Report: Handful of teams interested in Mike Wallace trade

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When Mike Wallace became a restricted free agent, his camp tried to spread the message that teams would be lining up to sign him because it would only take a first-round pick in compensation under the new CBA.

That didn’t work, but they aren’t through trying to get Wallace more money than he’s set to be paid under the tender placed on him by the Steelers earlier in the offseason. Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that a handful of teams are interested in making a trade for the disgruntled wideout and, as Kaboly points out, this is the next stage in Wallace’s strategy to get a big new contract.

Via a trade, teams could land Wallace without giving up a first-round pick while Wallace would still be able to get the long-term deal that he hasn’t been able to get from the Steelers. By making it known that he won’t sign his tender, Wallace is signaling that he’ll be a thorn in the side of the Steelers and that it might just be better for them to get what they can for him now than deal with the headaches before he leaves as an unrestricted free agent after the 2012 season. That outcome seems likely given the tenor of negotiations thus far and the hints sent by Wallace’s camp about how much he’d like to be paid.

The Steelers made a somewhat similar deal with Santonio Holmes before the 2010 Draft. Holmes had off-field issues, but, like Wallace, Holmes was entering the final year before unrestricted free agency when the Steelers dealt him for a fifth-round pick. Whether or not they would be willing to part with Wallace is unclear, although it is preferable to get something for him instead of watching him leave for nothing as a free agent a year from now.

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  1. Since Spielman has been signing everyone to 1 yr deals anyway, if the Vikings could get Wallace for a 5th round pick it would be a good idea. Or they could draft another Tyrell Johnson.

  2. If Wallace were smart, he’d stick w/the Steelers for this season, then he’d get his huge offer from the Steelers. Surely they’d choose Wallace over Antonio Brown.

    If I were Colbert, I’d demand either a 1st rd pick, or a 2nd this year and a 1st or 2nd next year. We cannot just give him away like we did w/Holmes.

    I am sure Houston would give up a lot to have Wallace opposite Andre Johnson.

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in black and blue, although we probably don’t have nearly enough cap room for what he wants.

    He could even keep his #17, and help us forget about the last 3 Jake Delhomme years and Legado Nanee…

  4. The dude wants Fitzgerald money and he’s clearly not close to being worth that. Steelers have no money to give him, so can only offer him a $2.1M tender. I’d say he’s probably worth $5-6M a year which is the happy medium for what he wants and what he’ll get on Steelers.

    Steelers need to get a 2nd or 3rd out of him (clearly nobody is going to give a 1st or someone would already have made that offer) and enter full rebuild/salary cap mode.

  5. He wants more than he is worth. If he comes down a bit, several teams could use him with their young QBs. Hope for all concerned that he gets traded before or during the draft. Seahawks have a 3rd rd that they would be willing to trade……

  6. Sounds like his agent trying to drum up false interest. Very convenient coming right after the report that Wallace is not ready to sign his tender…

  7. They may be interested, but they won’t be interested in giving him a Fitzgerald type deal.

  8. The Steelers decided to get rid of Holmes because of his character issues. Wallace has no character issues. Poor comparison.

  9. Actually, if Wallace leaves as an unrestricted free agent after the 2012 season the Steelers are due to receive a compensatory pick which will prob be a 3rd round pick. To get his services this year for under $3M and still receive a 3rd round pick, the Steelers would be far from “watching him leave for nothing as a free agent a year from now.” They would receive a 3rd round pick and his services this year, where as they received only a 5th round pick and no add’l playing time from Santonio. Great reporting knowing the rules of free agency, though.

  10. Fun fact: the 5th round pick received for Santonio Holmes was traded to the Cardinals for Bryant Mcfadden and a 6th round pick. The 6th round pick was then used to select none other than team MVP Antonio Brown.

    Steelers win.

  11. Why wouldn’t a team in the mid 20’s trade down to the last selection of the first round (getting something in return), then use that selection as the RFA 1st rounder necessary to compensate his 1st round RFA compensation? This could be as useful as trade.

    Or is that not an option?

