Report: Woody, Rex at odds over Hard Knocks

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Gang Gripe keeps finding new sources of potential conflict.  The latest comes from the ongoing application of the time-honored concept, “If you can’t beat ’em, wave your arms and yell really loud instead.”

According to Adam Schein of, Jets owner Woody Johnson and coach Rex Ryan disagree on whether the team should open its doors to the Hard Knocks series in 2012.  Amazingly, Rex is the one pushing for discretion.

Per Schein, Johnson has told HBO that he wants the Jets to do the show.  (Schein also reports that the Jaguars have volunteered for the assignment.)  Johnson hopes to dominate the local headlines in August, taking attention away from the Giants and baseball.  Rex, however, wants to get away from the circus atmosphere, an ironic sentiment given that he’s been the primary barker every since taking the job.

Hopefully Johnson can at a minimum get NFL Films to capture the in-house debates regarding whether to do the show.

68 responses to “Report: Woody, Rex at odds over Hard Knocks

  1. It’s hard to “get away from the circus atmosphere” when you wake up every morning a clown.

  2. Yeah, give it to the Jags. I want to see if the coaches prepare the team for regular games by putting tarp over parts of the spectator areas next to the practice fields, or importing fans of other teams to watch practice and boo the Jags players.

  3. Big surprise. Woody Johnson is ONLY interested in lining his pockets hence the new stadium and now Tebow. If he cared about the fans one iota, he’d be behind Sanchez and have done more than absolutely nothing to acquire a NFL caliber running back for the guy. How Jets’ fans remain fans of this team is a complete mystery.

  4. Why hire Tim Tebow and the claim that Hard Knocks would bring too much attention?

    Tebow’s presence alone with have the Jets organization scrutinized by the media 24/7 this season. They might as well go ahead and do Hard Knocks. When you reach the media saturation point that Tebow has, adding another few hours of tv to the mix isn’t really going to change much.

  5. HBO should never repeat teams. We’ve already seen Cowboys Hard Knocks twice, Jets again would be the same ol’ junk: Rex running his mouth, but add in the Tebow element.

    Give other teams a chance. How about you showcase a team like San Francisco or Houston–teams who broke out last season and hope to keep the momentum going.

  6. For good or for bad … no team would generate the interest the Jets would. And that means $$$$$ … so it will happen, cause the NFL is all about the $$$$$.

  7. I think I’d rather see the Jaguars this time around. With the new owner and a relatively anonymous team it’ll be the football stories that take center stage and that’s a good thing.


  8. I wish for once Hard Knocks would spread it around a little…following a whole division and dividing up the weeks or something like that.

  9. They’ll need to capture the headlines in August because they’re destined to be New York’s second-best (again) in January.

    Is this organization ever going to learn to try and do it the right way?

  10. Rex doesn’t want his mommy yelling at him for cursing on TV again, AND besides he is too busy for this as he’s spending his free time in FFA (Foot Fetishes Anonymous)

  11. Hopefully Johnson can at a minimum get NFL Films to capture the in-house debates regarding whether to do the show.

    Ironic, Florio. Well played.

  12. List of NFL owners that are the biggest joke:
    1. Woody Johnson
    2. Jim Irsay
    3. Jerrah Jones
    4. Mike Brown
    5. Randy Lerner
    6. Shahid Khan
    7. Stephen Ross
    8. Zygi Wilf
    9. Ralph Wilson
    10. Bill Bidwell

  13. While I would love to see the Jaguars do it, the Jets would make a much better show.

  14. Weren’t the Jets the last team to do Hardknocks? Switch it up a little. I’d much rather see Hardknocks for a team like Indy or New Orleans. But id doubt either would participate.

  15. List of NFL owners that are the biggest joke: 1. Woody Johnson 2. Jim Irsay 3. Jerrah Jones 4. Mike Brown 5. Randy Lerner 6. Shahid Khan 7. Stephen Ross 8. Zygi Wilf 9. Ralph Wilson 10. Bill Bidwell

    Not sure why Ralph is on this list without him there wouldn’t be a NFL he has also had one of the cheapest ticket prices in the league

  16. Jets only care about attention since it is easier to get than winning.

    So they sign up for HBO’s Hard Knocks and Rex Ryan pretends he is against it . You know, to show a touch of humility

  17. Nobody will tune in to watch the Jags change their skirts. It has to be a team that has an edge to them.

  18. List of NFL owners that are the biggest joke:

    You left off the biggest joke owner of all: Tom Benson, who still hasn’t signed Brees and who is standing by coaches who encouraged career-ending injuries of opposing player.

    As for Hard Knocks, let’s try to get Jerry Richardson to open up the Panthers inner sanctum so Cam can get a taste of cultural iconhood, though it’ll never happen given The Big Cat’s affinity for keeping things quiet and tight with his organization.

