Report: Falcons receive offer to do Hard Knocks


If the Atlanta Falcons want to be the subject of the 2012 edition of HBO’s Hard Knocks, the Falcons need only say the word.

The Falcons have been offered the assignment, according to

It’s unknown whether the Falcons will accept.  Coach Mike Smith has twice before dealt with the perpetual presence of cameras and microphones during training camp, in 2001 with the Ravens and 2004 with the Jaguars.  G.M. Thomas Dimitroff comes from the Belichick school of extremely irrational secrecy, which could make Dimitroff reluctant to open the doors to the unblinking eye of NFL Films camera crews.

The bigger question is whether the Falcons have the sizzle to draw the kind of interest that the Jets generated in 2010.  Though riding a four-year streak of winning records, the Falcons are 0-3 in the playoffs, losing by a combined score of 72-23 to the last two eventual Super Bowl champions.

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  1. Falcons will finish 3rd in their division this year.

    Saints ( hurricanes nor Gestapo Goodell can hurt this team)

    Panthers (will improve even more)

    Falcons ( Ryan is just an average QB and 3rd best in division also )

    Buccaneers ( Still pathetic)

  2. I would like too see the Falcons! I’m not a fan, but I like what I hear from Mike Smith on Sound F/X and I would like to learn more about that squad, theyre young and gifted and when they learn to win the must-wins they’ll get their trophy.. In my opinion anyway..

  3. Hard Knocks is about personalities and entertainment, the falcons have very few. I would prefer to watch Cam Newton or the Saints post bounty. Really almost any other team except the Browns would be more intriguing.

  4. As someone who lives in Atlanta and considers the Falcons my 2nd favorite team, I would love to see them on Hard Knocks. However, the Falcons are boring. Matt Ryan is boring. Arthur Blank is boring. Mike Smith is a little feisty, but Rex Ryan he ain’t. Roddy White will on occasion drop a Twitter bomb, but Ochocinco he ain’t. The story line they could bring, though, is learning a new offense and a new defense. They should also be division favorites since the Saints have the bounty stuff hanging over their heads.

    Ideally, I’d love to see the Jets again. Seeing the Son of God making Sanchez and Rex uncomfortable would be great TV.

  5. I can’t believe that the majority of voters would not watch the Falcons. What is the criteria for this? A playoff team that needs to get over to the next level. Why does everything have to be “sizzle”? Often that just equals dysfunctional. Personally, I will enjoy seeing players that may not be well known..Sometimes those are the guys that are the most fun and have the most interesting stories. I get tired of seeing the same old “story lines” over and over and over…

  6. vonmiller58 says:
    Apr 12, 2012 2:32 PM
    Matty Ice, Julio Jones, and Roddy White?
    Count me in!

    Can you still call Matt Ryan Matty Ice? He hasn’t done anything in the NFL to prove that he is clutch and calm in big games.

  7. bad call, boring. Matty Ice is not a great QB. Subpar talent all around except the WR and lost alot of good FA’s this year.

  8. I’ll watch, only if they dedicate an episode to the offensive coordinator talking about how this year, they have bigger goals of at least 3 points in the playoffs.

    Also if an episode is dedicated to the creation and origins of the nickname “Matty Ice”. Actually, have Roddy White explain this, should add additional entertainment value.

    Perhaps a segment on the number of Vick jerseys that still actively show up at every home game and the number of fans that don’t realize Vick isn’t still on the team.

    I’m providing gold to Hard Knocks here…I should charge a consulting fee.

  9. Had to vote no in the poll. I no longer have HBO, and even when I did, I didn’t bother watching it.

  10. Absolutely no sizzle here. Why would you even offer this to them? They are a talented team for sure, but we need at least a little spunk. The 9ers would be great, but I don’t think they need the distraction. Let’s see… Jets (implosions are best when viewed up close), Cowboys (see Jets), Lions, Denver….. The Falcons? Talk about can’t-watch tv.

  11. Wonder how the Saints situation with the locker room recording will affect Hard Knocks in persuading teams to do the show?

  12. I’d prefer the 49ers just because of Harbaugh, but to me honest, I’m going to watch no matter what team is on it.

  13. the last thing the Falcons need is a distraction like this. They have all the pieces falling into place to win the division. The Saints should struggle a bit more than past seasons due to the bounty suspensions. I believe Tampa is nothing to sweat either. Thus leaving the division to be won by Carolina (if they can acquire a decent defense) and Atlanta. Dont do it dirty birds.

