Bradie James is joining the Texans

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Free agent linebacker Bradie James won’t be back with the Cowboys, but he won’t have to get used to life in a new state.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that James will sign with the Houston Texans for the 2012 season. He’ll be reunited with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who was the head coach of the Cowboys for four of James’ nine years with the Cowboys.

Brian Cushing is secure at one inside linebacker spot for the Texans, but there’s an opening alongside him after Houston traded DeMeco Ryans to the Eagles. James and Daryl Sharpton should compete for the job and James’ familiarity with Phillips’ system means that he won’t have any learning curve to deal with before making a bid for playing time.

James’ production dropped sharply last season after five straight years with more than 100 tackles. He started 13 games, but rotated out more often and seemed to have lost a step from his previous campaigns. A return to a familiar system could help him recover a bit of what he seemed to lose last year or he could just be on the wrong side of his career trajectory.

16 responses to “Bradie James is joining the Texans

  1. I heard someone very close to someone he works with for other things besides football say he was on the brink of retiring. His body is shutting down on him, and wanted to spend more time with his wife.

  2. James is almost done. Might get some tackles stopping the run on first down, that’s about it. Probably retires after the season

  3. That’s all they need him for, stopping the run on 1st down. He exits, nickle back comes in, Cush will remain on the field.

    This is what Ryans was traded. You can get someone for likely the vet min to do the exact same thing Ryans was doing for $7MM.

    Starter level depth for a 1-2 down player for minimal dollars is never a bad thing.

  4. Tell the fans to be careful.
    Once a Cowboy fan was holding up a sign that read “The Cowboys Have No Heart” and James jumped out of his black SUV and popped the guy in the face, breaking his glasses.
    A quick deal involving free tickets seemed to repair the fellow’s glasses, though.
    So–he may have heart, but I wonder about his courage and brains.

  5. jacksaysfu How did the Cowboys lose him ? They didnt resign him for a reason. He is a free agent that the Cowboys didnt want. If they wanted him he wouldnt be a free agent or he would have been signed like Connor and the other 6 free agents they have signed.

  6. Brady James is a class act. Houston you’re getting a good guy. It’s always sad to see one of the good guys leave but I’m glad to see Brady stay in Texas.

  7. Thanks for your time with the Cowboys B.James. You were the best player on defense and the leading tackler for several years

    I’ll remember you as a great Cowboys player for years to come

    Thank you

  8. Dear Bradie,

    Good riddance, and the next big play you make will be your first.

    Cowboys fans

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