Panthers’ Thomas Davis: I’ll play 19 games, including the Super Bowl

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As Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis recuperates from his third torn ACL, his goal isn’t to get on the field for one game, and it’s not even to play all 16 games. What Davis wants is to play every game, from Week One through the first Sunday in February.

Davis told the Athens Banner-Herald that not only is he confident he’ll fully recover from yet another knee surgery, but he’s also confident that the Panthers are going to be the best team in the NFL this year.

I am looking forward to playing the full 19-game season and winning the Super Bowl,” Davis said.

Davis has played in a grand total of nine games over the last three seasons, and it is believed that if he gets back on the field this year he’ll be the first player in NFL history to return after three ACL tears. So playing even one game would be impressive.

Nineteen games, including the Super Bowl? That’s a lot to ask, but Davis sounds confident.

“I see us finishing our season in New Orleans and I don’t mean playing the New Orleans Saints,” Davis said. “I’m looking forward to getting a healthy team back together and everyone gelling. I think that we can make a strong push to the playoffs and possibly to the Super Bowl.”

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  1. Hope it doesn’t happen, but what if… I can’t imagine the terrible luck this guy has if it happens again. Some players are just more prone to injury than others.

  2. Easy kitty cat wr thought we be bad asses too after freeman rookie yr easy film is out on cam newton easy kitty nice dreams might be a nightmare for you all

  3. Even if he’s healthy and the Panthers do go to the Super Bowl, there’s no way he’s playing in 19 games this year. He’s going to get at least a four game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy after these comments.

  4. Having a healthy T.D. and Beason will do wonders for the Panther’s D. Now the Panthers need a DT or two to give them a chance to make plays for those 19 games. A new starting CB is needed as well.

  5. If those Panthers linebackers can stay healthy this year, they might be just as scary as the 49ers linebackers.

  6. That is so precious. The Panthers playing through February, really dude? First things first, win more than 6 games in the regular season, try if you will to win the division, and then, and only then, think about the Saints. You’re really not on their level yet.

  7. gotambabay52:
    Thank you. I know I speak for everyone when I praise the eloquence of your wit & wisdom, & your absolute mastery of the English language. I agree with what I think you may indeed be trying to say (slow down Mr. Thomas). We salute you for treating us to a candid glimpse at what a dyslexic Yoda with Tourette’s Syndrome might actually sound like.

  8. Taking a page from Rex Ryan?

    No thanks…..let that man roll solo in his Toejam and Earl ways…..

  9. Lets face it,the Saints still own the NFC South, an dont forget that .Cam is just as bad as Josh Freeman, they both are bottom tier QB’s in the NFL an they’ll never win more than 6 games a year.Good luck with that though, TD

  10. Hate to tell you this, Thomas, but you’re not going to any playoff games much less SuperBowls until Cam drops the Superman BS and takes the towel off his head and starts leading and thinking about TEAM instead of ME. Near as I can tell from Cam’s off-season behavior, he’s still in cultural icon mode. It’s a shame, all this ego stuff, a crying damn shame.

  11. Pinch that man, he’s sleeping, like Christopher Williams song, don’t wake me I’m dreaming !!!

  12. I won’t make fun of him. People were dissing Matthew Stafford last year for saying he will play in more than 16 games. He did that.

    Personally I don’t see it. I think a rebuilding team takes about 3 years to go from #1 pick to playoffs. But I could be wrong. This team is pretty fun to watch and I hated Cam coming out of college.

  13. What’s he supposed to say?? That he expects to get injured or that his team won’t go all the way?

    Come on, people. This is the attitude every player should have when being asked this question. (Not a Panthers fan btw)

  14. Careful for what u ask for. You might only play 19 more games in your career, considering your health history…

  15. Hey Saints 25,

    Time to put the bags back on your head! You had a nice little run and finally put some people in the stands. However, dont forget that twenty five year run where you guys were the laughing stock of the NFL year after year. It’s time for the brown bagger look. I look forward to TD getting MVP in Super Bowl in your stadium!

  16. That’s a tight division there. The Saints drama could either galvanize that squad or it may be something that causes them to stumble this year. We’ll see. The Falcons have been unimpressive in recent years, but they could be a force to be reckoned with if they work on their inconsistency. Tampa could improve if Schiano brings that much needed discipline to town. Thats a tough divisional hill to climb.

