Chase Blackburn staying with Giants

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Chase Blackburn had to wait around a long while before the Giants decided to bring him back during the 2011 season.

He won’t have to twiddle his thumbs waiting for a call this year. Mike Garofalo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Blackburn and the Giants have agreed to a one-year deal.

Blackburn took over the starting middle linebacker job shortly after his November return to the team and solidified what had been a trouble spot for the team all season. He had an interception of Aaron Rodgers in the narrow regular season loss that seemed to launch them on to better days and he picked off Tom Brady on a long pass in the Super Bowl as well.

With Keith Rivers arriving via a trade and the Giants talking about possibly moving Michael Boley to the middle, Blackburn might not be in line for a starting job again this season. He should win a role as a reserve linebacker and special teamer, something he did well enough to be one of the team’s captains during the 2010 season. His return likely closes the door on any chance of Jonathan Goff’s return to the Giants.

16 responses to “Chase Blackburn staying with Giants

  1. Great news. Something good seems to happen every time this guy’s on the field, wether it’s lb or special teams. Smart move.

  2. Great move for the organization and fans. Real Giants fans know how big this guy was during the second half of the season into the playoffs. Even coming in a reserve spot, he’ll contribute in a big way to the team.

  3. deathtoromo says:Apr 13, 2012 6:32 PM

    “I picked a booger with more talent than that guy. Nice one G- strings haha!”

    Why all the hate?? Why so much ignorance????
    Could it be that whatever team YOU root for stinks????
    G-men have have 2 super bowls trophies in past 4 years – and 4 overall – why so much hate?? – no reason other than envy…… Haha!!!!
    Go G-men!!!!!!

  4. “I picked a booger with more talent than that guy.”

    Yet he has two Super Bowl rings, earned the respect of his teammates to be made a captain, and you think you’re special because you troll PFT and brag about picking your nose. This is exactly why an IQ test should be required to vote.

  5. This dude is ready to play at any moment of need. The Giants have made quite a few very nice depth moves this week. They’ve almost freed themselves up to go in any direction they want in the draft. Jerry Reese, you da man.

  6. YES!!!! Such a great story here. He’s a solid player and I agree, when he’s on the field, good things happen. Giants fans know how important he is to the team.

  7. deathtoromo says:
    Apr 13, 2012 6:32 PM
    I picked a booger with more talent than that guy. Nice one G- strings haha!

    It’s true! I distinctly remember DTR’s booger blocking out Gronk and picking off Brady en route to the Giants WINNING Super Bowl 46.

    Suck on that, Eagles boy.

  8. mikeyfresh25 says:Apr 13, 2012 7:07 PM

    This guy is just a flat out football player. Good for him. It’s not about the skill its the will


    mikeyfresh has it right. Most championship teams have a few of these kinds of guys on the roster – all heart and want-to. Probably won’t be a starter next year but he’ll be a contributor, and he’ll help set the bar for work ethic and hustle. Smart re-signing by the Giants.

  9. Great to hear that Chase is back with the Super Bowl champs. He is a stand up guy and a solid football player. Good things always seem to happen when he is around the ball. It’s a one year deal but I hope Reese finds a way to keep him longer than that.

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