  14. Of coure any football fan would watch but would likely prefer to watch a whole bunch of different teams. An NFL team can’t get much more boring than Kansas City a few years ago but it was still riveting tv.

  15. I would focus on not getting your a## handed to you in the playoffs rather than the hoopla and extra attention/distractions that Hard Nocks will bring.

  16. Arthur Blank wants the attention. Not the players or the coaches. Just the owner. Guarantee there’s a clause in the contract that he gets a certain number of minutes on TV per episode.

  17. Good for the Falcons!

    The NFL will be able to see how a classy franchise is run. The Falcons are not boring, they have as many characters as any other NFL team.

    People hear all the time (ad nauseum) about the Jets, Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, etc and frankly I am tired of hearing about those teams. They are not as great as they think they are. Has Vick won anything? Ever?

    The Falcons needs the exposure and I think that the audience will really like what they see.

    Choosing the Falcons is a step in the right direction, having blowhards like Rex Ryan on TV just enables him and ppl are tired of it.

  18. yay….the Falcons, we can see how they train to score NO offensive points in a playoff game. Melted Ice is such a great leader….not

  19. The poll isn’t really accurate. I’m going to watch Hard Knocks no matter who is on it. Especially after not getting one last season. I would prefer a different team than the Falcons though.

  20. Falcons arent compelling because they dont have a bountygate, spygate or egotistical players. I dont care if they are on hard knocks or not. But Id rather them be my team than a team full of bounty losers and drama queens. Hate on my team all you want…the Birds will be better.

  21. Hmm…Potential story lines for the show:

    – Brent Grimes holds out. Wants long term deal. Not franchise tag. Lots of interviews with he and his wife.
    – Falcons look to take the next step. Get over past disappointments.
    – Matt Ryan’s development
    – New coaching staff
    – Tony Gonzales: Might be last season. Lots of good shots of his wife.
    – A focus on Sean Weatherspoon: lots of personality
    – Kroy Biermann’s life with reality TV star Kim Zolciak
    – Arthur Blank working to get a new stadium
    – Focus on 2012 drafted players
    – Inside view of day to day operations of Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff
    – Ovie Mughelli’s rehab

  22. @txmdpack
    please tell us about all the free agents they lost. They signed every starter back except lofton.

  23. Boy oh boy, the ratings will be through the roof. Unless the re-acquire Vick, and lure Deion out of retirement, and sign Jeff George, this will be a snooze fest.

  24. “G.M. Thomas Dimitroff comes from the Belichick school of extremely irrational secrecy, which could make Dimitroff reluctant to open the doors to the unblinking eye of NFL Films camera crews.”

    I love this. It’s only “extremely irrational secrecy” if you’re a member of the media. The fans up here in New England don’t really care and furthermore, I think most of us understand that’s it’s anything but “irrational”. He is the way he is because he’s been through the School of Hard Media Knocks in which they twist and manipulate and pervert every little bit of info into misrepresentations or deliberately try to make you look like an incompetent fool. He’s seen the media cause him problems in the past and he simply will not allow them to screw him over publicly anymore. I assure you that it is NOT irrational at all. It’s scar tissue and armor against manipulative people who will mess you up without blinking an eye. In fact…. it’s their goal. It truly entertains me as a fan to see Belichick give the media vultures nothing and then to see how much it frustrates them and pisses them off. Love it!

  25. Zzzzzzzzzz ! I bet the Falcons want nothing to do with this. Well, except Arthur Blank… The billionaire who basically got lucky and fell into a group of investors that conceptualized Home Depot. Talk about right place at the right time. Not even his idea!

    HBO is overpriced crap. Not saying I won’t bootleg Episodes because I like the NFL, just like I don’t subscribe to NFL Ticket, but I get every Game anyway. Keep over-charging HBO, NFL, Nike etc. We’ll just find a way around you.

  26. I’m pretty sure Matt Ryan is an android based on his lack of personality.

    The only thing that keeps me from being totally sure is an android’s software would allow him to actually lead a scoring drive in the playoffs.

  27. Don’t know where all the boring comments are coming from. What makes the likes of Tony Romo, Eli Manning, and Tim Tebow so exciting. The only difference is they get crammed down our throat by ESPN 24 hours a day.

    FYI, Mike Smith almost punched DeAngelo Hall in a game. Had that been a Cowboys coach it would have got covered relentless for a month.

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