Brees says Vitt is “obvious choice” to take over Saints

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At a time when many are wondering how the Saints will function with an interim head coach and, when Joe Vitt is suspended for six games, an interim interim head coach, quarterback Drew Brees isn’t troubled.

“Joe Vitt is one of the most respected coaches I have ever been around,” Brees told the Associated Press via email on Friday.  “His ability to lead this team in an uncertain time throughout this off season and for whatever term we have him during the regular season is undeniable in our locker room.”

Previously, the New York Post reported that Brees sent a text message to coach Bill Parcells to recruit him to take the job.  Either the Post was wrong, or Brees has changed his mind.

“He is the obvious choice and the best choice,” Brees said of Vitt.  “I believe I speak for our entire team when I say we believe in him as much as he believes in us.”

Brees said nothing about owner Tom Benson’s contention from Friday that a long-term deal is close.  The team’s offseason program launches Monday, but no on-field work will happen until the middle of May.

But this one is about the decision to make Vitt the interim coach, which was one of the topics during Friday’s edition of PFT Live.

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33 responses to “Brees says Vitt is “obvious choice” to take over Saints

  1. One of the most respected coaches who was apart of a bounty system as well as a pre-game speech that was kinda pathetic, so yeah drew if you agree with that then I guess he is a well respected coach. Bill wanted no part of that job he was placating the saints.

  2. Brees demonstrating self preservation –

    I like the Parcells to take over this team in the interim and have sent a text to him providing my support……..who…..,when……Oh……….I think Vitt is the “obvious choice” to take over…..

  3. Vitt is a very well respected coach around the NFL. He will do a fine job but he will be a figurehead/delegator type. Carmichael and Spagnuolo will be the guys entrusted with the teams on-field performances.

  4. Bree’s knows what everybody on the team thinks, but he knew nothing about the disgusting culture that “was” the Saints. His mother knows him better than we do.

  5. @ roamingabriel

    That was insightful….wives should not be allowed to comment on football related matters. Go and cook something, and bring me a beer!

  6. Brees has lost all cred in the past couple of months. Nothing he says can be believed, fits right in with the Gang of Four, Payton, Vitt, Loomis and Williams.

  7. pft says: The team’s offseason program launches Monday, but no on-field work will happen until the middle of May.


    sooo… in essence drew is not needed in camp until on-field work starts in the middle of MMAAAYYY.

  8. Joe Vitt is one of the most respected coaches I have ever been around,” Brees told the Associated Press
    Even though he has been suspended for six games

  9. jason1980 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 11:40 PM
    @ roamingabriel

    That was insightful….wives should not be allowed to comment on football related matters. Go and cook something, and bring me a beer!
    Yazza boss!

    How wood you like you rat the size of a cat drowned in sea watta cooked dis time?

  10. I like how you bunch of harpies sit around your knitting circle crowing about “class” and “respect” when you clearly have zero yourself.

    Losers. LOL

  11. Vitt is the obvious choice if your intent is to give the finger to the League and everyone who cares about the rules, sportsmanship and basic decency. He’s about the worst choice if you want to show those same people that you actually meant any part of “taking full responsibility”.

  12. Joe Vitt has that Sgt. Shultz look going … from Hogan’s Heroes.

    Sgt. Shultz’s big line … “I know nothing!!” A little Strudel & all was good!!

    Who’s going to play Col. Klink for the first 6 games, since Shultz is strudeled??

  13. “Joe Vitt is one of the most respected coaches I have ever been around”


    Sounds like how guys are always saying Belichick is so “respected”.

    I guess that a great way to earn respect in the NFL is to get caught and punished for cheating.

  14. Vitt has coached the Saints through two regimes. That’s almost unheard of in football or even your crappy company. That’s right, normally a new regime will clean house. So I’d say Vitt has some very serious staying power and he’s already been an interim head coach for the Saints on previous occasions.

    On Brees’ support, this is why Nola will compensate the guy. If he came out and undercut the management, they might not resign him here and his career wouldn’t last long. This is called “good character” in the nfl.

  15. It’s odd to see Brees gush over the guy considering he’s a defensive coach. I thought Drew didn’t pay any attention to that side of the ball?

  16. Vitt isn’t obvious at all.

    First, he’s going to miss quite a few games, and Second, he was directly involved in the bounty scandal.

    One of the other coaches probably makes more sense. There are head coach quality coaches on that team.

    Vitt only makes sense if you are thumbing your nose at the NFL.

  17. Brees is drowning. He is panicking and saying whatever he thinks will save his team, vice doing what he should do: be a man, stay calm and weather the storm. In the end, his idiot mouth has nearly shattered the ‘good guy’ facade he’s painted over the past few years and has exposed him for the spoiled F’ing child that he is.

    It’s over Drew. Wake up and accept it or sink with the ship.

  18. Who cares what Brees thinks? The guy is a player & should have no say in coaching moves. How about he shuts up, accepts the reasonable contract being offered for a QB on the back end of his career & gets to work on Monday? That would be nice.

  19. Please just shut up, Drew! Nobody outside of New Orleans gives a crap about your opinion on anything. You’ve done nothing but make excuses and whine about the bounty scandal. You demanded that Roger Goodell “explain” his punishment of the Saints organization, putting your inflated ego on display.

  20. What about Petrino? Classless, gutless and he got caught cheating. That’s a perfect fit for the TAINTS! But Brees would need a explanation first

  21. Just curious…Why if you are not a Saints fan are you even concerned about what Drew says, or who will be coaching Da Saints?
    Is it because your team was torched by Drew and the Saints,or are you afraid you will be? Either way your self righteousness is ignorant.
    Who do you think really gives a flip about weather you believe or respect ANY member of our team. I am sure Payton,Vitt, nor ANY Saints fan gives a rat
    #%$*&%$# what you think. So….. go fly a kite,put your opines in your pocket,trust me we don’t give a crap bout you n your thoughts. I’m done,poke me wit a fork.

  22. babyhorsemorgan says: Apr 13, 2012 11:46 PM

    As obvious as that ratty salt and pepper moustache underneath his big red alchoholic’s nose.

    roamingabriel says: Apr 13, 2012 11:23 PM

    Yes, he certainly looks creepy enough!

    It’s almost gotten to the point where to post something on this site you should be required to provide proof that you at least have a GED in order to save the profootballtalk world from having to read such incredibly idiotic comments.
    You’d be hard pressed to find this level of inept comments on other websites. Please people, think before you hit ‘submit’

  23. I think why he’s saying it’s an obvious choice is because there is no such thing as an off-season in the NFL. There’s only a period between when games are played. Vitt is going to be there when Carmichael, Spags make the playbook for this season and he will give his contribution to it. Plus, he isn’t suspended for the preseason, so he will be able to help in the matters of cutting players are aren’t making the cut. As far as an interim interim head coach for the first six games, it’s most likely going to be Kramer so that Carmichael and Spags can focus on Coordinating.

  24. I love how people who have hated the Saints because they’ve destroyed their home team now hate Brees for stating obvious things like this. What did you expect him to say? Man, the lack of intelligence on this board is only exceeded only by the jealousy and hate. Other than Packer and Pats fans ALL OF YOU would drop to your knees to thank the Lord if you found out Brees was coming to your team. Unfortunately for you all, he will be a Saint for life.

  25. Of course he’s the obvious choice- what other coach on the staff could have success this year and NOT potentially take Payton’s job.

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