  12. Good to see that PFT is still willing to print anything that the players’ agents write.

    However, I doubt that this garbage article is going to budge the Steeler brass very much. Fact is, Wallace will probably get more as a Steeler than he would elsewhere, because Ben is one of the few qb’s with the size and arm strength to hit him on his patented deep fly routes. The Pats needed a speed receiver, but they’ve already signed their new guys. Most teams need a better route-runner with better hands than what Wallace offers.

  13. I’m sure there are. But it isn’t really a story until any team names are mentioned.

  14. What handful of teams? Is this what passes for reporting these days, throwing some turds at the wall hoping they’ll stick? At least Florio say WHAT teams may be interested, even if it is simply speculation.

  15. I would rather hang onto Antonio next year so I am fine with it if we trade him. There is no way we give him the money he wants anyway so we might as well get something for him in return.

  16. If the Redskins can afford the contract, signing Wallace via a 4th or 5th round pick would be awesome! Wallace and Garcon catching bombs from RGIII. Hail to the Redskins!

  17. Sign the damn papers and play! Lamar Woodley was in the same boat a few seasons ago and Steelers rewarded him handsomely the following offseason.

    Wallace and his agent aren’t being smart. Good wide receivers that leave a good team to go to a WR needy team ruin their careers. Go ask all the WR’s who thought leaving for Seattle was a good thing.

  18. Dissapointing he’s pulling this diva crap.

    But he has no leverage. Either show up (or you dont get to free agency) and play well (or dont get the big contract in free agency), or dont show up and make no money. Your choice.

  19. Brandon Marshall was traded for two 3rd rounders. Do you really think you’re getting Wallace for a 4th or 5th rounder?

  20. skinsdag, even if this article is true, the Steelers would never trade him to New England even if they have the best offer on the table… They’d take less to trade him to a weak AFC team other than Cleveland, or an NFC team. It would hurt them worse off by making their direct competition better, even if they received better draft picks.

  21. Any of you who think the Steelers will part with Wallace for a 4th round pick or lower are on some pretty good drugs.

  22. Why would the Steelers trade him for less than a first round pick when they’re guaranteed one if someone signs him?

  23. @dryzzt23

    “If I were Colbert, I’d demand either a 1st rd pick, or a 2nd this year and a 1st or 2nd next year.”
    Huh? Aren’t you aware that teams could have him right now for just a single 1st rounder and they aren’t biting?

  24. The Holmes for a 5th round pick comparison is irrelevant. No chance they settle for anything lower than a third rounde for Wallace.

  25. I can’t help but think going after Wallace would make a lot of sense for the Ravens. Even with the young speed WR from Maryland, the Ravens could use another Playmaker. Beyond that, they could take the main divisional opponents top offensive weapon away for a late 1st rounder.

  26. The Browns should throw a 3rd and a 5th. rounder out there for him. He would be better off latching on with Cleveland as they will give him the best chance to win a Title in the next decade. The Browns actually have money to pay him a fair deal, where the Pitts are cap strapped for years to come.

  27. Yeah, Colbert’s gonna trade Wallace for anything less than a 1st round pick. Pro Football Blabbering at it’s finest.

  28. The Pats should offer up a 2nd rounder, that would be amazing for 5 receiver sets … but the reality is the Pats won’t invest $$$ into one position … I’ll have to do with Wes/Brandon/Gronk/Hernandez & either Stallworth or Ochostinko

  29. If he is going to be a pain, a 3rd rounder or better seems like a good deal – he may be worth a first rounder in theory, but if a team will also have to sign him to a big contract, they simply aren’t going to give up the pick.

  30. Texans M.O. is not trading picks.

    2nd Texans have cap issues. No way they are paying a guy huge bucks when we were averaging 28 pts a game with Schaub, Dre’, Kevin Walter and Jocoby.

    Do Texans need upgrade at WR? Sure… But not at that cost.

    I see Texans taking Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill at #26

  31. The steelers don’t have a ton of leverage here. I wouldn’t mind him in MN… I’d be willing to offer one of their fourth round picks or a 3rd rounder for him… so long as they can negotiate a long term deal first…

  32. cap issues aside, I think he would look good in Carolina opposite Smitty.

