No progress between Welker, Pats

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Drew Brees and Matt Forte aren’t the only franchise players who are no closer to signing a contract.

Tom Curran of reports that the Pats and receiver Wes Welker have made no progress toward a new deal.

Welker, who could sign a one-year, $9.5 million contract at any time, wants a long-term deal.  The Pats would surely be willing to give him one, but the two sides need to find a common ground.

The challenge for the Pats is to gauge the value of a five-foot, nine-inch slot receiver who turns 31 next month.  Though Welker has churned up plenty of stats over the last five years, he’s not as indispensable as a young, tall, fast guy who commands double coverage and still catches the ball when confronting it.

Curran also points out that reality that guys like Welker and Brees and Forte won’t be “holding out” of voluntary workouts because they aren’t under contract.  Even if they were, they’re not required to show up for voluntary workouts.  I said something similar earlier today on PFT Live, and there’s really not better spot than right here to drop the special code that puts a small TV screen in your browser.

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42 responses to “No progress between Welker, Pats

  1. I disagree with the opinions in this article. You show me who in the draft or elsewhere in the league can basically guarantee you the stats this guy has put up the last several years. He is one of the quickest guys in the NFL and is probably the top-ranked slot receiver to ever play the game.

    This is from a Dolphins fan who thought we had a steal when we traded him for a 2nd round pick.

  2. If you look at his stats from the past year, he was the second best receiver in the league behind megaton, and these past 5 years have been tremendous. He deserves better than the what Richard Seymour and Asante Samuel got from the Pats.

  3. Hey Florio, any news on Dwayne Bowe and the Chiefs workin something out? I not heard anything anywhere about it. Is he gonna sign? Holdout?

  4. First off, Wesley Welker is a BEAST! The #’s he has put up are ridiculous, regardless of what team he’s on or whose been throwing him the ball. He is 31, but he has at least two, maybe three years with those same gaudy stats we’re accustomed to. Why not a four year deal, 15 million guaranteed with a decent chunk as a signing bonus?

  5. I’m curious what the guy is asking for… While he is very good, I’m just not sure he would be as much of a stud on a another offense…

  6. I understand Welker…I think Bellicheks history speaks for itself on these issues. Will be surprised if he extends – equally surprised if Wes holds out. Can you see him as successful in another system?

  7. Rocky Bleier caught that same pass in Super Bowl XII:

    Against a better defense. With only half a foot because of getting blown up in Vietnam.

  8. He’s just putting one foot in front of the other.
    You have to be careful when dipping your toes in the water with something like this. Although I don’t know if this would qualify as welker putting his best foot forward.

    But then again if the shoe were on the other foot? Maybe.

  9. I like Welker, but this is not the appropriate image of him to use in a story about his unwillingness to sign a $9.5 million deal. Life is way harder than this.

  10. Why is franchised players not getting deals a news story? The draft is a couple weeks away, that should be every teams priority. The franchised players can’t go anywhere else so there is no rush to get to them before the draft.

    If their deals were that easy to finish they would have been signed before they were franchised.

  11. It would be foolish to sign a 31 year old receiver to a long term contract, let alone a guy whose had knee problems and only stands 5′ 9″.

    Welker is looking for that ride into the sunset contract that most teams don’t give anymore, especially teams that have a dynamic duo at tight end.

    Good luck Wes, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  12. No progress between Brees and Saints, Flacco and Ravens, Welker and Pats or Forte and the Bears, what do you bet they all sign on the first day of NBA playoffs just to piss off the basketball people…hahhaha

  13. who turns 31 next month

    And there you have it.

    We all love Welker as Pats fans, but Bill isn’t going to tie up big money on him for years into the future.

    That’s not part of the formula for keeping the team in contention every year.

  14. This might not work out, the pats could make him expendable by drafting Kendall wright late in the first round. His 40 time and abilities are very comparable to welker

  15. Neither side wants to cave. Welker’s best hope might in fact be only a 3 year deal. I think he should count himself rather fortunate if he gets a 3 year deal. He’s wicked nuts if he thinks he’s gonna do any better than that. Don’t be a Branch or others who are still on the roster because they’re cheap labor. You’re better than that.

  16. You catch that ball in the 4th quarter of the Big Game, and Mr. Kraft would be saying, “How much, and how many years? Done.”

  17. Welker faces double coverage on the majority of plays and catches more passes than anyone in the league. He’s worth every cent.

    Hard to argue he’s slowing down when he just had the best season of his career. But hey, it’s “just stats” it’s not like he’s a game changing player right?

  18. the dilemma facing the pats is with Welker, not unlike Faulk and Light is you have a guy who completely bought into the program. The Pats now must make the decisions based on the value of that “buying in” as well as production. Personally I want them to pay the man. One of the greatest work ethics in the sport.

  19. Good God Wes, take the 9.5 mil for one year and run. You will never make that much again and sure won’t ever get what you’re worth from that cheap@ss team.

