Report: Cowboys have discussed trading Felix Jones

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The emergence of DeMarco Murray last season could spell the end of Felix Jones’ run in Dallas.

Calvin Watkins of reports that the Cowboys have had internal discussions about trading Jones and that it “wouldn’t surprise anyone” if he’s let go should the Cowboys take a runner in the middle rounds of the draft to serve as Murray’s complement next season. Jones entered last season with hopes of being the Cowboys’ featured runner, but injuries limited him to 12 games and 575 yards.

It didn’t help Jones that Murray burst on the scene when given an opportunity thanks to Jones’ injury. Given a chance to start in Week Five thanks to Jones’ sprained ankle, Murray set a single-game Cowboys record with 253 yards and had the second-longest touchdown run in Cowboys history when he went 91 yards for a score. Murray finished the year with 897 yards and missed the last three games with an ankle injury. His average of 5.5 yards per carry ranked second in the league among players with at least 50 carries.

Jones has shown more than a few flashes of talent since joining the Cowboys as a first-round pick in 2008, but he has only been able to stay healthy for an entire season once. He’s only a year older than Murray, but 2012 is the last year of his contract and his future probably lies elsewhere if he has any designs on being the main man in a backfield.

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  1. I love the guy, but if we can get something for him this year instead of letting him walk next year. Do it. Murray is the future. We need a beater to be the number 2 behind him.

  2. Dallas needs d-backs, Detroit needs RB depth, swap Alphonso Smith for Felix Jones. Change of scenery for both may be what they need to progress.

  3. He’s tradable???

    I remember how blazing fast he was out of college. Now he looks too thick or slower than he should be.

  4. Why would anybody trade more than a couple of kicking tees and some rolls of tape for Felix Jones? He has not been a stellar performer in Dallas because he cannot stay on the field and running backs can be found in the mid and later rounds in the draft. Maybe the Cowboys are looking to pick up an extra 6th round pick?

  5. What can you possibly get in return? He is quick, but much too injury prone. I remember watching him get drafted and a Cowboys fan friend of mine was livid. “shoulda taken f*¢*¡ng Mendenhall!” Ahhh fun times. Jerruh should really start going against his gut instinct. Pretty sure he’d roll the dice on Tannehill #1 overall. Lol

  6. Tashard Choice
    Jamaal Charles
    Kevin Smith
    Steve Slaton
    Felix Jones
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Chris Johnson
    Darren McFadden
    Jonathan Stewart RB
    Matt Forté
    Ray Rice
    Ryan Torain
    Tim Hightower
    Justin Forsett

    All in the same draft.
    Just goes to show how easy it is to find a good RB these days … and how quick they can vanish.

  7. i wouldn’t be against the skins using one of their late round picks for him, he has that one cut speed that would be great for their offense

  8. What value is there for a”#1 back” who hasn’t had “#1” production nor “#1” health on a #3 team? 7th round? McFadden has been a bust, too and a good client of mine who happens to be a Raiders fan feels like if they can get a 5th rounder for him they should take it. Mix that with the lessening in value for runningbacks and you have a bust that will net you nothing.

  9. Too earlier to trade Felix. With the Cowboys’ recent luck, if they do they will lose all of their other RBs on the roster by Week 8.

    Don’t do it, Jerry. Tashard Choice was a decent insurance policy for a few years; Felix should be the same for at least 2012 so we can see how Murray recovers.

  10. Not sure they would get much for him, but a fourth or fifth round pick would be cool. Plenty of middle round RBs available like LaMichael James.

  11. While everybody is praising Demarco,I think he has all the makings of being injury prone!!!! What Dallas is doing is replacing one bad ankle for another!!!!

  12. Not sure how much he’s owed, but it seems foolish to release him even if Dallas does add a RB in the draft. It’s not like he’s been completely ineffective when on the field, and with DeMarco’s injury last year, depth at RB will be important for them.

  13. Who in the hell would trade for a small RB who has not been able to stay healthy every year he played? Which is why the Cowboys are thinking of trading him to begin with! I doubt the Cowboys will get a trade offer for him…Only way a team would take a chance is if they’re is no risk..Which would mean nobody is giving up draft picks. They would sign him if he is released and a team could sign him for cheap!

  14. I had a chance to meet Jones a couple years back, very nice guy. I think Dallas should not trade him if they get only a 5th round pick, he is a decent player. I think Garrett should call some plays for Jones to get him into open space. I like James from Oregon, if he is available, but it is a gamble if he sticks later on draft day and Dallas needs RB depth.

  15. Sledgehorn, that is one the more eye popping posts I’ve seen in a while. Anyone who thinks the Bears should pony up to Forte after reading that is insane. They are truly like tissue paper.

  16. Why does everyone bust on Felix’s injuries and ignore DeMarco’s. He went down like a mermaid, I thought he broke both ankles. Two decent guys, it’s broken but don’t fix it.

  17. Really couldn’t get anything for Felix. I’d prefer that Dallas keep him, anyway, just in case.

  18. The Bills should offer Tashard Choice, a 7th round pick, and a pair of isotoner gloves autographed by O.J.. Might be too much.

  19. ericn42000 says:
    Felix Jones is the absolute worst RB in Cowboys history. What a waste of a 1st rd pick…….BUUUUUST


    Not really – Sherman Williams – 1st Rd out of Alabama, Julius Jones – 2nd Rd., Darryl Clack – ASU – 2nd Rd., Curvin Richards – Pitt 4th round, Derrick Lassic – Alabama 4th Rd.. That is naming only a few weak RBs on the Cowboys. Was Jones picked too high? In hindsight – yes, but he is still a dynamic player.

  20. Felix doesn’t suck, but in typical Dallas fashion they have exhibited no clue as to how to use the guy. Never should have been drafted so high with aspirations to be a feature back. If anyone is to blame for how far Felix’s stock has fallen, it’s the inept Cowboys organization and that idiot Jerry Jones.

    If Felix’s football career fades away, he’d be one heck of a Dave Chapelle body double.

  21. Whatever he once might have been, what he is now is a north-south runner who runs to — and into — blockers instead of running to daylight.

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