Vince Young still sees himself as a starting quarterback

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Vince Young hasn’t generated much interest as a free agent, but that hasn’t shaken his belief that he is still capable of being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Young started three games for the Eagles in 2011 and lost two of them. He threw eight interceptions and four touchdowns in those games, including four picks in a blowout loss to the Seahawks that helped keep the Eagles out of the playoffs when the season came to an end.

He did beat the Giants, though, and said that Andy Reid told him the Eagles weren’t bringing him back because they didn’t think he was a backup quarterback. Perhaps that’s why he told KILT Radio in Houston that he believes in his ability to win a competition and be a starting quarterback.

“Yeah definitely. Always want to go in and compete for the starting job and the things that I put myself through to get better and better and to better myself as a quarterback, just waiting on that opportunity to get the chance to do that.”

It would be odd to hear a quarterback say that he didn’t think he was capable of leading a team as a starter, so Young’s answer makes sense on that front. The problem is that no NFL team shares his feelings and that’s the only league with a Super Bowl.

Young said that teams have expressed interest in signing him, but that he doesn’t expect to sign with anyone until after the draft. It’s hard to see a spot where Young can realistically challenge for a starting spot this summer unless he decides to take his talents to Canada. He’ll probably get a look from someone, but Reid’s assessment about his not being a backup quarterback will almost certainly be incorrect.

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  1. Due to their similarity of talent and dedication to preparation and practice, my guess is either Denver signs him to push Manning for the starter job, or GB signs him to push Rodgers….lol…Or, maybe, the Texans to replace Schaub, or Tennessee signs him to start….oh, yeah

  2. It’s nice that someone sees Vince Young as a starting quarterback… Too bad it’s not someone that matters Vince!!!!

  3. He is terrible. If he werent so god awful, the Eagles would have made the playoffs last season, and the Giants wouldnt.

    AJ Feely would have won 2 of those 3 games. The only reason we lost 2 of them were because of interceptions. Its almost as if he were physically TRYING to throw the game. It was that bad…

  4. Find your place at the end of the line.

    You’re right behind Donovan McNabb but in front of Terrell Owens.

  5. VY is the starting QB of the Dream Team. Unfortunately for him, the Dream Team doesn’t exist.

  6. Andy Reid also said he didn’t think Vince Young was a starting QB. VY is a slimmed down version of JaMarcus Russell, great “athlete” but playing with less than a full deck between the ears.

  7. He did beat the Giants, though, and said that Andy Reid told him the Eagles weren’t bringing him back because they didn’t think he was a backup quarterback.

    Translation: “It’s not you, it’s me”

  8. Honestly, at this point, if you’re the Browns why not? As if Colt McCoy is going to do anything with all those wet-fish votes of confidence and wetter-fish offensive weapons. Draft Trent Richardson at 4, sign Vince Young and try to replicate the pre-meltdown Titans.

    Seriously, what do they have to lose? There’s no offensive identity in Cleveland. It either works and you win some games, or you implode miserably and win the Barkley sweepstakes.

  9. This is almost too sad to make fun of. When he beat USC, he seemed like he could really thrive in the NFL. Its sad to see his career over so quickly. He even had that great rookie season. I wonder what went wrong with him. Come back to us Vince, we miss you.

  10. AP Offensive Rookie of the year, 2 pro bowls and NO ONE wants him. WOW! Tells you that the flakiness we see is nothing compared to what the people in the NFL see.

  11. You would think that a team looking for a starting quarterback would have signed one by now. He may just have to resign himself to the fact that a team is probably not going to rest their franchise on his shoulders.

  12. Young started three games for the Eagles in 2011 and lost two of them. He threw eight interceptions and four touchdowns in those games
    Hall of Fame stats, to be sure …… right, VY?

  13. Andy wasn’t incorrect. Vince Young is not a backup quarterback. He’s not good enough to be a backup. He MIGHT be OK running the practice squad.

  14. willycents says:Apr 12, 2012 10:39 AM

    Due to their similarity of talent and dedication to preparation and practice, my guess is either Denver signs him to push Manning for the starter job

    Talent, didication, preparation ….. these are words YOU associate with Vince Young????

    Peyton Manning in a coma is still light years incomparable to Vince Young.

    You’re obviously new to football, aren’t you?

  15. VY got some of that leftover Donovan residue on him while he was Philly. I am sure McNabb is still out there thinking he can start somewhere, too.

  16. Haha oh man, it’s so obvious that Reid was lying thru his teeth with that remark and VY is just dumb enough to buy it

    That said, Browns may as well bring him to camp

  17. When you mention the Eagles….10 Eagles fans come in to tell you exactly why they didnt make it. They are blaming Vince Young…Not their god awful start to the season.

  18. I don’t think Reid is wrong at all. I just think Young and others are misinterpreting him. Reid didn’t say Young was a starter and if you’re not a starter and you’re not a backup what does that leave you…right where Young is, out of the league.

