Peyton’s political act continues, post-Indy

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Earlier this year, Colts owner Jim Irsay called quarterback Peyton Manning a “politician.”

Irsay likely had no idea how right he was.

More than a month after Irsay ushered Peyton out of town in the face of a $28 million payment, Peyton has called at least one Indianapolis-area writer to thank him for his coverage of Manning over the last 14 years.

Phillip Wilson of the Indianapolis Star explained via Twitter that Peyton “said he hoped he could stay with Colts, but understands the biz.”  In a longer item regarding the call that appears on the paper’s website, Wilson writes that Peyton “always” hoped he could stay.

Really?  Peyton wanted to stay with a 2-14 team that was going to use the first overall pick on his successor?

Peyton, in our view, wanted out.  But he wanted to be sure that it didn’t appear that he wanted out.  And now, with the Colts two weeks away from drafting his successor — and with more and more evidence coming to light that Peyton will be more than good enough to play in 2012 — Peyton wants to remind the fans, in not-so-subtle fashion, that Irsay ran Manning out of town, and that Manning would have preferred to stay.

Peyton also told Wilson to tell the fans “how much [Manning] appreciated them.”  Hey, Peyton, why not do that yourself, by buying a full-page ad in Wilson’s paper?

The publishers of the Indianapolis Star surely would have appreciated that much more than a phone call.

64 responses to “Peyton’s political act continues, post-Indy

  1. Nooo. Peyton wanted to stay with a lousy team and never have another chance to win a Super Bowl.

    I mean, who wouldn’t want that.

  2. Funny how he didn’t call Kravitz. Kravitz didn’t keep his lips permanently locked on Manning’s sphincter.

  3. Ehh, I think this take is a bit of an overreaction. He may want to leave the appearance that Irsay pushed him out, but I don’t think his phone calls to Colts beat writers are suspect, just a nice thing to do.

  4. I am so shocked that a pro athlete thinks so much of himself. And that an athlete with the last name of “Manning” would go on a media blitz, to try to bolster his name. But I am truly shocked the first name wasn’t “Archie”.

  5. I am sure Peyton also never wanted to get hurt, and if he didn’t, then they wouldn’t have been 3-13 with the 1st pick in the draft. Why challenge his sincerity about wanting to be a lifetime Colt?

    Was it possible with all the unfolded? No. Doesn’t mean though he wished it could’ve gone another way.

  6. Irsay did run him out of town, that’s a fact.

    And I totally believe Manning when he says he wanted to stay…considering the mother lode the Rams got for the #2 pick the Colts could have fashioned quite a squad around him for the next few years run at a SB.

    They could have drafted his replacement in 2013 or 2014.

    Seem like a reach to question Manning here.

  7. Irsay DID run Manning out of town, but it was a business decision. It’s Irsay’s money, and Irsay’s team, so he did what he thought was best. In a couple of years, we’ll know if he was right.

  8. It made no sense for Manning to stay with a rebuilding Indy. It made no sense for Irsay (no matter what you think of the guy) to pay $28 million. Most of us knew this. And it seems to me that the people of Indy knew this and are happy to be starting anew with Andrew Luck who has the makings of a franchise QB.

  9. How do you know his comments are not genuine? Dont forget just the year before he was able to win 10 games with that cast. The Colts could have chosen to deal that #1 pick for a teams entire draft this year. They would have been able to reload and surround him with enough talent for another 2-3 year run with Peyton. They chose to go the smarter route and rebuild now but the Colts orginization had a say in this. Even if Peyton demanded a release or trade they could have stuck to their guns if they wanted to go this route.

  10. It was a perfect storm. His injury that produced a losing season that resulted in the number one pick and stir in a franchise QB available and there you go……..

  11. He did it the RIGHT way… if he wanted out.

    He could have retired every year hoping it would grant his release….

  12. Manning could buy ever resident of Indianapolis a 42″ LCD flatscreen and Florio would bash him for not springing for LED or a 50″ or why not all of Indiana! In a perfect world I’m sure he does wish he could have played his entire career with the colts, but it’s not a perfect world. What is so damn hard to believe about that???
    Did Manning hurt Florio’s feelings once? Because he seems to always be on a bitter little attack mission! It’s getting old.

  13. I seem to recall Drew Bledsoe buying full page ads in the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, thanking fans for their support during his time in New England. He wasn’t half the player as Manning, but he was at least genuine.

  14. IMO Manning’s call was his guilty conscience speaking. He knows damn well that he wanted out because Irsay wasn’t giving him a voice anymore in the team’s future like he had in the past. Manning always had the GM, the coaching staff, and the city of Indy wrapped around his 4X MVP little finger. He also commanded such a high salary for so many years that the Colts couldn’t afford to cap-build a proper team around his wallet. Manning left the Colts in shambles…and secretly hopes the fans will forgive him for the scrapheap the Colts will be for several seasons.

  15. “Peyton, in our view, wanted out. But he wanted to be sure that it didn’t appear that he wanted out. ”

    Your words, not his.

