Wednesday morning one-liners

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Cowboys QB Tony Romo and his wife, Candice Crawford, had their first child this week, a boy named Hawkins Crawford Romo.

At a time when many newspaper staffs are overextended, it’s good to see that the Washington Post can still dedicate a reporter to the important task of carefully scrutinizing every available picture of Redskins owner Dan Snyder and coach Mike Shanahan standing next to each other.

The Giants would like to bring back free agent LB Jonathan Goff if they can do it at the right price, but Goff has drawn interest from the Dolphins.

Eagles CB Nnamdi Asomugha is making a difference in the lives of young people.

Don’t expect to see Bears RB Matt Forte participating in the team’s offseason workouts.

Could the Lions use their first-round pick on a defensive lineman for the third straight year? Illinois DE Whitney Mercilus is visiting Detroit.

There’s still some optimism in Green Bay that S Nick Collins could return to the field after cervical fusion surgery.

The Vikings announced the signing of LB Marvin Mitchell.

The Falcons are still looking to add a safety after Madieu Williams picked the Redskins.

Panthers WR Steve Smith said he wanted to stay with the Panthers in large part because his family is happy in the area: “Happy wife, happy life. That’s the most important part.”

The Saints are five days away from the start of their offseason program, still unsure who their head coach will be.

After the Bucs cut him, S Tanard Jackson said he had no hard feelings: “I was a little shocked, but the person I am, I accept how it comes. I realize it’s a business. It’s hard to be too upset with the decision because of what I’ve been through, and I have no hard feelings toward the organization and wish them the best.”

The Cardinals could sue the city of Glendale over the availability of parking at their stadium.

The Rams could go shopping for a punter in the draft.

The 49ers are lacking depth at safety.

Albert Breer’s latest mock draft has the Seahawks taking DT Fletcher Cox in the first round.

Said Bills DE Mario Williams of becoming a star in Buffalo, “I know what this city wants and needs and that’s fine with me. That’s not pressure. I play football. That’s what I do. My main goal is to play football that helps us win. This city also embraced me.”

The Dolphins have kicked the tires on four linebackers.

Said Patriots WR Anthony Gonzalez of playing with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, “I was joking with my friends that I have a very strict, Hall of Famer-only policy. It’s wonderful, obviously. Quarterbacks make receivers look very good and hopefully I can get some opportunities with him.”

Former Australian rugby player Hayden Smith got $112,000 guaranteed to sign with the Jets.

The Ravens have to like what they see when they examine how free agency has affected the AFC North.

The Bengals could have an eye on Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd.

If the Browns want to draft a “sure thing,” RB Trent Richardson could be their man.

TE Leonard Pope was the Steelers’ first free agent signing of the year.

Baylor WR Kendall Wright is a popular projection for the Texans in the first round of the draft.

Colts fans may be offended that WR Anthony Gonzalez thinks the Patriots are the best organization on the planet.

After Jaguars DT Terrance Knighton was injured in a bar fight, his friend Tommie Weatherspoon posted on his Twitter account, “Feel like I could have done more….Said more…….Still Ain’t Forgave Myself!!!

Titans LB Colin McCarthy is ready to make a splash in his second season.

The Broncos have holes on defense that need to be filled in the draft.

Would the Chiefs trade up for Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill?

Dave Tollefson feels indebted to the Raiders.

A new stadium for the Chargers is a major campaign issue in the San Diego County Supervisor race.

13 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. Colts fans may be offended that WR Anthony Gonzalez thinks the Patriots are the best organization on the planet.

    they gonna argue the team with no qb and an almost 0 win season behind them is better?

  2. the Browns taking Richardson being a sure thing??? Name the last ELITE runningback to play in a Superbowl………keep thinking………how many has AP, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Steven Jackson, MJD, Frank Gore played in???? Not as many as Kevin Faulk, Pierre Thomas, Joseph Addai, James Stark and Ryan Grant….food for thought

  3. I realize that the East Coast media hasn’t wanted to cover the NFC West for years, but it looks like you’ve taken the step of completely ignoring it.

  4. Burnzy32……you can be an elite RB and your team still not make the Super Bowl… case you haven’t noticed, it’s a QB driven league……the RB you named who went to the Super Bowl had Brady, Manning, Brees, and Rogers as their QB……there’s some food for thought genius

  5. FOX Sports’ Peter Schrager better go back and add it up again on that trade from #11 up to #3. What he has is for the Chiefs adds up to 1600 points. The value for 3rd overall is listed at 2200. Adding in the Chiefs 2nd rd. pick(#44) to his trade brings the value up to 2100 points. This would then be the Chiefs 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th for the 3rd overall. Bad trade for Vikings. They lose out on Kalil, drop out of the top 10 and any chance for a blue-chipper. I feel they would like to trade down, but thats too far. Just be happy with the best Left Tackle this year, let the other QB needy teams wait for Tannehill to slide to them if he’s so bad. Just remember, Ponder, Locker, even Gabbert was considered a reach, but those teams have decent kids now to work with.

  6. I am a HUGE Cowboys and Romo fan…but why they decided to give their kid three last names I’ll never know. It kind of reads like a San Francisco law firm.

  7. points at footballhistorian Now that’s funny. I feel for the kid, Hawkins? Why? Talk about torture . . .

    Anyway, onto my real post . . .

    You know it’s a slow day in Denver when the best you come up with is “needs to plug holes in the defense with the draft”. How about a RB to back McGahee (’cause, to be honest, he’s got some wear on his tread) that doesn’t fumble the rock/fall down/bumble, stumble every other time he touches it? Or the O-Line, since some of those guys look a little light in the belly?

    Or how about some Wide Outs? Royal never really had a chance here between the “Crybaby Twins” Marshall/Cutler and Mister “I must do it all or Armaggedon is upon us” Tebow. Thomas and Decker are all right when they catch the ball before turning upfield but have a nasty habit of turning upfield before catching the ball.

    Now, yes, the Secondary is comparable to a sive with how much it leaks. Could use a couple more bulldozers in the middle too. We are quite happy with the Miller/Dumervil combo on the ends, cause when those two are healthy they both draw the opposing O-Line away from the middle leaving a free shot.

    Oh, and since Quinn jumped into a moving van and drove the eight hundred miles between Denver and Kansas City we need a back-up QB that can go out of the box if Manning can’t.

    So, to summarize this lengthy rambling, Denver needs far more that just help in the D-Backfield. We kinda need a little of everything . . .

  8. @footballhistorian Well, I can see they used her maiden name as his middle name and his last name as the last name and maybe they liked the name Hawkins.

    For some interesting names of children, check out Frank Zappa’s childrens names.

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