    What about a Wallace for Jonathan Stewart trade?

    That would seem to help both clubs out without giving up draft picks if both teams could figure how to make it work under the cap (remember, Mendenhall is coming off torn ACL and may not play much, if at all)

  33. Quick… which WR has the best combo of yds, YPC (whopping 17.3 YPC), and TD’s (24) after 3 years in the NFL: Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, or Mike Wallace?

    Answer: Mike Wallace

    Best deep-threat in the NFL, Mike is a young WR who is still learning the game (i.e. will get better).

    How is Mike not worth a huge contract?

  34. “Good Day Mr. Wallace. How goes it? My name is Mr. 2012 Restricted Free Agent. And please, meet my good friend, Mr. 2013 Franchised Player. We are good friends and work together also. I am sure you will get to know us well. All the best.”

  35. If the Texans want to gamble on Stephen Hill or Kendall Wright at #26, keep in mind that the failure rate for 1st Rd WR’s is higher than any other Offensive position at > 60% failure rate.

    Mike Wallace is a sure-thing and has the best deep speed in the league.

    Mike Wallace for a 1st rounder is expensive, for a 2nd rounder he is a steal.

  36. Haha people saying the Pats, Browns, Ravens, Texans or anyone else in the AFC should “throw” a 3rd/4th/5th whatever rounder at the Steelers just dont get it. First, Wallace is guarenteed a 1st this year if someone wants him so why would they accept anything less? Second, you do realize the Steelers get to choose which team he goes to in a trade right? Why would they ever trade him to one of those teams regardless of the return?

  37. After Steelers have him this year as Restricted Free this year, and then Franchise him in 2013, Wallace will then be entering 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th years. Hmmmm, I wonder what that might be like then?

  38. He picked a bad year to be a RFA because this draft is absolutely loaded with quality receivers, which will pull down his value unless a team is really in love with him or after the draft, a team that misses out on WR’s needs to make a deal.

  39. This draft is way to deep in WR to give up a high pick for this guy. Teams would be better served if they draft one or two WR in the mid rounds. The player would come at a much cheaper price compared the new contract they would have to shell out to Wallace, and they wouldnt lose the first or second round pick that it would take to pry him away from Pitt.

  40. A first round pick and then fight with his agent for an unreasonable amount of money, if I’m a GM I wait for free agency. Sorry Mike, one more year with the Steelers. Oh, by the way, same for you Matt Forte, one more year with the Bears.

  41. @ dryzzt23

    Steelers would want Wallace over Brown !?!?!

    Leave comments to the real Steeler fans…. Brown is 5x the player that Wallace is… I know Wallace is good, and has a high ceiling….

    Brown is a lot better… A LOT.

  42. That is why Wallace is not getting the big deal… They are saving it for Brown next year.

  43. Wallace I dont think will be a Steeler long term…I dont think the Steelers can afford him and also, I just dont think he has the right attitude after his early success. The Steelers will be tight on cap this year and next, I dont see a trade happening either… he will have to play this year to become a FA next year so the Steelers hold the cards for one more year on him and I think they will use that. He will end up playing because he will be on audition for other teams and free agency and if he acts like a little baby it will hurt his contract value for next year. He may sit out for awhile but eventually he will sign his tender and play. We have Cotchery and we wil be drafting another WR somewhere in draft so I think the Steelers will be ready and prepared to let him go.

  44. The Steelers really drafted a gem in Wallace, maybe the best deep threat. With that said, now comes the contract issues that goes with that. Trading a upcoming draft pick for him isn’t the issue for teams, I think its his huge contract he’s going to want. No doubt some hope to draft, and get lucky, for a great WR, playing for basically peanuts compared to the contract Wallace is going to receive.

  45. I don’t think the draft pick is the hold up.

    It’s the fact he wants Fitz money when he’s not that caliber of WR.

    Unless he changes his contract demands a team isn’t going to give up anything for him.

  46. Steelers trade him to Rams for the Rams #1 and #4 picks. Steelers draft Blackmon to fill in for Wallace and off lineman with the other 1st round pick!

