Brandon Jacobs takes parting shot at Giants

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49ers running back Brandon Jacobs has developed a habit of saying things he shouldn’t, quickly realizing it, and then trying to smooth it over.  (Psychologists refer to it as the “stay cute and shut up” phenomenon.)

He did it last week, lobbying for goal-line duties over new teammate Frank Gore before deferring to the team’s No. 1 tailback.

In a recent appearance on KNBR in San Francisco, Jacobs addressed the question of whether he can still go north-south in a short-yardage situation.  (It’s a good question because, recently, he hasn’t.)

“You gotta have the attitude to do it, and also you gotta have the offensive linemen in front of the back to be able to get it done,” Jacobs said, via  “I think the 49ers have what it takes to be able to get that yard.  No one’s perfect — somebody’s gonna get a step on you at some point somewhere and you’re not gonna be perfect.  Because we had issues. When I was with the Giants, we had issues down the line.  Of course I took the blame for those [because I was] holding the ball.”

And then, in apparently the same breath, Jacobs backtracks.

“But ultimately, at the end of the day it is my fault because I do have the ball and that’s what people see,” Jacobs said.  “But there’s a lot more than that going on.  But like I said, I think the 49ers definitely got what it takes to be able to get that one yard.  I think they had the highest percentage in the league all of last year with those conversions.”

While blocking has something to do with the ability of most running backs not named Jim Brown or Barry Sanders to get yardage, Jacobs widely has been viewed as a guy who no longer uses his size the way he once did.  And so even though he quickly tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube, look for one or more Giants linemen to eventually respond.

Maybe they’ll simply tell him to “stay cute and shut up.”

69 responses to “Brandon Jacobs takes parting shot at Giants

  1. So why should Brandon Jacobs get millions of dollars to run the ball if it all falls on the linemen in front of him to get the job done?

  2. Jacobs will just bring his fumbles to the Bay area and give the 9ers more headaches then he is worth. He still runs too high for someone his size and it will always be his down fall,he’s not Adrain Peterson and can’t even carry his Jock strap or a football.He would drop both trying to score.

  3. Yea, yea, yea. You knew Jacobs wouldn’t be able to leave without saying something negative. Whatever, he was a really good back for the Giants for 7 years & fun to watch. But last year he was noticeably slower & less explosive. Can’t wait until the Giants play the 49ers this year with him on the other side. Should be fun….

  4. IMO this really isn’t a big deal. Now had he had said something like “Now I’m on a team with an o-line that can actually get that one yard”, then that would really be a parting shot. This is one where you would have to read a bit more to even get something out of it. All in all I don’t think much will come out of it because it wasn’t a big shot at the o-line.

  5. Like most of the 49ers offseason signings this one made little sense to me. This guy is a whiny loudmouth and he brings nothing to the field to make up for it.
    He is essentially the third or fourth RB on the roster, but doesn’t play special teams.

  6. Brandon Jacobs certainly hasn’t been effective running north-south the past few seasons, and he definitely has a problem running his mouth, but he’s also right here. The Giants O line was terrible this season, especially in run blocking. It hasn’t gone unnoticed as the Giants are clearly looking to retool their O line this offseason. Look for them to spend an early pick or 2 on OT now that they’ve addressed TE and LB in free agency.

  7. Stay Classy Brandon!

    Yes the Giants did have some issues up and down the line. It seem to really impact them.

    Let me see if I can remember how they finished up the season.

    Oh yeah thats right THEY WON THE SUPER BOWL!

    Stay Classy Brandon

  8. Sometimes I wonder why I read this site. That’s it, that’s the parting shot…”we had issues down that line”. Giants fans can correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that team 7-7 and couldn’t run the ball, even Bradshaw all season long? They went on a run and were the hot team that put it all together late, especially the running game.

    That’s quite a parting shot, what a controversy. I’m sure all of NY is fired up over this one. What a joke…

  9. here comes jacobs and all the shnit talking, note to bj we dont talk out here my man we just ball

  10. Brandon, do you realize how stupid you sound? Blaming the offensive line of a super bowl winning season? SF, enjoy the dancing queen.

  11. im not trying to defend jacobs here, but our o-line stunk for probably 80% of the regular season. jacobs does talk too much but the giants o-line had a very weak year last season.

  12. In his defense, the OL did have trouble opening holes as O’Hara and Seubert were gone and Baas did not perform as well and was injured alot. They played “musical chairs” with positions all season long. Even Petrus filled in. But Jacobs will always open his mouth. I guess he wants to get booed too at the ring of honor ceremony. (he does hold the Giant record of 56 rushing TD’s)

  13. how many times was he stopped short in short yardage situations ?

    humans have two ears & one mouth for a reason !