  20. The Patriots have a dogmatic approach to their designated franchise players.

    1. Welker can elect to sign or not sign his one year salary guarantee. The Patriots will not use undue influence (monetary or nonmonetary) to force his hand.

    2. ThePatriots will not sign Welker prior to him signing the tender (the Asanate Samuel situation led to a much harder line with Logan Mankins) unless he agrees to their number. Nor is their any chance that the Patriots will withdraw their franchise contract tender and allow Welker to immediately revert to an unrestricted free agent.

    3. The Patriots signed their insurance policy in Anthony Gonzalez. Their back-up to the back-up plan is Julian Edelman. Neither player is close to Welker but the Patriots just need these players to get them through the start of the season when the franchised player player has the leverage to sit out. Welker is unlikley to sit out any games and surely won’t sit out the whole season. Worst case, the Patriots would have Welker back healthy for the stretch run and playoffs. This strategy only backfires if the Patriots have a rough start and fail to make the playoffs. However, the chance of Welker forgoing half of his 2012 franchise tender (like Mankins) is nil.

    In short, this is a non-story.

  21. Welker should walk, the guy can flat out ball. I dont care if he is 5 foot nothing and turns 31. The Pats should pay the guy but they wont because they think they can just slide someone else in there and get the same results. I dont think so. I guess if your name is not Brady you do not get the long term deal, which is a real shame.

  22. Running the football operations of an NFL franchise is capital budgeting. 95% of the worth of the franchise is in the personal service contracts which a team invests in, just like a manufacturer invests in machinery. As such, there’s ROI over a span of time to consider when deciding basic philosophy and how to turn that into purchasing “capital assets”.

    So I can only imagine that a great GM has every player gridded out, with all the constraints in place(global salary cap/floors, collectively bargained player minimums), what their worth is, interconnectivity with other players, etc etc etc. And this is out over 3-4 years. So it becomes a concrete, fiscally bounded block. And the decisions pretty much decide themselves once all the characteristics are fed into The Matrix and a specific scenario is pinged against it.

    So signing up a Welker, or a Forte, or a Brees, or anybody depends not only this year, but all the years ahead and the ever present constraints of all years. The decision to sign Welker at X amount for three years might be impacted by the salary FLOOR constraint in year 3. Who knows?

    It’s about future worth through the gauntlet of future fiscal reality and 50 constraints. If the most logical max offer is 1 year $9M, then that is what it is.

    Anyway, the arguments that player Y has been a “stud” over the last five years means nothing about how they will play over the next 2-3 years. Sports have pretty much figured out the most valuable period for players is 25-27, the crossover of the most youth coupled with experience. Maybe about 1% buck that reality and have long, HOF caliber careers. So I am sure that being 31 in the 99% plays a big role in the basic assessment of value in Welker’s case. If Belichick was as sentimental as the average fan, he’d have no rings and losing record.

  23. toolkien says:
    Apr 12, 2012 9:33 AM
    If Belichick hadn’t cheated by filming defensive signals, he’d have no rings and losing record.
    Fixed it for you.

  24. Pats fans better hope they get him resigned. Belichick is pretty bad in his drafts. Yeah he got those 2 TE’s but what else lately?

    An annual defensive back bust in the first 2 rounds, and bi annually WR bust, and QBs who don’t even get activated for games and can’t beat a UDFA out as a backup. You figure they’d trade some of their 30 draft picks to move up and get some real talent.

  25. irishgary says:
    Apr 12, 2012 7:14 AM
    Welker knows his team is on the downslide.

    We have been hearing that for the last six years.

  26. randallflagg52 says:
    Apr 12, 2012 10:16 AM
    Pats fans better hope they get him resigned. Belichick is pretty bad in his drafts. Yeah he got those 2 TE’s but what else lately?

    An annual defensive back bust in the first 2 rounds, and bi annually WR bust, and QBs who don’t even get activated for games and can’t beat a UDFA out as a backup. You figure they’d trade some of their 30 draft picks to move up and get some real talent.
    While I tend to agree overall with your assessment of Belechick’s drafts as of late, he has had some gems too. And the Pats just went to the SB again, so lets not all act like they’ve gone 4-12 that last couple seasons. If Mayo/McCourtey didn’t regress so much we all may be sining a diff tune. Barring injuries, it will be fun to see how Ridley, Vereen, Ras Dowling, Spikes and Co turn out this year. I say they take a flyer on J.Jenkins in the draft if he falls, the Pats have enough veteran/coaching leadership to give it a try.

  27. lightofkolob says:
    Apr 12, 2012 12:29 AM
    Well if they refused to take care of Randy Moss….
    … yeah, and obviously that was a bad move, as Moss has about 10 catches since they let him go.

  28. May as well let him go, they got a motivated Ochocinco coming into camp this year… hahahahahaha!!!

  29. bozosforall says:
    Apr 12, 2012 10:07 AM

    Didn’t the nuns teach you that the way to deal with your Bill Belichick fetish was to wear sandpaper mittens to bed?

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