  19. Rex is afraid that the rest of the NFL will steal the genius level Tebow inspired wildcat plays that he and Sparano are going to revolutionize the NFL with. Or maybe he realized the camera adds ten pounds?

  20. tonyromoisterrible says: Apr 11, 2012 2:52 PM

    List of NFL owners that are the biggest joke: 1. Woody Johnson 2. Jim Irsay 3. Jerrah Jones 4. Mike Brown 5. Randy Lerner 6. Shahid Khan 7. Stephen Ross 8. Zygi Wilf 9. Ralph Wilson 10. Bill Bidwell

    You forgot Dan Snyder…serious joke.

  21. @tonyromoisterrible…cute little list you have there…Irsay has raised a Lombardi…Snyder hasnt and never are delsusional if you think otherwise…Romo is 6-4 vs the your Redskins

  22. Why exactly would Mike Brown be a joke? Last I checked, if you look at the Bengals drafts the last 5 years, they are in the top 5 in the league and he is the GM.

    They have one of the best young rosters in the league and he has shown patience and allowed stability, unlike the Dan Snyders of the world. Also, he just threw down big money for Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden. He has been good for a while. People saying otherwise are repeating old statements from the past.

  23. For the first time in my life I think Rex is correct on this one. He needs to dial the hyperbole back a few degrees and get down to real coaching. Forget the headlines and come up with ways to win some football games with a terrible QB and another QB backing him up who is not any better. He has his work cut out for him and having every word recorded whilie trying to figure this out will be nothing but an un-needed distraction.

  24. Ill take a John and Jim double showcase of hardknocks with the Ravens and Niners, please!

  25. Rex needs to get a ‘Crap-Band’ installed for the Jets.

    They’re taking in too much sh** to handle.

  26. Rex wants to get away from the circus atmosphere?

    Why would you sign Tebow then? Or guarantee a superbowl? Or make a foot fetish video? Or be overweight, yet try and tell others not to be..

    I am sorry but the Jets seem to always be a circus type atmosphere ever since Rex’s signing. Might as well do hardknocks and give the rest of us a laugh.

  27. Genius move by Woody to make Rex look like the good guy focused on team. HBO would want the Jets, America wants the Jets on Hard Knocks. It will be must see TV.

    Rex could continue to show his maturity to the world(if he means it, which I believe is real).

    Distraction? last time Jets did it, they were a 4th and Goal away from the Super Bowl. But winning LT couldn’t put it through.

  28. The Jets are a joke destined to miss the playoffs. The NFL might as well get something out of them with the entertainment value of Hark Knocks.

    I won’t watch it, but I haven’t since the first season. The entire premise is stupid IMO, and at least back then it had a uniqueness to it.

  29. please–rex ryan is the most overrated coahc in the game. hes a great def coach but horrible head coach. what happened to eveyrone wants to play for rex–all i see is everyone wanting to get the hell out.

  30. patsfiend says:
    Apr 11, 2012 2:29 PM
    It’s hard to “get away from the circus atmosphere” when you wake up every morning a clown.

    Kind of like it is so hard for New England sports fans to “get away from the whiny lifestyle” when they all wake up every morning as the biggest crybaby fan base in all of America.

  31. Any list of bad owners that doesn’t have Bud Adams on it is suspect.

    This story explains perfectly why Belichick is NOT the NYJ HC right now:ownership was in transition to Johnson. Smart man, BB.

    Say what you will about RR, but the guy’s pretty much owned up to his errors. Good for him to try to calm down the noise. Does he still talk too much? Yeah, sometimes but I respect his football mind. As a Pats fan, I never look at any NYJ game as a gimmie regardless of any disparity in records.

  32. We’ve already seen the Rex Ryan Show. I think it would have been a lot more entertaining to have had the Saints on Hard Knocks last year.

  33. When Rex Ryan tells you something is too much of a distraction, you know you’ve gone way too far.

  34. They MUST do another Jets HARD KNOCKS!!

    Antonio Cromartie has fathered another 6 kids since the last one and we want to know what some of their names are.

  35. @puck
    Irsay hoisted a Lombardi. Congrats. What did he do the 20 years plus before that happened? (In no particular order)
    1. Grew a mullet
    2. Was handed EVERYTHING he has by his father
    3. Bought a few guitars of famous musicians
    4. Purchased original manuscript of On the Road

  36. tonyromoisterrible says:
    Apr 11, 2012 2:52 PM
    List of NFL owners that are the biggest joke:
    1. Woody Johnson
    2. Jim Irsay
    3. Jerrah Jones
    4. Mike Brown
    5. Randy Lerner
    6. Shahid Khan
    7. Stephen Ross
    8. Zygi Wilf
    9. Ralph Wilson
    10. Bill Bidwell

    How could you ever put Ralph Wilson on this list? He is the Pioneer of Football, part of the reason the NFL ever existed. Apparently you know nothing about him…. Like the FACT that he was most of the reason the AFL joined the NFL or the FACT that he personally saved Al Davis’ team the Raiders by loaning him the money he needed to keep the Franchise going. Keeping the Bills in Buffalo through the absolute worse economy, even though there are greener pastures out there. Show some respect, remove his name.

