Three years, $17.5 million for Briggs

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Linebacker Lance Briggs wasn’t happy with his prior contract.  He now has a new contract.  Presumably, he’s happy with his new contract.

In light of the veteran linebacker market, he should be.

Per a league source, Briggs’ new deal pays $17.5 million over three years, $5 million of which is fully guaranteed.  (As a practical matter, another $3.25 million is guaranteed, given that it’s highly unlikely the Bears will cut him this year.)

In 2012, Briggs gets $3 million to sign, a $3 million base salary, and a $250,000 workout bonus.  That gives him $6.25 million; under his prior deal he would have earned $4 million.

Next year, Briggs is due to receive a $1 million roster bonus in June and a $4.5 million base salary, $2 million of which is fully guaranteed.  He also is eligible for a $250,000 workout bonus.  It’s a payout of $5.75 million.  Under the prior deal, he would have earned $6.5 million in non-guaranteed base salary.

In 2014, Briggs is due to receive a $500,000 roster bonus in June and a non-guaranteed base salary of $4.75 million.  He also is eligible to receive a $25,000 workout bonus.

Though the deal doesn’t carry much “new” money over the next two seasons, the $8.25 million in guarantees will go a long way toward alleviating the concerns of a thirtysomething linebacker who is navigating a new regime.  Even if the Bears had paid Briggs $4 million in 2012 without squeezing him to take less, the chances of Briggs getting cut in 2013 would have gone up significantly — and then he would have found himself dealing with a linebacker market that is almost as soft as the running back market.

So it’s a win-win for the Bears and Briggs, and it shows that new G.M. Phil Emery is willing to take care of the guys who have been with the team.

The only remaining question is when and if Emery will take care of running back Matt Forte in the way Forte wants to be taken care of.

36 responses to “Three years, $17.5 million for Briggs

  1. @ tatatoothy

    Disloyalty? Briggs has been with the team forever and has been a pro-bowler for 7 straight seasons. He was rewarded for his performance and tenure with the team. Forte hasn’t been there as long, and had a major injury last year. There’s a fine line between loyalty and stupidity. I think taking the cautious approach is the right thing to do. In fact, the Bears should sign a mid-round RB for insurance to go along with Michael Bush. Chances are that Forte will sign either the offer on the table or the Franchise tender by the start of the regular season. He can bitch about his contract and get a new deal after he plays at a high level this season.

  2. And yet, our glaring need at Left Tackle goes
    un-addressed. I hope the Draft is the answer b/c J’marcus Russel, er… I mean, Webb clearly isn’t.

  3. Forte can’t be traded – learn the new CBA. He’s got to sign a long term deal with the Bears to be dealt. And who would trade for a RB that’s about to turn 27, when their are a few desperate free agent RBs still available?

  4. @gridassassin

    Um you don’t think the “so-called” disrespected man would do a sign-and-trade? Seriously?

    And apparently you haven’t heard of teams in Ohio they both need running backs.

  5. Remind me again, what percentage of the offense was Forte? 35%? 40%? Can’t wait to see Briggs and Urlacher explode on the sidelines after the offense goes three and out when Cutler throws another 25 yard incompletion to Hester on a 3rd and two.

  6. Some people give Briggs too much credit. He’ll be complaining about this contract by preseason. 🙂

  7. Everyone complaining that Forte is being disrespected or should feel disrespected should never run a professional football team. I don’t even know if you should run a fantasy football team. The Bears can’t stop everything else until they resign Forte, that makes no sense and basically puts The Bears in a position to fail because who knows how long Forte plans to hold out or how much he exactly expects before he resigns. Like everyone else, I absolutely want the Bears to re-sign Forte but I don’t want them to put everything else on hold until Forte decides to finally re-sign. Let’s not act like Forte doesn’t deserve at least a little of the blame for this mess.

  8. @ conormacleod

    Obviously, you don’t watch too many Bears games. I know you were being sarcastic, but Forte isn’t that good on 3rd and short. He is always crashing into the line and laying down. Terrible. Goal line runs are the same. Why do you think they were lining him up in the slot and the ends?

  9. Is this the same Lance Briggs that crashed his Lamborghini into a light pole and left it there on the side of the road a few years ago, and then tried to claim someone stole it?

  10. Conormccloud, you’re not ver bright! Why would Cutler throw a 25 yard pass to Hester on 3rd and 2? He WOULDN’T! He would throw it to Marshall, duhhhhh. Also if you know anything about Forte, it’s that he SUCKS at short yardage situations. Also that’s why they have Bush now for those short yards. Forte is REPLACEABLE and I love Forte and even have his jersey.

  11. Bears suck….they will be competing with the Vikings for last in the Norris….

  12. Forte should fire his agent. The dude cost Matt a bundle of cash so far. Last year he played for peanuts and it would seem he’s being stubborn and trying make up for it. Your agent is the problem …..

  13. Everyone forgets that the Bears still have a very nice offer on the table for Forte to sign. He’s getting very bad and unrealistic advice from his agent

  14. When Forte was hurt last year the Bears other RB’s ran for 159, 132, 199 and 92 yards net rushing in each of the 4 games. So although I want Matt back, the Bears won’t die without him. That was without Cutler playing in each of those games. Forte will play for the tag amount too, who’s he think he’s kidding. You don’t just walk away from 7.6 million when you’ve been playing for $500,000. He’s been offered plenty of guaranteed money and won’t sign, so welcome to the new CBA.

  15. Everyone forgets that the Bears still have a very nice offer on the table for Forte to sign. He’s getting very bad and unrealistic advice from his agent

  16. OM-effen-G!!!!

    There’s an old guy crashing a Lamborghini, a greedy running back, two teams in Ohio who are desperate for the two desperate running backs and Chad Greenway made some tackles!! Is that what I’m reading here??

    Lance-a-lot…. Way to go buddy, congrats, keep up the good work!!

    Phill Emery…. Please don’t funk up this Forte deal!! It’s. It that freakin hard to give him what he wants and still protect the club from the possible downfalls incorporated with a front loaded long term deal!!

    Everyone else…. It is a passing league more than ever, let’s all act like the RB position just has no importance anymore. Let’s all act like 25 other teams wouldn’t give Fore the deal he wants in the first 10 minutes of negotiations. And let’s all act like in this pass happy league, one of the very best receiving and pass blocking, carry the load, almost never gets hurt, explosive, hits the homerun type running backs is just gonna be soooooooooooooo easy to replace!!!!!! There are teams who draft new RBs every year trying to find what the Bears have! There are teams who have found it but can only get 6 games a year out of em (McFadden). And there are teams that have this type if RB on their roster, they’re all handsomely paid!! (except Ray Rice, new contract to come). The Bears have gotten away with underpaying this guy for 4 years and kept telling him he would be taken care of. And now there idea of taking care of him is a boarder line respectable short term deal for a good RB. Not the long term deal he has always said he wants for the elite RB that he is!!!

    Chad Greenway is a good Linebacker but if you come up in here with that lip again you’re gonna get voted off the island!!

  17. Maybe forte doesent want to play for a fading team like the bears? if the chance ever comes up next year come on over to a up and coming team in the lions matt.

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