  47. Mike Wallace, Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, TD Young, and Pettigrew sound pretty good…

  48. Wallace, man up! You have to earn the big bucks! Show some class and earn some respect as an elite pro receiver in the NFL. Wallace you have the opportunity to have a phenomenal year with the STEELERS. If you do have that phenomenal year you will have proved to the STEELERS and the whole NFL you are worth a big money long term contract. Plus you’re a class act! Don’t act like a prima madonna now and give the STEELERS and other prospect teams reasons not to want you. Good luck Mr. Wallace, its all up to you!

  49. id have no problem if wallace were traded. he is a dime a dozen nowadays….fast WR who only runs posts, corners and fly routes. especially with all the solid WRs coming out in the draft he would be easy to replace without even using a high draft pick. some non steeler fans seem to think all the releasing of players they have done is just to keep wallace…false! steelers are known for releasing older players as soon as production starts to decline and then replace them via the draft and never over paying for players. if a player wants to much money (ie S. Holmes) they ship em out and get someone as good if not better.

  50. Wallace, you need to call a former NFL linebacker named Mike Merriweather. He was an All Pro on our defense (which puts him higher than you on the Steelers food chain) at a time when the rest of the team sucked. But the Rooneys let him sit out an entire season before trading him to another team. You disgruntled? As far as I’m concerned, you can sit out your contract year and we’ll make do without you, then give Brown the big bucks in 2013. When it comes to Steelers wideouts, the operative word is … next!

  51. “Brown is a lot better… A LOT.”

    Brown has 1 year of production being covered by #2 CB’s and only scored 2 touchdowns to show for it. Brown is a decent player but to equate him with Wallace is insane.

  52. Mike Brown will offer a pack of oreos and 50 bucks- as long as he doesn’t have to pay him though

  53. samoanjungle says:
    Apr 12, 2012 3:39 PM

    “If I were Colbert, I’d demand either a 1st rd pick, or a 2nd this year and a 1st or 2nd next year.”
    Huh? Aren’t you aware that teams could have him right now for just a single 1st rounder and they aren’t biting?

    dryzzt23 has already proven that he is an idiot over on the Petrino threads, samoan. Of course, he is unaware…he’s a moron who doesn’t do his research.

  54. I would have to advise his agent to tell his client to shut the f.u.c.k.u.p and play. the Steelers dont cave to demands they will let him sit. cotchery, brown, and sanders along with miller aint bad people to be throwing to.

  55. skinsdag says:
    Apr 12, 2012 3:02 PM
    Patsies would be stupid not to get this guy…. that would be scary

    You are probably right, which is why the Steelers are not trading Wallace to the Pats.

    daysend564 says:
    Apr 12, 2012 3:06 PM
    The dude wants Fitzgerald money and he’s clearly not close to being worth that.

    Wallace wanted Fitz money from the NINERS…which is to say, He didnt want to go there unless you paid him a dump truck full of cash. I dont think hes going to have the same contract demands for the Steelers.

  56. steelymcbeam6 says:
    Apr 12, 2012 6:04 PM
    id have no problem if wallace were traded. he is a dime a dozen nowadays”

    Id have a problem with it. Wallace strikes fear into the back end of the secondary because he’s just so much faster than everyone else…he’s not really a dime a dozen.

    All those underneath routes come open when you have Wallace taking the top off of defenses.

    Plus, the guy is still young, still learning- this isnt some 9 year vet who’s reached his ceiling. I think he is a matchup nightmare and has to be gameplanned for, something that rarely happens with Brown. (but will next year)

  57. The steeler’s would not get “nothing” if they kept him for just this year under his tender.

    If they keep him for one year, they get:

    One year of elite receiver play
    Compensatory draft pick (probably 3rd round)

    If they trade him they get:

    Possibly a crappy pick (5th for santonio….)

    You tell me what you would rather have. A player playing or a (possibly) inferior pick.

  58. You do all realize that he can’t be traded until he signs his tender, right?

  59. @Deb:

    Always respect your opinion, but are you really comparing Wallace’s situation to the situation of a player whose career predated free agency?