    I believe that every player should feel this way. SuperBowl or bust EVERY year. Besides this is the new look NFL and you generally only get 3 years to prove it before your coach gets canned or the roster gets dismantled.

  17. First of all, this is exactly the mentality any competitor should have. Secondly, you’d think all the Saints had just won the Super Bowl with all these homers chiming in about ‘owning’ the division. You’ve won it exactly one consecutive year and then got bitch smacked by the 49ers to follow up a playoff loss to the 7-9 Seahawks in the prior year. And that one Super Bowl won u all keep milking doesn’t erase 4 decades of futility. Can’t wait to see Cam Newton light up that weak-sauce secondary twice this year.

  18. @slammincamnewton

    must be a disgruntled Falcons/Saints/Bucs fan.

    To the contrary, I’m a diehard Panthers’ fan who wants to see Cam grow up and mature into the elite QB he could be IF he’d turn off the ME and became the TEAM leader every true elite QB becomes.

  19. Whats he supposed to say? I hope i get hurt? i dont wanna go to the super bowl? I will never understand why fans of other teams comment on this board. Losers. and as far as the freeman comments go, if cam only produces 2/3 of what he did last year, it will still be better than freemans best season. I’d take that.

  20. man, yall Saints fans are really something else… There must be something in the water down there, (other than the mud, muck, oil, waste; everything else that floats up from the ground when it rains), (by the way, who in the heck lives on a coastal town 20 feet under the sea level?)… Either way, we’ve all come to know stupid people usually flock together and live together.

    Yall really are some interesting folks. Try some humility and stop being jerks to everyone not form New Orleans and maybe bad things will stop happening to your city, (and now your football team)

  21. He must be
    1. Related to Rex Ryan in some capacity, or
    2. He is talking about playing Madden Football on the PS3.
    3. He is just a complete fool.

    Any choice is appropriate. Most likely # 3.

  22. “gotampabay52 says:
    Apr 11, 2012 9:52 AM
    Easy kitty cat wr thought we be bad asses too after freeman rookie yr easy film is out on cam newton easy kitty nice dreams might be a nightmare for you all”

    Can you understand, the words, that are coming out of my mouth??

  23. Pilot…..c’mon man!!! You can’t trash the City of New Orleans because we feel your team is not ready for prime time. You say, y’all are the best team in the NFL, okay….following your logic, based on what, your performance last season? Being positive about your team is one thing, but going all “Rex Ryan” on us is kinda weird. “Show Us The Money” pal.

  24. Did he just say the Panthers are going to win the division, get a first round bye, sweep through the playoffs, and get to the Super Bowl????

    Wow. Um, I think the Washington Redskins will have something to say about that.

  25. I absolutely LOVE this attitude. The second and third ACL tears were freak accidents. If nothing else, the law of averages should be in his favor. I hope he does play in 19 games in the 2012 season.

    I understand why the team feels like they can be contenders. New England made it to the Super Bowl with an attrocious defense. Our offense is loaded – Cam, Double Trouble, Tolbert, Olsen, the newly-minted Steve Smith will light up scoreboards all year. Our special teams, the worst in the world last year, has been re-stocked with good special teams guys, some of which are going to contribute on defense. If our defense gets even a little bit better, we’re right there in the playoff hunt. Sorry Saints fans, your team is going to implode. Matt Ryan has never won anything, and that college guy in Tampa is going to have a rude awakening. The division is open for the taking. I expect the Panthers to take it.

  26. To all those Saints fans who think they still own the NFC South, i got one word ya: karma. LeBron couldnt handle being the villian, and it remains to be seen how your guys handle it… good luck with you coaching situation 🙂

  27. johnnycash19 says:
    Apr 11, 2012 11:35 AM
    I won’t make fun of him. People were dissing Matthew Stafford last year for saying he will play in more than 16 games. He did that.

    Personally I don’t see it. I think a rebuilding team takes about 3 years to go from #1 pick to playoffs. But I could be wrong. This team is pretty fun to watch and I hated Cam coming out of college.
    Just to help you out. the Falcons. (no im not a Falcons Fan)
    2007 2007 NFL NFC South 4th 4 12 0

    2008 2008 NFL NFC South 2nd 11 5 0

    Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Cardinals) 30–24 Matt Ryan (ROY)(they actually made the playoffs with a rookie who was the 3rd pick in the draft that year)
    and Mike Smith (COY)(new coach)

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