  37. HBO wants the ratings bonanza from the religious fanatic segment of the population because Messiah Tebow is with the Jets now.

  38. The feeble-minds in that picture spelled out “Hard Knooks”.

    Must be Jersey kids.

  39. Woody, you can have all the attention you want in August, that’s your time baby!!!

  40. @EJ
    During the lock out good old aralph cut employees salaries and pensions because he and his other owners were being to greedy. This in itself pits him on the bad owner list. Him saving the raiders 50 years ago while admirable is not relevant because it happened 50 years ago. The bills have sucked for years and will continue to suck untilhe gives up the reigns.

  41. I’d really like to see Rex and his wife do a reality show around foot fetishes and toe sucking.

    They do shows on everything else and besides you know he really is sucking those little toe piglets.

  42. @tonyromoisterrible…You mention that Ralph Wilson is irrelevant because his accomplishments were 50 years ago…Snyder has never accomplished anything..his franchise is joke…the Colts have been a model franchise for the last 15 years which makes them relevant..I get it, when you’ve got nothing else play the mullet card…Romo winning record vs. the skins..acknowledge

  43. Rex is right, the New York Jets are the last team that should try to host that show this year. They need to focus on the basics, like being a team first.

  44. @puck
    Daniel Snyder, while he isn’t on the top 10 owners list he doesn’t take to twitter to spew a bunch of bullcrap. He is a self made man who is trying to win. Albeit he was doing it the wrong way for a long lime, and yes I thought he should have been removed as well. Now he has a real GM in the front office in Allen, and a good Head Coach. The Skins are building the team the right way finally. While the Skins have been less than relevant for the last 20 years he has managed 2 play off wins, and got rid of Cerrato. Cerrato was the worst GM in NFL history just barely edging out Matt Millen. That being said….. Irsay got rid of Peyton Manning. Before he did that his team had a 2-14 season with more talent around that team than most teams in the league. What happened when Cassel stepped in in NE????? Rex Grossman managed more wins than the sorry a$$ colts. Irsay has done nothing with EVERYTHING that was given to him. Luck won’t be some sort of savior. He isn’t Manning. He can’t make calls at the line and have one step drops to get rid of the ball so he doesn’t get killed. The Colts D is a siv. I could go on and on. As far as the Romo comment, well I can’t say much. They swept us last year. This put Tony ahead by 2 games. 2 games that were a lot closer than if Washington was this bottom dwelling team that everyone states they are.

    What is the Colts record against the PATRIOTS in playoff games? I am not sure. Just throwing it out there.

  45. Woody Johnson – signed Tebow… sold more club seats.

    Now willing to put his team on Hard Knocks. Because they’re mature and ready to handle it.

    Yep. Football is #1 with Woody.

  46. @romo…I dont see how the Redskins have changed their ways…they are still building through free agency and not the draft…the wrong way to build a team…Colts are 1-2 vs. Pats in shame in that and i have no problem admitting Pats are a great organization from top to bottom…that doesnt mean I have like them…Jimmy Irsay took over the team in mid to late 90’s and his record speaks for itself…As a Colt fan I dont like his twitter fascination but this doesnt make him a bad owner…just makes him look bad…as for your point that they went 2-14 with good talent is not accurate..The Colts talent has been eroding for the last 5 years…But they are about to get a potential franchise QB in Luck…How do we know he wont be the next Manning…we’ll have to wait and see

  47. @puck
    12 Draft picks in 2011
    Is that building through free agency?
    1st: Ryan Kerrigan (DE) Purdue
    2nd: Jarvis Jenkins (DT) Clemson
    3rd: Leonard Hankerson (WR) Miami
    4th: Roy Helu (RB) Nebraska
    5th: Dejon Gomes (S) Nebraska
    5th: Niles Paul (WR) Nebraska
    6th: Evan Royster (RB) Penn State
    6th: Aldrick Robinson (WR) SMU
    7th: Brandyn Thompson (CB) Boise St
    7th: Maurice Hurt (OG) Florida
    7th: Markus White (DE) Florida St
    7th: Christopher Neild (DT) W Virginia

    How do you know Snyder will never hoist a Lombardi?

    Isn’t it bed time?

  48. @romoisterrible…Dont care..not a Cowboys fan…for the record they have not played the Cowboys in the playoffs since 1982, which proves my point that the skins have been irrelevant since the 80’s…their fans are still clinging to playoff wins in the 80’s?..yikes

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