    Why do Pittsburgh fans always take such glee from their organization underpaying players who contribute so much?

    A town that has suffered so much from management taking a giant you know what on it’s workers still cheers a multi-millionaire ownership group squeezing it’s players.

    Seems strange.

  60. Thomas, Wallace & Decker sounds good to me.

    If the Denver Broncos truly want a deep run in the playoffs it would make sense to get this guy as soon as possible.

    Go get him Mr. Elway !!!!!!!

    Colorado, Rocky Mountain High…
    Where it seems to rain touchdowns from the sky.

  61. realitypolice

    False comparison. Steelers usually don’t overpay players, like Dallas and Washington.

    That’s not the same as paying a steel worker $8 bucks an hour to work 14 hours a day/6 days a week.

    Besides, all football players are overpaid anyway–not in the terms of the market, but in terms of reality.

    Even the most poorly payed football player will be able to provide for his family.

    The most poorly paid steel worker will go bankrupt if he gets sick.

  62. His rights are owned by Pittsburgh period. Let him rot if he doesn’t want to play. He should keep is mouth shut and play the year out then get unrestricted free agency.

  63. Once again, it is Mike,s job to make as much money as he can in the next ten years. It is the Steeler’s job to field the best team they can under the constraints of the cap. Before this is all over I am sure both will happen.

  64. Media & Agent Propoganda. He isn’t going anywhere unless someone divies up a 1st rounder & $10 mil+ that the Steelers decide not to match.

    Apparently the whole NFL world has forgotten what went down with San Diego’s WR Vincent Jackson not that long ago! If receivers &/or agents had control, then Jackson wouldn’t have missed games.

    Stupid players, stop thinking your agents are smarter than you are…becuase they aren’t.

  65. @realitypolice …

    Don’t be absurd. First, Steeler Nation extends worldwide, and while I’ve been a diehard fan for 35 years, I’m not a Pittsburgher. Second, absolutely nothing about NFL player contract negotiations compares to the exploitation of common laborers in communities dominated by a single large employer.

    I support free agency, the NFLPA, and the right of players to be paid what they’re worth on the market. But if the Steeler players feel so mistreated by their ownership group, I doubt so many of them would be willing to rework their contracts to stay with the organization or wish to come back to Pittsburgh after getting a taste of the culture in other clubs. From what players say, I gather quality of life in the NFL–as in most workplaces–is about more than a paycheck.

    What I’m comparing with Mikes Merriweather and Wallace is attitude, not era. Wallace isn’t Fitzgerald. He isn’t worth a Fitzgerald paycheck. If he thinks he is, then by all means, he’s welcome to collect that from another team in exchange for a first-round draft pick. But I don’t see anyone waving a check. The Steelers will offer what he’s worth, but apparently that’s not good enough for him. You can’t say we’re nickel-and-diming him when no one else wants to pay his price, either. And no, I don’t have patience with this kind of grandstanding when he has had the opportunity to test his value on the open market.

  66. Josh Alper, please stop posting about the Steelers. Your original post is lame. Claiming Santonio Holmes trade as the standard is very shallow thought. I’m proud to see fellow Steelers posts that bring depth mentioning this is more Mike Merriwether than Santonio. Steeler fans know their football and know to trust the Rooney’s on what to pay players. Also, other team’s fans offering 3rd or 4th round picks, etc. Go back to playing in your sandbox. Mike is a Steeler until the Steelers say he’s not. Be it RFA, Franchise tag. And if he sits this season out, I believe he won’t get a sevice year of credit and remains a RFA again. Mike Wallace is only posturing. He’s not a Dave Parker yet. “If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler.” Jack Lambert, 1990 HoF Introduction.

  67. He can hold out until week 10 and still get credit for the season but he’ll be broke. If its less than a 2nd round pick he won’t get traded make him a fair offer (D. Jackson money) if he don’t sign let him walk next year and get a 3rd round pick. He’s gonna have to battle antonio for a contract on the field. SHUT UP AND STEP UP OR STEP OFF!

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