  14. For having been an average back even at his peak, he sure does have a high opinion of himself (not to mention a big mouth to boot). Good to see him go to the west coast- won’t have to listen to him anymore.

  15. Don’t worry guys. He is about to be coached by the most demanding hard nosed RB coach in the NFL: Tom Rathman. He will have him running through walls in no time.

  16. Gee whiz Brandon, after 2 super bowl rings with the Gmen! You blame them for your own failure’s as a running back, because you love going east to west instead of going north? What about your fumbles? Who is to blame for that? Eli?
    Good luck in San Francisco, were happy that you found a place to play! You should just keep your mouth shut because you always put your foot in it. I guarantee that niner fans will be happy to get rid of you soon, they will get tired of your excuses.

  17. Pretty quick and in a hurry, the Niners will begin putting in some serious workouts together on their own time (that was a key to 13-3), and when they do, they’ll begin “jawing” at each (another key to last season). And one of the first things I imagine will be said, “Brandon, be quiet, be cool and let’s just work. Leave the PR bit to our pro’s – OK.”

  18. “I think the 49ers have what it takes to be able to get that yard.”

    Good to hear someone does, because obviously you don’t, Brandon.

    Never saw such a big RB so worthless in 1-2 yard territory.

  19. Sure the Giants offensive line this past season wasn’t stellar. But Jacobs shares fault with his performance. He takes a while to get up to speed. Hit him before that point and he goes down easily. Its after that point he is hard to bring down.

  20. I just can’t believe anyone in their right mind would bad mouth an offensive line that just put a ring on his finger. The Giants are better off without this kind of player.

  21. Nice story where no story was! The Giants line was horrific last year. Statistically they were one of the worst lines in the league. Manning made his name in stone by being SO good despite an abysmal offensive line. Jacobs wasn’t saying anything out of line (for once), he was just stating fact; offensive lines make or break a running game, especially short yardage situations where the box is stacked against the run.

    But don’t let common football sense get in the way of sensationalizing thin air…

  22. He actually is slamming Frank Gore. He is saying that even though SF kicked more Field Goals than anyone last year, they have the better O-line and now that they have him, they will get the short yardage, when needed.

    As a Hawk Fan I have to say that I fear Gore more than Jacobs. Most folks would agree, I think.

  23. While I don’t believe what he said was incendiary, I do believe he shouldn’t have said anything at all about their O-Line. There is no value in dogging your former team that won you 2 SB rings. For once just bow out gracefully

  24. When did Brandon Jacobs become Dovovan McNabb?

    And why does the media kill Jacobs for doing it? When McNabb has thrown teammates and coaches under the bus in that exact same style for over a decade – and they call him “classy”?

    Maybe Jacobs just needs better PR.

  25. Say what? Gore got stuffed from real short MORE times than Jacobs, Bradshaw and Ware were stopped from short COMBINED.

    Giants’ o-line basically has won 2 Super Bowls MORE than the 49er current o-line.

  26. This is one guy who I wish would really shut his mouth. Every time he speaks it is like a turd falling into my drink.

  27. Harbaugh, Crabtree, VDavis, RMoss and now BJacobs……..I can’t WAIT for those huddles/team meetings. Should be entertaining nonetheless.

  28. Just another player who thinks hes not past his prime. He doesn’t want to believe that his career is almost over. Be classy don’t blame other people for your diminishing skills. It happens to everyone.

  29. cali49er707 says: Apr 12, 2012 11:46 AM

    here comes jacobs and all the shnit talking, note to bj we dont talk out here my man we just ball

    Look at that. The guy that hoses out the urinals thinks he’s part of the team.

  30. Out here in the bay we dont over pay…Dont mind taking a flyer on a RB with 56 career TD for 150K for sure $$$..Dont work out simply cut the chord..but with Rathman coaching him he will do much better in 2012..Book it!

  31. mikeinsanfran says:
    Don’t worry guys. He is about to be coached by the most demanding hard nosed RB coach in the NFL: Tom Rathman. He will have him running through walls in no time.
    I really agree with this. He will either perform or get cut. Jim Harbaugh doesn’t care who you are or what you did when. The 9ers were hurting for WRs all year and he cut Braylon loose when he didn’t perform and try hard. If Brandon Jacobs plays twinkle toes in short yardage, he will find himself taking parting shots at the 9ers after he gets cut.

  32. So what…Jacobs u sucked anyway….studder on dat…ya big dummy…lls…nobody would have ever drafted u if it wasn’t for the Giants….

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