Dolphins bring aboard Gary Guyton


The Dolphins worked out free agent linebacker Gary Guyton on Tuesday, and on Friday he was formally added to the Fins’ offseason roster, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Guyton, 26, made the Patriots’ roster as an undrafted free agent out of Georgia Tech in 2008. Guyton runs well for a 6-foot-3, 245-pound linebacker and flashed cover skills in New England, but struggled in nickel packages last season. The Patriots made little or no attempt to re-sign him.

The Dolphins are expected to run a base 4-3 defense under new coordinator Kevin Coyle. Guyton will compete for playing time at outside ‘backer.

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  1. Classic ‘tweener’. Fastest LB at the combine, but went undrafted. Can’t set the edge against the run, can’t cover in nickel. Hope they find a role for him.

  2. Everybody is blasting Miami for a poor offseason but I disagree. Every player they are signing is for 1 year low $ deals. They are setting themselves up to have alot of money available next summer. As of right now they only have 66 million commited to players in 2013 which should allow them to resign Wake,Hartline,Smith and Long. Considering Ireland usually finds 3 starters every draft it will probably take until next years draft to build a sustainable winner.

  3. I think the phins will be in a base 3-4 run stop unit, and use 4 man fronts on passing downs. Basically what they have been doing for half a decade.

    I dont get this overblown stuff about Miami “switching” defenses.

  4. I was hoping for Guyton or Quentin Groves from the guys we had been looking at. Both looked like solid situational pass-rushing LBs. I definitely like the age/upside with Guyton.

  5. Maybe for once Miami gets a former Patriot LB who thrives here, rather than the other way around. see Izzo, Larry; Ninkovich, Rob.

    And don’t come back with Nick Buoniconti, Boston Patriot fan. Statute of limitations ran on that one.

  6. Wow, he’s only 26? I would have guessed 33, the way he plays. Somehow, I don’t think this is going to swing the division to the Fins.

  7. Occasionally, a guy leaves NE because he doesn’t really fit their system and does well somewhere else. I don’t think Guyton is one of those guys. He’s a great guy, hard worker and all that, but if BB gives up on an a guy like Guyton, it means he can’t play. BB loves to take these guys and craft roles around what they can do well, limiting their exposure to what they struggle at. Apparently, Gary doesn’t do enough things well to stick around.

  8. I love the Pats fans dumping on Guyton now (when they would have been in huge trouble without him in ’09 and ’10)… You do realize that you signed Bobby Carpenter who the Fins cast off two years ago after half a season for the same role Guyton will be serving in Miami?! Guyton vs. BOBBY CARPENTER! I don’t think there’s many fans who have trouble weighing those scales.

  9. Oh, and for those spinning Belichick’s roster genius: remember that he drafted Crable and Ruud ahead of signing Guyton as an undrafted free agent. Who? Exactly.

  10. I was a fan of Guyton and happy that Belichick picked him up as an undrafted. Something happened after the Dallas game, when he wore the green-dot helmet because Mayo left the game with a sprained MCL.

    Before that he was fine, after that he hardly played. A player doesn’t just fall off like that without a reason. Wish I knew what happened. All the best Gary.

  11. And in reply to “tfaulk” :

    It’s too easy to pick any team to find examples of mistakes made in the draft. But between all the hits and misses, you can’t dispute that Belichick has done pretty well with the New England Patriots.

  12. Guyton is definitely a situational player… I always wondered why the Pats didn’t line him up at OL/Rush Linebacker… I know he cannot set the edge and is a really weak tackler, but the guy can definitely run. He was the fastest linebacker at the combine his senior year. Who knows, maybe the Dolphins will line him up on the opposite side of Wake, and let him get a 1-1 matchup he can win with speed.
    Guyton seemed like a good guy, I wish him luck (except against the Pats).

  13. “I guess the 3 fans that goes to dolphin games give a crap”.

    This is coming from a jaguars fan?? Comical.

  14. Miami needs to take reiff with the 1st pick to make this line complete ……. or they should take floyd cuz with the bm loss we need him …..reggie and the qb did great witht the line we hadimagine it complete….and we need a wr really bad atleast one but I would love to grab 2 ….if u can’t get weeden in rd 2 I would not take a qb…..r qbs are fine, we need to fix the offensive wholes….like a de / and maybe a safety …. but that’s it for dfence

  15. Let’s see, Pats were one of the worst defenses in the league & had no interest in resigning this guy. Makes sense to sign him in Jeff Ireland’s world.

  16. Nice guy. Terrible Linebacker. Simple as that. Guyton frustrated me to no end the last few years. All potential. No results. No tackling. No coverage, so run support. No pass support. His blitzing skills were dreadful. He’d just run straight into blockers and stop cold. There were a library of games where he literally did nothing but stand around lost or frozen in a 3 foot circle on the field. I think he has physical skills. But I think he was a very dumb player in the Patriot system. And he played paralyzed as a result. LaDalius Thomas was the same thing. He didn’t work out either.

    Here is the key stat on Guyton. When Spikes returned last year and Ninkovich and Anderson stepped up, Guyton didn’t see the light of day again. Not a single second on the field. Not even on special teams! And the Patriots defense started to improve dramatically. He may turn out to be good in the Dolphins system. Who knows when the light switch finally goes on with players like him. In this case though I think the light switch is already on and no one is home. He’s a bustout IMO.

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