  16. A caveat that PM could have requested before the conversation with Phil B. even started if his motives were totally unselfish is “This call is off the record”, but he didn’t so his motivation is a little bit suspect.
    That said as a Colts fan I will always appreciate what the man brought/brings to the NFL game no matter who he’s playing for.

  17. so basically: Peyton Manning is all class therefore people look for ulterior motives and put a bad spin on his harmless, genuine act… because they’re not as nice as Peyton Manning is. Okay.

    and if it’s not genuine? well if some pointless PR move is as bad as the guy gets, while many of his fellow players are murderers, dog killers, rapists, drug addicts, etc… then I’d say Peyton Manning is a pretty decent guy.

  18. Come on pft! He did want to stay IF they paid him what his contract called for and they used #1 pick to help his team or trade it and rebuild quickly with the bounty from #1 pick. BUT that isn’t the way the biz works. Not rocket science that both can be true.

  19. They could have got at least 3 first round picks for the first overall pick this year. And still possibly been able to get somebody like Matt Kalil. With Peyton Manning playing, they wouldn’t be 3-13. More like 13-3.

  20. Does the writer of this blog entry strike anyone else as a small, cynical person that’s prone to jump to a negative spin in an attempt to create waves? We get it. Peyton says the right things. That bugs you.

    I’m not a fan of jug head myself, but how about you dare to accept what they say at face value instead of leaping to outlandish conclusions and presenting your speculation as obvious deductions.

    Im still waiting to see what teams were sucking for Luck as you were so insistent they would.

  21. theandy59 says: Apr 12, 2012 5:49 PM

    I seem to recall Drew Bledsoe buying full page ads in the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, thanking fans for their support during his time in New England. He wasn’t half the player as Manning, but he was at least genuine.


    And I seem to recall sports fans having more intelligence.

  22. & since this site won’t let me select wether or not I like rufausen’s statement….here you go….THUMBS UP!

  23. What is worse – Peyton’s “aw shucks” phony style or his playoff record? They’re both pretty awful.

  24. 2 faced Peyton, good luck broncos paying his salary demands and Fielding a complete team around

  25. Peyton also realize how good he had it in Indy and how bad Denver is compared to Indy and he’s gona have to play out in the cold and snow more, no more dome

  26. xsfmed says:”Colts were 2-12 not 3-13. Great reporting job as usual….”

    They only played in 14 games last year?

  27. Peyton will not make it back to the Big Show again in his career. Walking away from Indianapolis over money was the biggest mistake he has made yet. I’m sure if you ask any player who has played and retired from the same team his whole career, they’d tell you there is nothing like it. To be able to say that the team who drafted you wouldn’t part with you no matter what seems huge. In my eyes, that would be one of the greatest feelings out there, to be wanted.
    He should of taken a few Million less and sucked it up.
    Denver is still a few good drafts away from the Superbowl. Sorry Peyton.

  28. yssupasigninnamnotyep says:
    Apr 12, 2012 5:51 PM
    On to Donkeyville, where MegaHead will lead them to another 8-8 record.
    Is this the only thing you can think to post its the second time I’ve read it today. I’m starting to think your a moron from Oakland or Pitt.

  29. Peyton was known to write letters to newly retired players, not just teammates, thanking them for competing against him and the experiences they shared. It may seem corny, but Peyton really is that thoughtful. The story about him writing to journalists doesn’t seem so farfetched or underlining.

  30. Plain and simple, manning is all about money. He wanted to stay in indy for the 28 mil. They moved on he said he wants a championship….but signs with broncos? Why becuase they offered most bait $$$. If manning was genuine he would be a niner or titian. Can’t wait to see elway making excuses for megahead.

  31. Why would buying an ad in a newspaper make his comments any more genuine? I’m sure if he did that, he’d get ripped for being cheap for the ad not being in color or the font of the ad wasn’t acceptable. At least he’s smart enough not to waste his money in a dying (or dead) medium.

  32. Same here, but it is his forum.

    “Hey, Peyton, why not do that yourself, by buying a full-page ad in Wilson’s paper?”

    Just because one or two players did this doesn’t make it necessary for a player to express sincere thanks. Nice job, start piling on the hate.

  33. If I remember right, he was crying like a baby on TV leaving the only team he ever known. Was that an act? I guess you can say Favre cried too when his days with the Packers were done, but in that case he was shown the door…

  34. Taking less money to stay in Indianapolis wasn’t an option. Irsay wanted to draft Luck and play him as a rookie. Money wasn’t the issue. Whether Irsay was right or wrong on that is a matter of opinion, but to make it Manning’s fault for not taking less money is factually incorrect. You really think Irsay wouldn’t have tweeted that he offered Peyton less money to stay if that’s what happened?

