Raiders roll the dice for Andre Hardy

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Earlier this month, Silva shared with PFT Planet the story of Andre Hardy, a former basketball player hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez, and Antonio Gates.

Hardy, who played college basketball for two years at Cal State Fullerton after two years at Oral Roberts, held a Pro Day workout on April 4.  Eight days later, he has a new job.

The Raiders have announced that Hardy has signed a contract with the team.

Hardy’s father, Andre, spent three years in the NFL, with the Eagles, Seahawks, and 49ers.

39 responses to “Raiders roll the dice for Andre Hardy

  1. Will probably be a practice squad player unless he is truly something special. Either way, no risk high reward project that uses no draft pick. So why not.

  2. WHO??? and they didnt have to give up any draft picks for him, im shocked it is a new raiders front office

  3. What a trainwreck of a franchise. Mushmouth is doing his best I suppose, but still. It’s like minor league football going on here.

  4. That takes care of the TE position. Hopefully Hardy or Ausberry (or even better both) step up into a starting role this year. GO RAIDERS!!!

  5. mr510 said this well. If I had to say which of the Raiders’ TEs actually start this year, its probably Myers or Ausberry. Myers has the experience, but I really like Ausberry’s potential.

  6. Love what Big Reg is doing- leave no stone unturned. Low risk move that could pay off, or not- Raiders can’t lose either way. This whole “dawn of a new era, post al davis” thing is going well so far. Al Davis will always be a legend, but this new course is very refreshing.
    Sorry haters- prepare to be saturated in Silver and Black soon enough…

  7. A trainwreck of a franchise slickster35? Past moves by the old regime warrant that comment, but this one has NO risk, cut him if he can’t cut it. I guess that the bolts were dumb for taking a chance on Antonio Gates…

  8. Man I still can’t believe Al Davis is dead. I was shocked when I saw this article and the Raiders not giving up a draft pick, then I realized Al Davis is no longer here. RIP Al Davis I will always respect the fact you did things your way without caring what anyone else thought. That’s a true leader right there.

  9. Due to his not playing college football, he’s regarded as a street free agent, signable by anyone at anytime.

    Similar to when the White Sox signed Michael Jordan.

  10. Can somebody find out how this guy was signed outside of the draft rules? Nobody seems to care about that tidbit which I find very odd.

  11. He can be signed because he did not play college football and is therefore not draft eligible.

  12. Al Davis is dead and so is the team. Who is this guy leading your sorry team? Another one year wonder in the biggity dump know as Oaktown.

  13. Hardy didn’t play football at the college level. So he’s free to sign with whomever he wishes. You haters will eventually have to accept the fact that the Raiders are not the team of old. Things are changing for the better in Oakland. Get used to it.

  14. Hey pantherpro did a Raider player steal your girlfriend or what! Every time there is an article about the Raiders you are there to show your hate. I can’t stand the Chiefs. Broncos, and Chargers but I don’t troll on their articles looking to stir it up. Reggie hasn’t been in Oakland long enough for you to judge him the way you do. Give the guy a chance, he inherited a mess and it looks to me like he is doing a pretty good job in his first few months. Do us all a favor and give it a rest.

  15. Average basketball player!! I hope he is better at football!! I would like to have a little bit better TE going into camp.

  16. Reg M Lovs depth and will use each one in his own strengths, you can count on it? Since when do they sign contracts with practice squad players? Reg M knows what the hell he is doing which = Super bowls 11,15,18, and yes you know it baby, 47!!!!!!!!! Just Win baby!!!

  17. spellingcopfather says:
    Apr 12, 2012 7:02 PM
    Are raiders really going to go into the season with 4 TE?

    Clearly no nothing about foootball, in actuality during camp Oakland will have more like 6-8 TE’s then they will slim down accordingly through this thing called pre-season … and using camp bodies and lobbying for a guy maybe to make the practice squad.

    Reggie took this kid because #1, he doesn’t have to use a draft pick, or pay him anything, just see how he does, 0=risk and lights a fire under the 3 TE’s in front of him.

    #2 because his measurements are of a TE caliber set in the NFL.

    Would be surprised if he made the roster.

  18. After seeing Antonio Gates & Tony Gonzalez abuse us for years maybe its our turn to get an X-Basketball Player TE to be the next best thing, especially after the year Graham had. Have to love the upside of this move and the non-risk factor. Hope he has soft hands, thats what would make him special. Still wouldnt be suprised to see them add another TE or 2 , maybe a veteran maybe a draft pick / undrafted FA, guarenteed they will add another though .

  19. This is another example of Reggie McKenzie using every avenue possible to add players to this roster. Depth is their major concern now.

  20. @Slickster35….jus because you were the drunked up Dolphin fan who popped off his mouth in the bathroom and got KTFO’d and p’D on doesn’t mean you should be a hater for life….

  21. slickster35 says: Apr 12, 2012 7:26 PM

    What a trainwreck of a franchise. Mushmouth is doing his best I suppose, but still. It’s like minor league football going on here.

    slickster35 will be in the witless protection program the first time mushmouth beats his Queefs, and it will be soon. Pack your bags, hack.

  22. when the raiders think outside the box on athletes

    theres this 1 dude , i dunno if u heard of him,

    Bo Jackson ,

    youtube ” BO JACKSON TECMO BOWL”

  23. pantherpro says:
    Apr 12, 2012 8:36 PM
    Al Davis is dead and so is the team. Who is this guy leading your sorry team? Another one year wonder in the biggity dump know as Oaktown.

    My comment didn’t make the cut… but this one did?

    Al Davis may have passed on, but at least he and the Raiders have lived. A team that has never even been alive can’t technically die, so you got us there, PantherPro. We’ll be back shortly, you’ll… have to be here first.
    Hilarious. You guys trip and fall into Cam Newton and now all of a sudden every wasted pick and wasted season is forgotten! btw: You wanna see into Newton’s future? Look at Julius Peppers’ past.
    You’re in a dead end town and a dead end state. Accept it with a little grace and as always… stay classy, Carolina.

  24. Thanks for answering. It makes sense now. Don’t know why I was downvoted for not knowing something. That’s just…weird.

  25. The next Dave Casper or Todd Christensen?

    A new Tony Gonzales or Antonio Gates in the AFC West?


    Another Ricky Dudley and Teyo Johnson.

    Hopefully there won’t be any more I drafted/signed him and I am going to hold on to him – – no matter what.

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