

  6. Cox and Brockers will in all likelihood be gone when Denver picks at 25. Worthy will probably be there and they’ll quite possibly take him. If they don’t take a DT in the first, they very likely could get a guy like Thompson in the second. But they won’t take two players at the same position in the first and second rounds. They have too many other needs, including CB and RB. As for a QB, they’ll take one in the draft but they won’t be signing any more via free agency, and they definitely won’t be signing Vince Young. It’s doubtful anybody else will, either.

  7. No rookie will be enough to help the dreadful donkey rush defense. Manning made a grave mistake going to this talent lacking team. He can’t score enough points to win with this collection of “players”.

  8. Wanna beat the Broncos next year? Run it up the middle agains their weak defense to keep ball out of Manning hand or knock manning neck out of game Hanie in. Win. Wash rinse repeat. 8-8 with Elways teeth making excuses at end of year. ALL ABOARD THE FAIL BOAT!!

  9. Denver’s “dreadful rush defense” was best in the AFC west in yards per attempt and second in yards per game (4 ypg behind the Chargers). They also gave up less yards per attempt than the super bowl champ Giants. They had the sixth most rushing attempts against per game. This is because other teams knew Tebow couldn’t move the ball and played ball control. Expect that to change with a competent QB that can convert on third down, cross midfield, and get leads. This rush defense will be better without a single player upgrade (which will also get done, obviously).

    Or you can just talk smack and not look at facts. Whichever.

  10. Imagine if Denver had real tackles to compliment their outside pass rushers.

  11. Here some facts the only interior lineman that had any sacks was the one that is suspended for ‘performance enhancers’. 22 in yards on ground gaven up, 20 in total yards gaven up, 24th in points gaven up per game…yeah real elite. A aging secondary. Plus a qb that has a suspect line and is coming off a year he didnt play due to neck injury. The giants def not that great so I wouldn’t compare them to giants since they are head ans shoulders above this team. Time to take the orange blue sunglasses off. Oh another fact? No other qb has won a super bowl with two teams. Just not going happen in denver folks.

    Or you can just talk smack and not look at facts. Whichever.

  12. What does interior linemen getting sacks have to do with rush defense? They have elite edge rushers, they don’t need interior linemen to make plays on the QB.

    And I never said the defense was elite. Far from it. I was only saying that they were better than commentors such as yourself were giving them credit for. So don’t put words in my mouth and argue against them.

    An aging secondary? Sure, last year. But Tracy Porter is 25. Quinton Carter, Raheem Morris, Chris Harris, Cassius Vaughan all young defensive backs. Last I checked Champ made the Pro Bowl again.

    A lot of the reason the offensive line was “suspect” was because Tebow got rid of the ball slowly and vastly overestimates his ability to improvise. These are not qualities of Peyton Manning.

    If you don’t think the Giants defensive line is all that great, tell it to the pundits at every single network who were talking them up the entire 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. I’m sure you have much more football expertise than them. Oh, tell it to Tom Brady too.

  13. Here’s a fact for you acanniv:

    The man who was in charge of that defense is the new Oakland Raiders head coach.

    Dennis Allen will stop your Donkeys cold…not talking smack, just stating facts.

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