Steelers re-sign Trai Essex

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The Steelers have brought back two of their own unrestricted free agents in the last two days.

Wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery returned to the team on Wednesday and Thursday brings news that offensive lineman Trai Essex’s has re-signed with the Steelers. Essex broke the news on his Twitter account that he’ll remain with the team that drafted him in the third round of the 2005 Draft.

Essex played all five positions on the line at various points in the 2011 season and started three times. He wasn’t particuarly impressive at any of those slots, although he’s best suited to an interior role, but his versatility is nice to have in reserve on a line that hasn’t had much luck staying healthy in recent seasons.

Even with Essex back in the fold, offensive line still figures to be a place where the Steelers look to add players via the draft.

14 responses to “Steelers re-sign Trai Essex

  1. Great, we re-signed an offensive lineman who “wasn’t particularly impressive.” Just what we need. 🙂 But seriously … the way our linemen drop like flies, we need multi-position players like Trai to back them up.

  2. Essex is a versatile reserve player used in a pinch, nothing more. Signing him for some depth won’t stop them from picking up much-needed top flight OL talent in the draft. It is a must, to improve both the run game and to give Ben time to throw the ball and take less hits

  3. Glad we signed Cotchery. He should again be a pretty good fourth receiver. Trai is versatile and will probably be needed at different points during the season. I just hope we can get some talent along the offensive line through this draft.
    It is way over do!
    You and I have been pitching for an improved O-Line for some time now. Maybe we will get our wish this year!!

  4. I hope these guys do well because theyre Steelers but cmon!! They have been an achilles heel for awhile. They dont appear to be getting any better. Starks was impressive coming off the couch and doing a good job. I think that speaks volumes about the state of that line when a guy can come in mid season and do better than guys that been there. SMH!!

  5. I don’t think they necessarily wanted him back but more less had to for depth reasons.

    Is there any decent offensive linemen out there that we can afford? No.

    We have to build through draft…starting this year.

  6. @dickroy …

    I just wish we had a higher draft pick. Don’t wish we’d finished further back to warrant a higher draft pick, though 😉

  7. Prime example of how versatility can keep you in the league. A guy that can play multiple (or all) positions on the line allow a team to keep another player at a different position. Very valuable.

  8. “a line that hasn’t had much luck staying healthy in recent seasons”


    When 4 out of 5 starters every week are a group of massively overweight non-athletes, injuries kind of come with the territory.

    You’ve got to wonder what in the world Colbert & Co. have been thinking in the way they’ve gone about “building” the Steeler o-line. Outside of Pouncey, there’s not been a single guy on that line in recent years who could start for any other decent NFL team.

  9. Bringing back any current offensive linemen not named Pouncey is a terrible mistake. They all suck.

    On the bright side, the bathroom Romeo should get lots of exercise running for his life on the field next season… as long as he can keep from being caught too much, that is!

  10. I’ve been screaming for them to upgrade the O-line since literally 2006. It’s been nothing but ‘adequate’ at best, and horrendous at worse, for years. If Essex is being brought back in order to add decent depth in case of injuries, that’s fine, but otherwise the Steelers should be planning on spending their first TWO draft picks this year on offensive linesmen.

    Time to get back to STEELER FOOTBALL!!!

  11. This is purely for depth on the O-line. We will pick up a few new guys in the draft. Colbert knows what he’s doing.

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