Rams sign Trevor Laws


Former Eagles defensive tackle Trevor Laws tweeted Wednesday evening that he has joined the St. Louis Rams. Citing league sources, Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has confirmed the news and reports that Laws agreed to terms a one-year deal.

Laws, who turns 27 before the season, tallied 20 tackles and a sack as a reserve lineman in Philadelphia last year. He was a disappointment as the 47th overall pick in the 2008 draft, but the Rams need defensive tackles to bolster an annually poor run defense.

Laws, who will compete for playing time next to Kendall Langford in St. Louis, was the No. 75 overall player on the PFT Hot 100.

14 responses to “Rams sign Trevor Laws

  1. I don’t even know what to think about Trevor Laws. He really never showed anything that proved he was a bust or that he was going to be great. Lots of potential, but just pedestrian performance. Best of luck with the Rams. If anything I enjoyed hearing you on the radio every once in a while…

  2. Who cares about this pot smoking food queer!!! All he cared about in Philly was how to cook and really didnt care about football. He could although make a killer sourdough dipping bowl. Worst pick ever!!!! Well next to Ryan Leaf this is, but second to worst pick ever. Have fun J Fisher with this D-bag, not unless he is cooking for you every evening.

  3. I have to disagree to agree with this signing. I think Laws is the worst pick ever. So I will have to over rule your response.

  4. The Rams will.get more production out of him then the Eagles did. When he first got in the league he seemed to lack drive . Last year he looked like a different guy. He gained a lot of muscle nd was in a lot better shape. He def played better last yr nd might be a a good addition if he kept his training up.

  5. Never knew when this guy was on the field. ‘Average’ would be a compliment. Glad to see him move on, and hopefully he can do something, anything, with the Rams.

  6. As a Eagles fan all i can tell you STL fans is your hair will go gray trying to figure this guy out . He will look like a bum one minute and a beast the next one . Last year was his best year so maybe he’s turning the corner finally… Good luck Laws.

  7. Laws would make a great end in the 3-4. In the 4-3 however he lacks the strength to be an every down guy.

    Given the chance i think he can be a really good pass rusher, but he kills you against the run. He was clearly out played by Landri last year and thats why the birds let him go.

    Laws is a good person and seemed to try pretty hard so i hope he does well in st louis

  8. First of all the man rarely got on the field food us , but when he did he was decent . No way he was a bust ,and to half the people up here saying he was is that because you didn’t here his name as much . Check the tape on the guy before you try and destroy his reputation. He will have a chance to produce in St. Louis . Good luck Trevor hope you have much success, except when you play us .

  9. High octane alright. So glad we got djax with our next pick to redeem ourselves.

  10. Can you believe the Eagles actually drafted Trevor Laws before DeSean Jackson. Man, Howie Roseman really needs to step his draft game up.

  11. Truthfully another D Line bust for Reid…Jerome McDougal, Brandon Grahm, Broderick Bunkly…(never played well here) and was replaced by 4th rounder from West Virginia I believe. Corey Simon ….ahhh ate himself into a bad back…..

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