  19. Yeah, I think Vince needs to convince some head coaches that he isn’t going to have a mideseason temper tantrum.

    Great that his confidence is still high, but if I was a head coach I wouldn’t want to touch him until he showed that he’d be willing to compete and EARN a starting QB position.

  20. Vince has never shown the mental toughness to be an NFL QB, which is why he’s no longer an NFL QB.

  21. Vince young is a gamer period. The season when Kerry Collins went 0-6 and Vince came in and led them to a 8-8 season I watched every Titan game that year and it’s no doubt in my mind that this kid is better than most starters in the nfl today

  22. Delusional. People would sign him, if they didn’t have years of terrible game type. It got to the point where there is no way for anyone to deny how bad he is…well, except for himself that is.

  23. I’ll go a step further and say he never was good enough on a consistent basis to be a starting quarterback.

  24. pftcensorssuck says:
    You’re obviously new to football, aren’t you?
    Hey pftcensorssuck,
    You’re obviously new to sarcasm, right?
    Ok, here you go.

    sarcasm definition

    A form of irony in which apparent praise conceals another, scornful meaning. For example, a sarcastic remark directed at a person who consistently arrives fifteen minutes late for appointments might be, “Oh, you’ve arrived exactly on time!”

    Now, don’t make me define irony.

  25. you would think that if people think he’s a starter that Miami would have called him, now it could still happen after the draft, but i doubt it. oh, another thing, forget Houston Young. if you go there, you will be the 3rd string QB behind Schaub and Yates.

  26. VY’s record as starting QB 31 – 19 is actually better than that of probably 60+% of current starting QB’s.
    Browns, Dolphins, Bills, Cardinals, & Jaguars, should give him a look. Low risk proposition. He can be effective with the starter’s cut of practice reps, a decent run game, & a decent defense. These 5 teams fit that bill.

  27. Yes, I am a Bucs fan, however I live in Nashville. I’ve heard more about VY here in Tennessee than most people have heard about.

    Yes, he had the melt down here, and borderline psycotic (sp?) However, if I am an owner of a team and needed a starting QB, I would look at Young. He does have a very good winning percentage, which is not all that common in the NFL today. I would give him a try out. There are several teams that need a lot of help at QB, and VY won’t cost them that much. Vince wins games… which is what puts fans in the seats

  28. Vince doesnt win games, everyone else won the games despite Vince being QB. I suppose anyone who likes Vince figured Jeff Fisher is a racists? Young cost Fisher his job because Young wasnt good enough to win games on his own, when it mattered. That is the bottom line, and everyone in the Titans organization knew it. Imagine how many championship the Titans might have won with a good QB? We’ll never know now. All the talent in Tennessee is drying up and getting old, or just flat out retired. With the Talent Vince had around him, average skills could have won it all at leasst once. Vince isnt even as good as Trent Dilfer. Dilfer has a ring, and got it with even less talent around him. Enough about Vince Young being good.

  29. He has the physical skills but his mental state is off. I believe its 70% mental to play the QB position in the NFL. With that said all he will be used for in the NFL is wildcat situations.

  30. Simply having the skill to do the job is not enough in the NFL. Just ask Donovan McNabb. In this league, you’re only as good as your recent performances. Vince Young can’t just brush away that he played poorly in 2 of his last 3 games, when the spotlight was on him. At this point, he should be grateful if any team signs him as a backup.

  31. Vince Young is a textbook example of why you don’t draft players with a sub 10 on the Wonderlic intelligence test for certain positions. It may be ok for defensive linemen, linebacker, and cornerbacks like Morris Claiborne to be illiterate (way to go Les Miles), but definitely not at QB.

  32. “VY’s record as starting QB 31 – 19 is actually better than that of probably 60+% of current starting QB’s.”

    How do all 32 teams do it without you in their front office?

  33. Vince Young to Dolphins? NO
    Vince Young to Chiefs? NO
    Vince Young to Browns? NO
    Vince Young to SAN JOSE SABERCATS (Arena Football League) YES!

  34. You know the Raiders won’t be able to pass on him. It’s just too tempting. Somebody in that organization is drawing up a contract this minute.

  35. What an ego. Me, I, Me, I . He just doesn’t get it
    When he can be come a TEAM player which is
    doubtful he might make it. But maybe it is better
    that he stays in Austin and be the QB of his steak
    house but we all know what happen to most
    steak houses owned by QBs’

  36. I think that what Reid meant when he said that Young was not a back-up QB was that he was a third stringer. NOT that he could still challenge as a starter. Why wouldn’t Reid not want someone who could spell Vick for the 3-5 games he’s hurt every season?

  37. The only way he ever plays again is if the other 96 roster QB’s go on IR…or Mac Brown gets an NFL job!

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