Matt Moore wants “a fair shot” in Dolphins’ quarterback competition


Matt Moore did a respectable job after becoming the Dolphins’ starting quarterback during the 2011 season, finishing the year with a quarterback rating of 87.1 and leading a team that got off to a terrible start to six wins in their final nine games. So if Moore thought he deserved to be the starter this season, that would be understandable.

But Moore learned in Carolina, where he started 2010 thinking he was the team’s franchise quarterback and ended the year out of a job, that it doesn’t matter if you think you deserve to be the starter. What matters is if you can prove it. And Moore says he intends to prove it in a training camp competition with David Garrard.

I was fully expecting a quarterback competiton. I still am,” Moore said on the Joe Rose Show, via the Sun-Sentinel. “…I get it, I understand and in any case as a player you just want a fair shot to show your talent and prove to the coaches you can win or lead this team to win. That’s all I was hoping for, and I think that’s the situation we have here.”

Moore said it didn’t bother him that the Dolphins attempted to sign Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn and that he “tried to play it cool” when watching the team go after other quarterbacks. When it turned out that Garrard was the only quarterback they signed, Moore figured he would get the fair shot he wants.

At least, it looks for now like he’ll get a fair shot. If the Dolphins take Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the first round of the NFL draft, Moore will know the team doesn’t give him much of a shot of being their long-term answer.

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  1. Even if the Fins draft Tannehill, Moore will likely start anyway. I can’t see Garrard beating him out for the starting job.

  2. He is alot better QB than Sanchez is for jets…Dolphin fans need to get Marino out of their heads, he’s not walking thru the door anytime soon.

    Their problems are much much bigger than their QB, who is adequate….bottom half of their roster ,,ie depth,,is worst in NFL.

  3. I fully support Matt Moore. He saved us from another 1-15 or worse season. He deserves a fair shot as much as anyone. Class.

  4. Miami will trade a 2nd round pick for another team’s washed up veteran or a 3rd string QB to compete with Moore.

    Dolphin fans are total tools.

  5. Matt Moore deserves to start outright… Garrard is a vet backup coming back from an entire year out and a draft prospect won’t be ready yet.

    he got that 87 rating with the 29th-30th ranked offensive line in all three protection categories, and a #1 receiver who was 2nd in the league in drops…

    he earned his shot….

  6. I saw him light up the giants a couple of times wih Carolina. He’s played well. I think if he had full support from a coaching staff he’d surprise some people.

  7. if the competition is Garrard, Moore should easiily beat him out, now if they sign Vince Young, then it could be tougher, but i see Moore starting this year no matter what.

  8. Moore’s got character and heart and he’s proven that multiple times during the shafting he got in Carolina and the way he’s been treated in Miami. I’m not sure that the Dolphins will be his last team, but I am sure that he has the right stuff to be a very good (if not elite) NFL quarterback given the opportunities to continue to develop and hone his skills. One thing for sure… you know this guy has guts because even being kicked around so much and treated so shabbily, he keeps coming back… and each time he comes back he’s better than before. I wish we still had him in Carolina for Cam’s back-up.

  9. “he got that 87 rating with the 29th-30th ranked offensive line in all three protection categories, and a #1 receiver who was 2nd in the league in drops”….. Well said, he is going to surprise a lot of people this year & get the Fins in the playoffs!!!

  10. Garrard is proven mediocre and is a good guy to have on your team, if you have a strong defense and running game…not if you have Joe Philbin’s offense.

    Tannehill is a long shot and will not be ready to start year 1 anyway.

    Matt Moore is the best bet this season….not sure what he is worried about.

  11. Matt Moore will be the first team QB on opening day in Miami. Moore would have been #1 last yr if Sparano had opened the competition during camp between him and Henne, but no, Sparano knew best, which is why Sparano is now employed with the NETs or WETS,,,no thats JETS, sorry. And of course Moore having a good year depends on those idiots(Jeffery Ireland) in the front office to finally rebuild the OL as promised 5 yrs ago. And a couple of, you know, good WRs and a TE wouldnt hurt. And maybe a RB not named Bush. Im giving 5 bucks for the first player to knock out Henne,,,,ROFLMAO

  12. londonfletcher says:
    Apr 12, 2012 10:20 AM
    Isn’t that kind of what Tebow did? Come in when the team was losing and start to win? Why isn’t there “Moore-Mania”?


    there should have been Moore mania…. Tebow was dead last in the league in yards per game (126!!), completions per game (9!!), and sack yards lost in spite of having a great o line.

    maybe it was something that had nothing at all to do with talent that caused the mania? but thats a new subject…

    if Marshall had done his job and caught those 5 TDs that hit him on the hands, Moore would have won like 2-3 more games and had a 95 rating and the headlines would have been about his breakout year…..

  13. gmen1987 says: Apr 12, 2012 8:35 AM
    Miami will trade a 2nd round pick for another team’s washed up veteran or a 3rd string QB to compete with Moore.
    Dolphin fans are total tools.

    Hey GMen1987! From 71-80 your Giants only won 45 games in that decade. 4.5 wins a season. Now that was a bunch of tools. Keep your short term memory.

  14. Matt Moore is a good qb if fumbles doesn’t count. Considering he led the league with 20 fumbles and he didn’t play until week 6 shows his butterfingers. For example when we played Dallas on thanksgiving and he fumbles the ball on the 2. Then we’re up on the Pats and then he fumbles inside the 20.

  15. @Gmen
    Your the biggest tool on this website. This is the second Dolphin post I have seen you comment on calling Dolphins fans tools. Why don’t you quit trolling Dolphins blogs and god only knows who’s other teams blogs you go on to bash their fans and get a life.

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