Seahawks bring back a pair of linebackers

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The free-agent market has dried up considerably, but linebackers continue to find work.  Primarily because linebackers were largely ignored in the early phases of free agency.

On Thursday, the Seahawks announced that two of the team’s linebackers have agreed to terms for 2012.  Notwithstanding those dreadful new uniforms.  (Maybe they will get hazard pay.)

Leroy Hill and Matt McCoy are back, with one-year contracts.

In 2011, Hill started all 16 games for the first time in his career.  He was arrested in February for marijuana possession, but the charges were dropped.  Past incidents resulted in a one-game suspension in 2010.

McCoy, a key special-teams contributor, landed on injured reserve after only four games in 2011.

26 responses to “Seahawks bring back a pair of linebackers

  1. C’mon Florio, we all gotta change with times …

    As a life-long Seattle resident/fan, I am glad that the Seahawks unis at least try & pay tribute to the local Native Americans. Just doing our part to try and make-up for the NFL having a team called the “Redskins”

    Speaking of needing to change with the times….……

  2. Come on Florio did you really need to throw in the uniform comment? They aren’t THAT bad… I almost kind of like them.

    And as an Eagles fan I have one thing to say …

  3. “Notwithstanding those dreadful new uniforms.”


    And the Bungel uniforms are the fashion statement of the last 30 years…………….

  4. Welcome back Hill; Solid player allowing the draft to concentrate on other areas……..Agree that the uniform is different and may take a bit to get used to, but don’t think they are dreadful looking. More functional, reportedly.

  5. Thanks for saying it joenash72! Besides, dogging the Seahawks new unis is so last week already.

    I’m stoked to have Hill back for depth/familiarity and McCoy for punishing special teams play. These last few signings seem really smart. Now Hawks fans can trust Schneider & Carroll to find value in the draft.

  6. The 12th fan loves the uniforms, at least we are modernizing the way the game looks. Or maybe we should be like the redskins and keep a traditional, racist stereotype on our uniforms?

  7. “Notwithstanding those dreadful new uniforms.”

    Something tells me when they are winning a lot of games next season with their solid defense and run game all these “experts” won’t find the uniforms so laughable.

    That said, it’s the Seattle Seahawks so they could run the table 19-0 and there will still be media tools like Skip Bayless…….yeah they won but they look ridiculous so there’s an asterisk.

  8. Have to say the new uni’s have/ are growing on me. So much better then more than half the uni’s out there. Tired of the sports writers comments on them.

  9. Florio, you are clearly getting ripped for your uniform comment and rightfully so. Stick to football comments – those uni’s are awesome and might take some getting used to for old guy’s like you.

    I wonder if the Hill signing along with Ruud takes the Hawks out of market for Kuchely in round 1? Priority 1 now must be another edge rusher who can play both sides – a guy that can give Clemens a spell and come in for Red on likely passing downs.

  10. Hill played as good as he ever has last year, solid outside linebacker plays the run well. McCoy is always hustling on special teams getting tackles and adds depth. Why take a shot a the new uniforms? Majority of fans I know (Seahawks or not) love them and see them as a big upgrade. Guess some people can’t help trying to sound clever.

  11. Love the new unis! Glad to have Hill & McCoy back for depth, special teams, quality play & veteran presence.. & at good prices, too, because the front office chose to wait until the LB market settled. Hill could potentially start again, however, Pete has publicly stated he wanted to get younger & faster at LB, and that this draft has a depth of quality, “classy” LBs. The signings technically give us more flexibility in the draft, though, I suspect we still address ILB & OLB in the mid to upper rounds this year. Lavonte David? Donta Hightower? Mykal Kendricks? Bobby Wagner? Luke Kuechly? Spence? Brown? There certainly are some interesting possibilities.

    Florio, that dig at Seattle just reeks of straight meanness / bitterness. The only thing dreadful around here is your attitude towards non-current-bandwagon-teams. You’re unquestionably The Queen of Football Gossip, Florio – in all reality – who gives a bloody hëll what you think about the uniforms. Most everyone I know likes them. Gossip peddlers like yourself will come and go. There will always be another “TMZ for the NFL” popping up here & there for their respective flash-in-the-pan / 15 minutes of fame. The Seattle Seahawks, though, will be around & doing well in their new, kick-arse uniforms long after you’re gone & replaced by another rumor-weasel.

  12. I like the uniforms, will look even better when Patrick Willis and company are tossing them hawks around.

  13. Florio hates the unis ‘cuz hes an old geezer. Anyone notice the fact that all the players loved em? People over 40 hate them and people under 40 love them.

    Maybe if the Seahawks wore beige khakis hiked up to their belly buttons and some tacky Howdy Doody wigs, then Florio could relate. Dude’s still stuck back in the 60s, bragging about his VW van to the other hippies, yelling at kids about “real protests” back when he was a love child at Kent State, and then yelling at them to get off his lawn.

    Get with the times Florio. It ain’t the 60s anymore ya dang hippie. Oh, and one other thing: Woodstock sucked.

  14. “And as an Eagles fan I have one thing to say …

    Matt McCoy is a great ST player and has been greatly improving at the LB position. Losing him in the first game of the year last year was awful.

  15. Wow, the 12th women has reared her ugly liberal head in support of those new uniforms big time! Have a latte and calm down sweetheart.

  16. Slow down! Get off of my lawn. I single-handedly thwarted the metric system. I remember when coffee cost 5-cents and a bartender doubled as your psychiatrist.

    That’s right Florio, any day now. Don’t fight it.

  17. With a hair cut like that florio you should be the last guy to bash the hawks uni’s. serious mike, thats a bad hair cut. i think hawk nation should send you a t-shirt with a picture of your hair cut on it.

  18. Hill is a steal if he can stay healthy. Let’s see what the uniforms look like on the field before passing judgement.

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