  35. It’s amazing how foolish many Colt fans are. Even when the Colts were on the obvious slippery slope in 2010, their forums were all ‘ In Peyton we trust’ and ‘ In Bill ( Polian) we trust’ as if they could pull rabbits out of a depleted hat. Even if Manning was healthy in 2011, it’s unlikely they could have been any better than 8-8. But keep dreaming Colt fans…those dreams will have to get you through the next few lottery years while Peyton is collecting his ransom somewhere else. It will be interesting to see Fox and Manning avoid a public clash if the Broncos don’t start winning immediately, and Peyton starts to throw the coaching staff/team under the bus. Just like old times, eh…

  36. @ thcnote:

    The correct grammar in your sentence should be “you’re a moron from Oakland or Pitt”. In case you’re wondering, that means ‘you are’.

    So I think you’re the moron now.

    There, I thought of something else to post…happy?

  37. I like the full page newspaper ad idea and paying $100k a season for the rental of his ‘retired’ jersey. Will Archie let him?

  38. PM is a class act, and those of you who say different are complete idiots. What PM has done for the comunity of Indy will not be forgotten by Colts fans. What PM will do for the Denver community will not be forgotten by Bronco fans either. Atleast with Denver PM may get a shot at another SB title that Indy can not do since they are in a rebuilding phase. He will retire a Colt when he’s done.

  39. Stop tagging the Colts in every Peyton Manning story. The guy doesn’t play for us any more. Get over it.

  40. Irsay did run him out of town, that’s a fact.

    And I totally believe Manning when he says he wanted to stay…considering the mother lode the Rams got for the #2 pick the Colts could have fashioned quite a squad around him for the next few years run at a SB.

    They could have drafted his replacement in 2013 or 2014.

    Seem like a reach to question Manning here.


    As a non-Colts fan living in Indy, I would have to agree with you. Peyton stated on numerous occasions he hoped to stay.

    He’s done tremendous work here, if nothing else Peyton Manning’s Childrens’ Hospital works miracles every day and my son would probably not be alive if not for his foundation.

    The author is not only reaching, he is being patently unfair to a guy who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in what he does for the community.

    I’m embarrassed for anyone who actually buys into this crap story.

  41. broncfanor says: Apr 12, 2012 6:28 PM
    And I seem to recall sports fans having more intelligence.



  42. Couldn’t he have wanted to stay with the Colts and, in his vision of staying, expected them to use that pick to get immediate contributors to the team, rather than his successor?

    You’ve decided what you want to be true and make the facts fit it. It’s entirely possible this is just him playing the PR game, but it is just as possible it is sincere.

  43. MegaHead wanted to stick it to the entire Colts orginization by going to work for that horse faced jerk who stuck it to the entire Colts orginization in 1983.

    That’s a fact no one wants to admit.

  44. This is an opinion piece. Peyton has been nothing but class before and after he was drafted to Indy. I have to take him on his word.

    Some players don’t want to tarnish their legacies with another team, others can’t wait to get out of town. Brett Favre, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning were forced out, and they tried forcing Marino out as a Viking, unsuccessfully.

  45. what’s your problem? Good PR is worthwhile no matter from whom!! You’re not that smart.
    Give the guy a break. I really did think he wanted to stay. Dispite only two wins w/ pm maybe with pm they would be 10-6+!!??
    just because a guy is thoughtful no need to critic him just – too much Bayless on the site on occasion.

  46. Peyton Manning is the greatest,,,just ask him! Not much respect for the mannings when they called the media outlets around New Orleans to show them handing out water to the victims.

    Pretty sad when everything you do has an angle to it,,, Brutal!

  47. I’m a huge Patriots fan, and have always rooted against Peyton as a player. That being said, I find this article pretty ridiculous and I dislike the skepticism depicted towards Peyton’s sincerity.

    Maybe he wanted out; who knows, but Florio’s insistence that he somehow knows Manning’s true intentions is pretty funny.

  48. Irsay made tons of money on Peyton; His squabbles about taking less money was fluff. He wanted to draft Luck and have another Manning-type QB for the next 10+ years. Only time will tell if he’s right.

    Irsay never surrounded Peyton with a true caliber offense or defense. Look at the WR he had and it’s a bunch of 2nd round picks. The D never really got into the top 10 of defenses in the league.

    The Colts needed to do like the Patriots, trade back, grab more picks, and fill their roster with 2nd rounders and 3rd rounders. Belichek has fielded Playoff teams doing that.

  49. Good God some of you people are worse than idiots. And Peyton will NOT retire a Colt. He’s a Bronco now and thats where his loyalties lie, as they should. And thats where the loyalties of his many fans are going also. Irsay is a cracked out lame version of Jerry Jones and he has taken away the identity and character of the Colts franchise. There is nothing left but a symbol of a horseshoe. I have been a season ticket holder for 14 years. I knew what was coming and didn’t renew and many STHs I know did the same.

    Good luck filling that beautiful stadium that Peyton Manning was responsible for Irsay. I for one will never spend another dime on Colts merchandise or set foot in LOS again while Jim Irsay is running things. And I know many ex-Colts fans who feel the same way.

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